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Did you know that 71% of companies admit that market insights acquired from social media improved the results of their marketing efforts? Did you know also that 42% of consumers learn about new products and services on Twitter? 

3.2 billion people globally use social media.

consumers spend from 20% to 40% more with companies that engage and respond to customers over social media should send a strong signal. 

Stavros Angelidis

Stavros has worked on over 500 website, software and digital marketing projects since 1996. He helped more than 200 firms do the transformation to e-business, improve operations, sales and automate marketing through the use of technology and software tools. 

The power of Social Media has gone to whole new levels. It affects public policies, regulators and even shapes the opinion of Presidents around the world. Yet, for many small businesses the power of Social Media is unknown and they haven’t truly utilized the right tools to help them in their marketing outreach efforts. 

The fact though that consumers spend from 20% to 40% more with companies that engage and respond to customers over social media should send a strong signal. 

Social Media Management takes a lot of time and having the right tools not only could save you much of this time but also improve engagement with your audience and increase sales and leads. 

From the list of the social media management tools below you will also learn about some new,  very powerful features that could take your social media presence to the next level. You will be impressed but what can be done and how fast you can start expanding your reach. 

Auto posting, pre-scheduling, content organizers with the help of Artificial Intelligence, automatic testing of variations of your content, auto discovery of new content and a lot more. 

Whether you will make your decision based on the uniqueness of features or on pricing, support, knowledge base, online ratings, you will find everything as part of the reviews I’ve made. You will also find free trials for each social media management tool so that you can test if you wish and before signing up. 

I’ve specifically researched and analyzed:

  • The usability of each tool,
  • Uniqueness of features,
  • Pricing,
  • Support & knowledge base size,
  • Credibility and awards,
  • Well-known companies using them
  • If there is a free trial or free plan to start with
  • Reviews and ratings online by real clients


Starting Price: $30/Month

SocialPilot was founded in 2014 and is based in Walnut, California. It’s a comprehensive social media scheduling and marketing tool that helps you automate your social media management. Compared to other tools in its category it is the most cost effective social media management tool for small businesses. SocialPilot has won many awards including the awards of  “Highest Performer”, “Category Leader” and “Trusted Vendor”.

SocialPilot social media management tool


Easily schedule and publish your social media content across all major social networks. Multiple scheduling options makes it easier to accommodate different time zones and activity periods. Automates posting at the best time for maximum impact.


Reply in real time to your followers comments, messages and posts on multiple Facebook Pages. You can also filter the conversations and focus on the ones that matter so that you don’t miss replying to any customer. Bring all conversations in one place.

SocialPilot a powerful social media analytics reporting system that will help you make data-driven decisions about your social media strategy and improve engagement. Small businesses can easily find out what works and what not. The social media editorial planner tool allows you to plan and manage your posts for the weeks ahead and for multiple social media accounts. 

Another great feature worth mentioning is the Facebook Leads Ads with which you can use to capture information of your potential customers by providing value to them. You can create, manage, analyze, and customize your Lead ads to get in touch with more people interested in your products/services.

FREE Plan: FREE 14-day trial (No credit card required)

Pricing: Professional plan $30 p/m ($25 if billed annually), Small Team plan $50 p/m ($41.66 if billed annually), Agency plan $100 p/m ($83.33 if billed annually) 

Features may vary depending on the plan

Rating: 4.5/5 from 394 online reviews (September 2020) 

Support: 24/5 during business hours, Live chat, Email, Ticketing System, Social Media, Video Calls (for prime clients)

Resources: Ebooks, Webinars, Videos

Try the Free Content Curation & Influencer Discovery Tool open link in new tab . It helps you find relevant content for your niche, content shared by influencers and much more.

Starting Price: $49/Month

Founded in 2014 and based in Palo Alto California, PromoRepublic is a Top-10 fast-growing SaaS marketing technology company trusted by enterprise brands and local businesses across the globe. The company has also offices in New York, London UK, Kyiv Ukraine and Helsinki in Finland. 

Promo Republic social media management


Get an overview of all the posts — scheduled, waiting for approval, drafts along with notes. Schedule and post from social media accounts in multiple networks simultaneously. Use AI to make  your posting schedule intelligent.


Store branded visuals for social media posts on your own platform. Find articles, pictures, and photos relevant for your business. Pick ready-to-use post templates for different social media.

The reporting and analytics tool of PromoRepublic shows you the most significant metrics for multiple locations, clients, or pages at one glance. Easily find posts that are under performing and adjust your social media strategy.  With PromoRepublic you can also use the social media scheduler to recycle your most successful posts. It also includes a Facebook Ads Manager which is a specialized ads tool that helps you create, develop and monitor various marketing campaigns on Facebook. 

FREE PlanFree 14-day Trial 

Pricing: Standard plan which is best for Small Businesses for $49 p/m. Professional (best for Marketing Agencies) for $99 p/m and the Enterprise plan which is a custom plan and the price of which depends on the customization required.

Paying annually will save you 20%.

There is also a Solo Plan for Solopreneurs. 3 social media pages, Social Media Calendar, Library of Content Suggestions. $9 p/m billed as $108 annually.

Rating: 4.6/5 from 227 online reviews (September 2020)

Support: Live Chat, Email

Resources: Help Center with 118 articles on every functionality of the tool.

Need help with content? PromoRepublic also provides content creation services. Get 20 editable and reusable post templates created by a professional team in 5 business days open link in new tab

Starting Price: $49/Month

ContentStudio was founded in 2018. The company’s offices are based in Stocholm, Sweden. Content studio is a content marketing platform that includes social media management tools as well. It helps you centralize your content marketing operations for all the channels including blogs, social networks and, newsletters. ContentStudio is one of the top-rated social medial platforms and is used by more than 60,000 marketers globally.

ContentStudio social media management tool


The content discovery module helps you find what content is trending in your niche. Powered by AI it will provide you with fresh content from millions of sources. Use is to generate content ideas and to educate your audience. 


ContentStudio includes an interactive content calendar that helps you quickly review (approve, reject) and edit posts before they are published. Plan ahead your content for weeks or months, Collaborate with your team or social media manager. 

ContentStudio can also help you create campaigns that will auto-post (after your approval) highly relevant content to your social media accounts and destination channels without ever interrupting you. This helps you share content regularly with your audience. In terms of reporting and analytics, ContentStudio provides some very powerful and meaningful insights. Apart from the basic metrics that helps you make decisions about your social media strategy you have access to some other important data and metrics that help you understand your audience better.

For example you can find insights on how the content has performed historically for a given keyword or topic (Content Intelligence). You can also see how an external article from any website has performed on different social networks (Engagement tracking).

FREE PlanFree 14-day trial (No credit card required)

PricingFour plans available. The PRO plan for Solo Marketers is at $49 per month, the Small Business plan is at $99 per month and the Medium business plan is at $199 per month. Finally their high end plan for large businesses and agencies is at $299 per month. 
Features vary between plans.

Paying annually will save you 20%. Special Offer GET 70% OFF 

Rating: 4.7/5 from 825 online reviews (September 2020)

Support: Email

Resources: Help Center with 205 articles and Video Tutorials 

Client names include: Nescafe, Motorola, New York University, ESET Antivirus, Volkswagen


Starting Price: $49/Month

Brand24 was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in Wrocław, Poland. Brand24 is a brand monitoring tool that gives you instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews, emails and more. With Brand24 you can interact with customers, manage your reputation, gather valuable consumer insights, measure the impact of marketing and improve sales. Over 2400 clients from 110 countries and some of the biggest brands globally use Brand24.

Brand24 brand monitoring tool


Discover what people say about your brand online and take action in real time. Easily engage into discussions relevant to your business with one click of the mouse. 


Brand24 helps you follow up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors as well as respond to dissatisfied customers before the story gets ahead of you.

Included with Brand24 is an advanced sentiment detection mechanism that helps you segment positive, negative and neutral mentions. You can also use it to improve customer satisfaction by tracking online reviews, social media mentions, blogs, message boards, news sites and more. The reporting system of Brand24 allows you to measure your marketing and PR efforts.  Setup automated reports and track key performance indicators (KPI’s) including Reach and Engagement. 

FREE PlanFree 14-day trial (No credit card required)

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month with the Plus plan which is ideal for individuals tracking a single brand (5 keywords monitoring and basic data). The Premium plan at $99 per month is ideal for professionals that want to engage and analyze mentions (Monitor up to 10 keywords). 

Finally the Max plan is ideal for teams and agencies that want a complete brand monitoring solutions. Is priced at $199 per month (Monitor up to 20 keywords). 

Rating: 4.3/5 from 106 online reviews (September 2020)

Support: Live chat, Email

Resources: Comprehensive resources area with Help center (107 articles), Podcasts, Experts Hub, Guides, Media Monitoring Masterclass.

Client names include: Intel, IKEA, GlaxoSmithKline, H&M, Carlsberg, Uber, Stanford University

Starting Price: $9/Month

Missinglettr was founded in 2015 and is based in UK. The main purpose of Missinglettr is to help you drive traffic to your blog and website by automatically turning your blog posts into social media campaigns. It is used by over 20,000 bloggers and content marketers.

Missinglettr social media campaigns tool


Irrespective of what platform you use, once you publish a blog post, Missinglettr detects and analyzes your content and automatically generates a series of social media posts that are pre-filled with quotes, hashtags, and images based on hundreds of variations.


The automatic posts are AI generated and the suggestions can be previewed through a powerful post editor that allows you to make edits to the automatic suggestions. You can also edit the templates to reflect your writing style. 

Missinglettr provides you with hundreds of post variation so that you save time in publishing your social media posts across your social media accounts. The scheduling engine of Missinglettr allows you to schedule your posts for up to 365 days controlling fully the duration and how many social posts to send out every time. 

FREE Plan: Free Plan available for 1 social media profile (limited features). Free 14-day trial (No credit card required)

Pricing: Two plans are offered, the Solo for $9 per month (1 site, 3 social media profiles) and the Pro for $39 per month (3 sites, 9 social media profiles). Features vary between the two plans.

Getting a yearly plan will save you 2 months of fees.

Rating: 4.7/5 from 264 online reviews (September 2020)

Support: Live Chat and Email

Resources: Help Documentation 

Missinglettr also includes a content discovery tool called Curate. Curate helps you find the best audience for your content and get maximum organic reach, with your social channels always full of highly curated content.

Starting Price: $19/Monthly

MeetEdgar was founded in 2014 and is based in Austin, Texas. It helps you automate and schedule your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts. MeetEdgar has some very useful and helpful features that allow you to manage your social media accounts with ease.

MeetEdgar social media management


MeetEdgar suggested-variations feature can basically write posts for you! It automatically finds quote-worthy text from articles or blogs.  The only thing you have to do is click on a button and share.


If you are not sure which message is more effective you can use variation analytics and click data, which help you test different messages to see which ones resonate and drive traffic back to your site.

With MeetEdgar you can  sort your content easily  into color-coded categories like “Blog Posts,” or “Beautiful Gardens.” You can also create custom category-based schedule to publish posts of that category on a specific day of the week (as an example).

If you are someone looking for post ideas or someone that shares content directly from sources, MeetEdgar helps you generate content faster than any other social media management tool. You can use the browser extension (Chrome/Safari/Firefox) to share articles on social media directly from your browser. It automatically generates up to 5 pre-written social media posts directly from the article!

FREE Plan7-day Free Trial

Pricing: MeetEdgar offers two plans: The Edgar Lite which is ideal for freelancers, side hustlers and growing brands ($19 per month), and the  Edgar which is ideal for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses ($49 per month). 

The difference between the two plans is in the limits (i.e. social accounts, content categories)

Rating: 4.3/5 from 48 online reviews (September 2020) 

Support: Their support team is online Monday through Friday from 8-5 pm est via email. Average Response time: within 48 hours

Resources: Social Media Guides, Video Tutorials, Help Center with 115 articles

Starting Price: €29/Monthly

Awario was founded in 2016 and is based in Minsk, Belarus. They also have offices in California and in Cyprus. Awario is mainly a brand monitoring tool that instantly notifies you on mentions about your brand from all over the web and from social media. Through a third-party data provider Awario crawls over 13 billion web pages daily. Over 6,000 brands use Awario including  Amazon, UNICEF and SAP.

Awario social media management


Find important discussions about your brand, join them in real time, and inform people about your product, service, or content across the Web and social media to reach new audiences and trigger word-of-mouth marketing.


Track the increase in number of mentions and their collective Reach, filter by positive, negative, and neutral with sentiment analysis, identify  influencers by social network, compare several alerts, and analyze progress.

It is important to note that Awario tracks mentions for keywords in any language, any given location, and all across the Web. With Awario you can also find posts that ask for a recommendation of a product similar to yours or finds posts in which users complain about your competitors. This generates new opportunities for sales.

FREE Plan7-day Free trial – no credit card required. This grants you free access to the Starter plan, meaning you can create up to 3 alerts and find up to 30,000 mentions.

Pricing: Awario offers 3 plans: The Starter for individuals and small businesses for €29 per month. The Pro plan is ideal for small to medium size businesses is at €89 per month. Finally, the Enterprise plan is for large businesses and is at €299 per month. 

Paying a year up front saves you two months of fees over buying monthly.

Features vary between the different plans. 

Rating: 4.4/5 from 75 online reviews (September 2020)

Support: Live chat, Email

Resources: Help Center that covers every feature (explanation with image animation), Training Center with video tutorials, Complete guide on Social Listening.

Client names include:  Amazon, UNICEF, SAP, Deloitte, Accenture, Typeform, New York University

Request a one-on-one walk-through to see Awario in action. Their Customer Success team will show you around the tool and discuss your use case and social media monitoring goals. 

Starting Price: $29/Monthly

SocialBee was founded in 2016 and is based in Cluj, Romania. It is a social media management tool that is trusted by over 17,000 brands worldwide including some big names such as Lenovo. It has been featured in EU startups, the Inc magazine and on foundr.  

Socialbee social media management tools


Plan your posts ahead on all the well known social networks and use category based scheduling to assign posts to a specific category. Schedule posts at a specific time and use the post expiry feature to have your posts expire at a specific date and time.


Find out more about your competition on Twitter, their followers or followers of influencers within your niche. Explore and find conversations that are relevant to you and research keywords about a specific subject.

SocialBee has some very helpful team collaboration features that allow you to easily work with your team. Create workspaces for multiple projects , assign roles and collaborate using internal post comments. The reporting and analytics engine of SocialBee provides important information on your audience status, your activity status as well as the performance of your posts. 

FREE Plan14 day FREE trial 

Pricing: SocialBee offers three plans. The Bootstrap plan for $19 per month. This is ideal for authors, coaches and solopreneurs and is expected to save you around 8 hours of social media management per week. 

The Accelarate plan is ideal for small businesses and startups and is at $39 per month. It will save you around 10 hours of social media management time per week. Finally the Pro plan is ideal for agencies and freelances and is priced at $79 per month. 

Getting a yearly plan will save you 2 months of fees. SocialBee also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Rating: 4.8/5 from 41 online reviews (September 2020)

Support: Live chat, Email, 1-on-1 calls (after booking)

Resources: Help documentation with answers to over 100 questions, 

Client names include: Lenovo, The Royal Foundation of St.Katherine, Autoklose, Rebrandly, Biostrapt

When planning a marketing strategy, you must have one thing in your mind – your buyer and not yourself, as a brand.  Learn how to know your buyer persona with this Free guide by SocialBee open link in new tab. Knowing how to create buyer personas is vital if you want to grow your business online. 

Starting Price: $9.99/Monthly

Crowdfire was founded in 2010 and has its office in Maharasthra in India. It is a social media management tool used by businesses and individuals all over the world to drive social media engagement and growth. It also includes features that allow you to both monitor your brand and offer customer service directly from the Crowdfire dashboard. Over 19 million users from all over the world use Crowdfire.

Crowdfire social media management


Crowdfire does all the content curation work by curating articles from thousands of online sources. Simply enter the topics you want to curate for and get relevant articles and images to post.


With Crowdfire there is no need to customize your posts for the different social media networks. Everything is done automatically crafting separate posts for each individual social network.

Easy pre-scheduling allows you to schedule for a week ahead. Schedule and publish content to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Pinterest from one place. You can also preview the posts before publishing. Use the automatic best time feature to post when your audience is most active.

FREE PlanIn case you want to try Crowdfire, there is a FREE account for up to 3 social media accounts and up to 10 scheduled posts (Limited features)

Pricing: Three plans are offered: The Plus which is ideal for solopreneurs and businesses is priced at $9.99 p/m. The Premium is ideal for medium businesses and is priced at $49.99 p/m. The VIP is their best plan ideal for large businesses and agencies. It is priced at $99.99 p/m

Paying annually will save you 25%

Features vary between the different plans. 

Rating3.5/5 from 110 reviews (September 2020)

Support: Email

Resources: Learning Center with videos. Help Center with 77 articles. 

Starting Price: $14.99/Monthly

Tailwind was founded in 2011 and is based in Oklahoma city. It is a social media scheduling tool specifically for Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind is actually an official partner of both Instagram and Pinterest and is trusted by over 500,000 brands including Shopify.

Tailwind pinterest and instagram management tool


Save time by scheduling all your Instagram photos and videos with Auto Post. Get hashtag suggestions in 1-click to multiply your reach for every post and use SmartSchedule to post at times when your audience is most engaged.


Schedule an entire week of Pinterest Pins in just 20 minutes. Easily create new Pins from anywhere on the web using the browser extension. Use SmartLoop to drive more traffic by resharing your best and most engaging content.

A feature you might really like is the “Tailwind Tribes” for Pinterest. You can use it to reach new audiences on Pinterest, find relevant content to share and quickly and easily meet new influencers to work with. There are over 4.000 “Tribes” and most importantly it’s a spam-free community. For Instagram account management you might find very helpful the “smartbio” feature that you can use so that you don’t need to change your link in bio ever again!  Have your most important links available through your bio link.

FREE PlanTry all features for free while scheduling up to 100 Pins on Pinterest and 30 posts on Instagram (No credit card required)

Pricing: There are two plans, one for Pinterest and one for Instagram. The Pinterest Plus is at $14.99 per month and the Instagram Plus at $14.99 per month. If you purchase an annual subscription then you can save $60 which means it comes down to $9.99 for each. 

Rating4.4/5 from 124 online reviews (September 2020)

Support: Email

Resources: Free Guides (lessons) for both Instagram and Pinterest

Client names include: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Shopify, WELL+GOOD, Constant Contact, TomBow, Shop Style

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