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Live chat tools and helpdesk software help you initiate conversations with first-time website visitors and interact with returning customers. It is an essential functionality of any modern business that wants to fully utilize professional customer service online in order to increase sales or generate more leads. 

For E-Commerce websites live chat tools are crucial for sales. Customers can get direct help about products and their shopping cart and find answers to their questions faster. This at the same time, increases your brand’s credibility and shows that you are putting customers first. 

In this list of live chat tools and customer support software you will find the best tools available in the market today. From software tools that include simple live chat widgets to all-on-one helpdesks with CRM and Email Marketing. You will also find tools that offer FREE plans for small teams and businesses just starting out.

You should also pay attention to live chat tools that include chatbots. Chatbots include AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that help you gather important information about your site visitors but also provide quick answers to common questions. 

A better way to talk to your customers

Chaport is a live chat software that includes a website widget. It  helps you with sales, marketing and support. You can use it to improve support and operator response by seeing what visitors are typing even before they send you the message. It also includes a group chat that you can use in the case where for example you want another colleague with you in the chat in order to help a customer. The reporting system provides insights about your  team’s performance. It’s worth noting that you can view these reports inside Google Analytics.

Multi-Channel Customer Support 
You can unify all support channels and chat with customers from chaport and regardless of the channel they use to communicate with you. Whether the communication was initiated in Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram or other channels, Chaport makes communication with customers more convenient. 

Chatbot Software
Chaport includes a chatbot software that allows you to create chatbots with no programming skills. You can use chatbots to automate your customer service or even to capture leads. You can also reduce operator workload by creating a chatbot that will automatically reply to common questions.

Main Features

Chaport pricing starts from $19 per operator per month. Visit the Chaport website for more information and for a FREE Account for 1 operator. You can also sign up for a 14-day Free Trials try out one of the paid plans. 

Connect with customers

LiveChat is a complete customer service platform trusted by over 30,000 companies including names such as McDonald’s, Mercedes Benz, Adobe, Paypal, IKEA, Lexus. LiveChat can support multi-channel communication so that you can support clients across all apps. Facebook messenger, email, apple business chat, WhatApp, SMS and website messages can all be managed from inside LiveChat. 

Ticketing System
LiveChat includes a ticketing system that you can use to handle all communication related to support requests in one place. You can forward all your support related emails to LiveChat and then from there you can use tags, statuses and other tools that help you prioritize and solve tickets even as a team by collaborating with your colleagues. You can receive automatic reminders and access ticket reports and analytics.

Sales & Ecommerce
A number of sales features are available that help you generate leads and improve sales. You can see for example who is currently browsing your website to spot prospective customers. If you are into ecommerce you can use LiveChat to send directly products to customers and thus show your products in the conversation area. Use the sales tracker to calculate the ROI of your chat and generate sales reports. 

Main Features

LiveChat pricing starts from $19 per agent per month. Visit the LiveChat website for more information or for a 14-day Free Trial that includes all features.

Tidio. A better way to connect with customers

Tidio is a simple live chat software tool trusted by over 300,000 businesses and ideal for ecommerce websites. It includes a chatbot and email marketing. With regard to ecommerce you can integrate Tidio with your ecommerce platform. It supports platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Codarius and Prestashop. Installing Tidio is a very easy process and it only requires you to download and install the plugin.

AI Chatbot
The Tidio chatbot helps you automate lead generation and customer service. It includes conversation bot templates that you can activate with a click. There are different chatbot templates for different purposes that you can customize for your own specific industry. Some chatbot templates examples include: welcoming new visitors bot, visitor leaves page bot, returning visitor bot, abandoned cart discount bot. You can also create your own chatbots without any coding skills.

Email Marketing
Create and send email marketing campaigns for unlimited contacts and without daily limits. Use the template library to choose from a number of professional email templates or create the visual email builder to create your own custom design. The email marketing system includes contact segmentation for personalized emails and email address validation that runs a full email check to help you improve email deliverability. 

Main Features

Tidio pricing starts from $10 per month. Visit the Tidio website for more information and for a FREE Account that includes essential live chat features, a chatbot as well as mailing features for micro & small businesses. You can also get a Free Trial to try out one of the paid plans.

All-in-one customer communication platform

HelpCrunch is an all-in-one customer communication platform that helps you with lead generation and sales, customer engagement and customer support. The live chat widget can be fully customized in different sizes, colors, button styles, wallpapers and more. It also includes pre-chat forms to automatically collect information and in order to pre-qualify leads. HelpCrunch like the rest of the top rated live chat tools includes multi-channel messaging which allows you to manage all customer conversations from all channels in one place. 

Help Desk Software
All support emails and support chats from customers are managed from one place. Send automatic email follow-ups if your message stays unseen by your customers and create pre-made answers for faster responses are two of the main features included with the help desk software. Use live reports and analytics to check your team’s performance and productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

Customer Engagement
Automate customer onboarding and increase conversions by delivering automatically personalized messages based on user behavior. In addition you can use email marketing to promote product announcements and special offers as well as create pop ups in order to promote special messages on your website and grab user’s attention.

Main Features

HelpCruch pricing starts from $15 per team member per month. Visit the HelpCrunch website for more information and for a 14-day Free Trial.

Customer want to talk to you. Make it easy. Try live chat for free

Olark is the trusted live chat software tool of well known educational institutions and universities such as University of Michigan, New York University, Arizona State University, University of Virginia and Northeastern University. There are over 40,000 companies in 170 countries currently using Olark. It includes automation features, reporting, custom forms, team management, customization and real-time customer engagement.

Team Management
Quickly see in real-time an activity report to understand in detail an agent’s volume and rating. Assign chats to available agents and set chat limits per agent. Use canned responses to help your team become more efficient. 

Custom Forms for Sales
A drag and drop easy to user form builder that helps you create forms in minutes. You can create custom chatbox forms for any purpose and of course to capture leads. With relation to leads and sales, it’s worth mentioning that Olark provides you with visitor insights and important metrics that help you qualify leads better. 

Main Features

Olark pricing starts from $19 per agent per month. Visit the Olark website for more information and for a 14-day Free Trial.

Take customer communication to the next level

Smartsupp is a customer messaging platform that helps you integrate live chat, email inbox and Facebook Messenger. Currently over 480,000 companies and freelancers use Smartsupp and among them a lot of ecommerce stores. Smartsupp helps you easily integrate with your ecommerce store with out-of-the-box integration with Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Opencart. It also easily integrates with WordPress, Google Analytics, Drupal or Joomla sites.

Visitors Dashboard
Find all details about your website visitors and in order to generate leads or make sales faster. See who is currently browsing your site, what page they are on and more. If they are existing customers you have access to all their information such as name email or other individual data. 

Video Recordings
Smartsupp is currently the only live chat tool that includes video recordings of every movement and interaction on your site. This helps you understand customer behavior on your website and in order to improve user experience, which is vital in increasing website conversions.

Main Features

Smartsupp pricing starts from $10 for 3 agents per month. Visit the Smartsupp website for more information and for a FREE Account that includes all the basic features. You can have up to 3 agents and create up to 3 chatbots. You can also try for Free the premium plans. 

Talk with customers on your website. Live chat, email and social messaging for business

Chatra is a live chat, email and social messaging solution for businesses. It is trusted by 40,000 businesses and online stores. It includes a multichannel dashboard so that you can connect your inbox and Facebook business page and in order to manage all client communications without moving between apps or browser windows. Chatra also includes bots and automation features to help you capture leads. 

Targeted Messages & Triggers
Use “Smart Actions” to fine tune your chat widget based on different scenarios and in order to automatically send messages to your website visitors based on “if this then that” rules. For example you can greet visitors on your home page or landing page, enable a pop up chat box on contact us page, enable chat box and assistance with check out. With “Smart Actions” you can create your own actions with targeted messages that trigger  based on user interaction with your website.

Visitor Intelligence 
View basic visitor/customer information such as name, email and phone number or even more detailed ones such as location, browser and operating system they use and what page they are on during the conversation. If you own an ecommerce store you can see their shopping cart content and help them with check out. In addition Chatra includes a real-time visitor list that shows customers currently online, how long they are online as well as other useful information that will help you provide better support and make more sales. 

Main Features

Chatra pricing starts from $19 per agent per month. Visit the Chatra website for more information or for a FREE Account for one agent (free forever). In addition you can get a 10-day Free Trial of one of the paid plans.

All the tools you need to build a successful online business

Gist is an all-in-one Email Marketing Automation, Live Chat and Help Desk Software platform. It includes all the tools you need in order to support your customers, engage customers and increase leads and sales. It is ideal for companies that want to manage from one place all their marketing and sales efforts as well as their customer service issues. It’s worth noting that Gist integrates with Zoom as well as with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Ads.

GistBot & Live Chat

The Gist chatbot helps you prequalify leads and book meetings for your team automatically. It can also route the best leads to you sales reps. The live chat website widget can be customized and it can also change to your own language. Fully manage your conversations based on status and assign conversations also among teammates. 

Marketing Automation
Point, click and configure automations with a visual workflow builder. Create email welcome campaigns, tricker actions based on conditions and even use complex logic with advanced rules to automate your whole marketing strategy. There are also available pre-made automations that you can easily customize. You can also use the form builder to build forms and target users to capture leads based on pages they visit or based on their geographic location or if they belong to a specific segment. as

Main Features

Gist pricing starts from $29 per month for 5 support seats. Visit the Gist website for more information and for a FREE Account for 2 seats (basic features). You can also get a Free Trial of the paid plans to try out all the features offered. If you are a Startup then Gist offers 93% discount on their Premium plan.

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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