OptinMonster Review 2021: A Powerful Lead Generation Tool?

A review on OptinMonster which is considered one of the best conversion optimization tools and lead generation software in the market. Find all the facts and figures and the results of a thorough analysis ,extended research and usability testing.
OptinMonster website optimization

OptinMonster, a conversion optimization tool and lead generation software was developed in 2013 by Retyp, LLC., a company based in Florida, United States. OptinMonster helps you turn website visitors into customers.

This OptinMonster review provides facts and figures as well as the results of a thorough and extended research which answers all the basic questions you might have on OptinMonster.

You will find important information on pricing, which plan is the ideal and why, as well as what to pay attention to before making your decision.

I also provide case studies with real results from companies that have used it. I mention which features of OptinMonster mostly these companies have used and I also provide results from a usability test.

1. Quick Facts: About the company

Company: Retyp LLCFounded: 2013
Location: Florida, United StatesNo.of employees: 17 (Src:LinkedIn)
Founders: Thomas Griffin and Syed BalkhiWeb: www.optinmonster.com

About the founders:

Thomas Griffin
Before OptinMonster, Thomas founded Soliloquy, the fastest WordPress slider plugin, and Envira Gallery, a revolutionary gallery solution for photographers. He is an expert developer with deep knowledge of building simple products for the mass-market.

Syed Balkhi
Syed is also the founder of WPBeginner, a very well known WordPress resource website that provides quality tips, tricks, hacks on WordPress. Syed was recognized by United Nations as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30. His work has been featured in such magazines as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur. Syed is a frequent speaker on the topics of lead-generation and growth hacking.

2. Results: What does OptinMonster help you do? And its main features

A very short 1:30 mins video on what does OptinMonster do

OptinMonster can help you mainly with solutions in three (3) key areas:

1. Grow your email list and number of leads
This is done by converting website visitors to subscribers of your mailing list. Using a combination of email capture forms with behavior automation and advanced targeting you can maximize engagement, conversion and sales.

2. Reduce cart-abandonment or increase campaign effectiveness
If you run an e-commerce store then this is one of your biggest challenges. According to a number of studies I have found, 67% to even 74% of shopping carts are abandoned. OptinMonster helps you convert abandoning visitors into customers by using time-sensitive behavior based offers.

The same technology and features can be used in case you don’t run an e-commerce store and for the purpose to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and to re-target website visitors.

3. Increase sales conversions
Using smart and powerful targeting features you can display relevant promotions to your website visitors. The segmentation engine of OptinMonster helps you improve overall your sales conversion rate by showing personalized message to your website visitors.

In 2019 OptinMonster has also introduced a new very helpful feature called Monster Leads. It allows you to store and export leads right from your OptinMonster dashboard. You can see information in real-time and it works hand-in-hand with your email marketing tool.

The 3 most popular features of OptinMonster:

MonsterLinks™ 2-Step optinGeo-Location TargetingExit-Intent® Technology
Turns any image or link into a 2-step optin campaign, with no coding required. When visitors click on the image or link, there’s a popup asking them to subscribe or buy.Helps e-commerce retailers and content publisher show relevant campaigns based on users’ locations.

Behavioral technology that tracks and monitors movements of website visitors and detects when they’re going to leave your site without making a purchase or leaving their information.

28 things you can do with OptinMonster:

Increase Conversions on Your Popular PagesTurn New Visitors Into Paying Customers
Drive Traffic to Your High-Converting PagesBoost Optins by 5X with Content Upgrades
Double Your Optins using Multiple TriggersImprove Your Sales with Marketing Automation
Double Your Optins using Multiple TriggersImprove Your Sales with Marketing Automation
Recover Abandoning Visitors with OnSite RetargetingImprove Engagement with Custom Greetings
Boost Your Conversions with a Welcome GateConvert Engaged Visitors into Buyers
Retarget Visitors with a Second OfferInstantly Turn a Blog Post into a Lead Magnet
Reward New Subscribers with Instant GratificationBoost Affiliate Earnings with Targeted Offers
Increase Your Mobile App DownloadsGet Personal with a Video Optin
Get More Facebook LikesGrab Your Visitor’s Attention with Animations
Wow Your Subscribers with Smart TagsBoost Your Holiday Sales
Improve Your Email Open rates with WhitelistingBoost Social Media Shares
Tweak Your Optins with a Split TestShow off Those Testimonials
Promote New ProductsReduce Cart Abandonment
Increase Your AOV (Average Order Value)Promote Your Loyalty Program

3. Usability: How easy it is to use it?

I’ve checked some of the main features of OptinMonster and how many steps are required to perform an action as well as how long it takes.

Create a campaign
Following a wizard you can create a campaign in 6 steps. If you have the content ready and you know what type of campaign you want to create this will not take you more than 5 minutes. The process with the content ready takes actually less than 3 minutes so it pretty much depends on how much time you will spend in editing.
No coding is necessary to create any lead generation campaign.

Create a promotion pop-up (and adding a new image)
Let’s say you want to use an email you created as part of a campaign using the pop-up type of campaign. In 4 clicks you select the image. That doesn’t take more than a minute. Then you need another 5 steps to complete this process. You have to edit your pop-up content, select the conditions of your campaign, the actions, the integration and whole process of editing and selecting the settings of your popup promotion takes another 6 minutes.

Integrate with an email marketing tool
In basically 7 clicks you can integrate your campaigns and generate your own API key which you simply paste after that in a separate page on the OptinMonster platform. You don’t need to do any coding. Expect to edit a few fields which is part of the 7 clicks process. The process takes less than 2 minutes.

Connect with your website or Shopify store
This process doesn’t take more than 2 minutes after checking the process on WordPress and Shopify. For WordPress there is a plugin and for Shopify an app which allows you to easily connect to your OptinMonster account.

Finally, in terms of usability an important feature is the drag and drop builder included with OptinMonster. It allows you very easily to customize all the elements of your campaign 

4. Support: What kind of support should you expect?

There are two ways to reach out to the support department of OptinMonster. One is by submitting a ticket and the other by live chat. Sending an email directly is not recommended.

The response time indicated by the company is as quickly as possible.

There is also a knowledge base with documentation, reference materials, and tutorials. At the time I was writing this review (June 2020) there were:

  • 28 Articles in how to Get Started
  • 53 articles on integration
  • 67 articles on functionality
  • 19 articles on account management
  • 46 articles on extending
  • 22 articles on platforms

There are “how-to” articles for everything related to OptinMonster.

What I found also very important and useful is that the company has a regularly updated YouTube channel that provides tips, advice but also a lot of “How -to” videos.

In addition to the above and with the purchase of any the plans offered OptinMonster gives you FREE access ($1997 value) to the OptinMonster University that includes lessons on how to attract and convert website traffic into customers.

Take a look below on what is included:

  • How to Create a Lead Magnet (Execution Plan)
  • How to Get Started With Email Marketing (Execution Plan)
  • How to Reduce Cart Abandonment (Execution Plan)
  • How To Attract & Convert Targeted Traffic (Coming Soon)
  • How to Create a Welcome Email Series (Coming Soon)
  • How to Write a Promotional Email Series (Coming Soon)
  • Downloadable Cheatsheets & Checklists
  • Complete Library of eBooks and Guides
  • Exclusive Webinar and Video Training
  • Instant Unlimited Access
  • Free Lifetime Updates

5. OptinMonster Price: How much does it cost and what are the different plans?

It starts at $9 per month (billed annually) with the Basic Plan that provides all the essential tools to start with OptinMonster and get more leads from your existing traffic. The Plus plan for $19 per month (billed annually) is great for growing businesses that need more features.

The Pro plan which is the most popular plan is for $29 per month (billed annually) and has all the features you will need to achieve high conversions. Finally the Growth plan that has some extra powerful features (such as behavioral automation) is for $49 per month. This plan can take your website conversions and generation of leads to the next level.

The annual plan is already 20% off, so you can get up to 40% off with this OptinMonster coupon code!

OptinMonster pricing
Click here for all OptinMonster plans and complete pricing details

This OptinMonster review provides information on a number of features that are extremely important but not all these features are included in all plans. That’s why you have to pay attention to the following before choosing a plan: 

  • Check with which plan your email marketing tool is supported as not all plans might support integration with it. There is basic, advance and pro integration that come with different plans and support different email marketing tools. 
    *do note thought that you can manually integrate any tool by doing some HTML coding
  • Most of the smart features that are related to segmentation which is extremely important for high conversions, are included with the Pro plan. That is why most probably is the most popular plan. For example geolocation which helps you push campaigns based on your users location, or cookie retargeting which displays campaigns based on cookies that are stored on users browsers.

Refund? OptinMonster offers a 14-days no questions asked refund.

6. App integration: Is it compatible with your other apps?

OptinMonster integrates easily with all the well known email marketing tools. The integration is part of the campaign setup and is one of the steps required.

Have in mind only and as I’ve mentioned above in pricing that depending on the email marketing tool you use you will need the respective plan that supports it. If you choose any of the other plans that doesn’t support your email marketing tool then you will need to do some custom HTML coding to integrate it.

OptinMonster works out of the box with all major website and eCommerce platforms and solutions. 

Platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Volution, Squarespace, Blogger, Joomla, Weebly, Woocommerce, Prestashop, 3Dcart Drupal are all supported as well as any HTML website.

If you are running your website on WordPress OptinMonster has a plugin which allows you to easily integrate the marketing toolkit with your website. 

You can also maximize the power of OptinMonster if you integrate it with a chat marketing system such as ManyChat which is fully supported by OptinMonster. With ManyChat you can automate and combine Facebook Messenger and SMS to grow your business.

7.Credibility: Companies using it and case studies

There are a number of very well known companies and global brands that are using OptinMonster. American Express, Pinterest, McAfee, Trip Advisor, ClickBank, Experian as well as the Harvard University.

Results from some case studies and what features of OptinMonster companies have used to improve conversions:

Reliablesoft.net – Digital marketing agency
By using 3 pre-made optin form templates they have managed to:
-increase their email optin conversion rate by 300%
-Drive more traffic to their SEO courses sales page
-Boost sales by 20%
Sportique.com – lifestyle ecommerce company
-converted 79% of readers using a creatively placed MonsterLink
-offered a 10% off coupon in a lightbox optin and 4.8% of claimed it
-tripled their email list growth, month over month
Kindlepreneur.com –  teaches authors advanced book marketing tactics 
– increased their email list by 528%
-recovered 10% of abandoning visitors with an exit-intent optin
-converted nearly 65% of readers using MonsterLinks within content
DowntownOrlando.com – Orlando Downtown Development Board
Their mission is to strengthen the role of Downtown Orlando as the economic, governmental and cultural center of Central Florida. The DDB is responsible for the planning, implementation and administration of the City’s core area redevelopment and development program.  
– Added over 4000 targeted subscribers to its events list using a single optin.
– converted 2.82% of visitors with a lightbox optin
– boosted their business development list 2.27% using a lightbox optin
Lilach Bullock – entrepreneur and business owner
– added 56.74% of visitors to her list using a MonsterLink
– converted an additional 7.6% of readers by placing the same offer multiple times in a single page
– captured 8.09% of abandoning visitors with a fullscreen exit-intent optin


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