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HRM Software and Recruitment tools

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An HRM Software is a vital component of human resource management, especially for growing businesses or businesses or small to medium businesses with multiple departments. 

Although such type of firms mind find HRM software more helpful,  yet startups and new businesses should also consider using HRM software tools as it’s important to effectively manage employees from the beginning. It provides significant help in the management of your organizational structure and growth. In addition HRM Software can help you streamline the onboarding process. 

An HRM Software is not simply used to add your employees personal information but for many other reasons such as managing their development and as part of investing in human capital, to manage performance, for onboarding of new employees, track time and many more other reasons which you will be able to find out through this list of the best HRM Software tools which includes also complete human resource management solutions such as Sage HR.

Most HRM Software included in this list come with a range of Recruitment tools as well which can help you streamline your recruitment process and even post directly to job boards or build a career landing page on your website. In the list you will also find specialized hiring software like ViVa HR, Breezy HR or Recruitee which is an all-in-one hiring software.

Create amazing work-life experiences for your people with Sage HR

Sage HR is not just an HRM Software but a complete Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS) with multiple awards including awards as one of the top HRM software in user experience and workforce management. It is trusted by firms such as Deloitte, Miele, Roche and BDO. Sage HR helps you onboard your employees with a few clicks, automate your HR process and get meaningful insights about your company’s human capital. 

Employee Management with eSignature
Manage your people either via a desktop software or remotely via your phone easily with the employee management system that includes eSignature in order to sign documents electronically as well as an announcements area that help you inform you organization and people without sending emails. You can also have your organizational chart created automatically based on who is reporting to who as well as use the workflow builder to automate specific actions and processes. 

Performance Management
A performance management module that helps you get important insights about your team’s performance and set specific objectives and key results. As performance today is driven by action and not only by goal setting Sage HR helps you manage your team based on what matters (key results). You can also run surveys, let employees view their own performance and you can also set 1-to-1 meetings. 

Main Features

Sage HR pricing starts from $5.5 per employee. Visit Sage HR website for more information and for a 14-day Free Trial.

Simple, affordable hiring software

ViVa HR is a hiring software that helps you post your jobs to all the free job posting sites in US with one click. It also includes a landing page builder to create a promotional page for your job vacancies. It also includes a recruitment management system with candidate profiles scoring and a team collaboration system with user access controls. 

Recruitment Management
Let your candidates upload their resumes directly in your database and have all your prospective hires information in one place. Export data for reporting and analysis or use pre-build reports that provide comprehensive information. Create custom recruiting pipelines and structure and customize your interview process.

Candidate Profile Scoring
Create custom scorecards and add the metrics that matter more for your company. Choose the ideal qualifiers and let your team vote or provide candidates their scoring. The candidate profile scoring system is important when you hire for different departments that have different cultures and different qualifiers. It will allow you to hire the right people and have the manager of a department also involved in the process. 

Main Features

ViVa HR pricing starts from $79 per month for 3 active job postings. Visit the ViVa HR website for more information and to try out ViVa HR by posting your jobs for free for 7 days. You can also book a live walkthrough demo.

Modernizing your recruitment process

Breezy HR is an end-to-end recruiting software used by firms such as L’OREAL, T-Mobile, Opera, Cameo and Nando’s. Breezy HR has won awards for the most user friendly Applicant Tracking Software System and as a category leader and top rated software. It provides you with automated candidate emails, SMS messages, scheduling and interview management system and a candidate pipeline management system that is based on a drag and drop simple to use interface. This enables you to visualize the whole hiring process. 

Automatic Distribution of Job Vacancies
You create your job description once and then you can post it automatically to all the best free job boards. With a single-click you can post to over 50 job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Google for jobs, Jobinventory, Jobrapido and more. You can also post to premium job boards such as LinkedIn, seek, career builder, ZipRecruiter, stackoverflow, talentzoo and more. 

Source Candidates
Use “Talent Search” (as an add-on) to instantly access millions of searchable professional profiles. Set your own criteria and search by experience, education, skills or location with just a few clicks. With Breezy HR you can even setup our own employee referrals portal as a way to hire faster or to setup a recruiter portal as a way to keep recruiters in the loop. 

Main Features

Breezy HR pricing starts from $171 per month. Visit the Breezy HR website for more information and to get a FREE Account with all the fundamentals. You can also get a Free Trial to experience the premium accounts.

Onboarding Software that leads

Workbright is an employee onboarding software that can be used for 100% remote onboarding. The software platform has many functions such as unlimited storage of employee records, automatic reminders, fingertip signature and advanced reporting. You can post your open positions to hundreds of job boards and customize screening questions to filter applicants automatically. 

Ideal if you hire in mass
Workbright electronically manages the onboarding paperwork using quick workflows making it ideal for companies that need to hire in mass. The interface is designed for remote onboarding from any device and from any location or if employees are working remotely. Your employees can upload their picture right from their phone and sign documents electronically using finger signature (on the mobile touch screen). 

Automation for maximum productivity
Use automation in order to save time and money in employee onboarding. In case of incomplete forms or incorrect information notifications and reminders are auto generated and sent. In addition the field verification ensures that your files are free from errors. In case of any error you can easily reject a form and the employee will be notified to correct the error.

Main Features

Workbright pricing starts from $158 per month for up to 100 employees or contractors. Ideally you should request a quote based on your case as prices are approximate. Visit the Workbright website for more information and to request a custom quote or a demo.

Talent Acquisition Platform. Powerful software that makes hiring easy

Recruitee is an all-on-one hiring software and talent acquisition platform that is trusted by brands such as Rakuten, TNT, the Red Bull Media House, Staples and Breitling. There are three different plans based on your own needs. The “Launch” which provides all the recruiting essential features to help you streamline your hiring process. “Scale” includes automation and team optimization while the “Lead” provides additional services and compliance features. 

Build Workflows
Structure processes, automate all actions in your pipeline and customize templates in order to create a hiring process that fits your needs. You can also automate all daily tasks so that you stop spending time on the same recurring tasks. Trigger actions as you move candidates through the hiring process, sync your meeting rooms, schedule interviews according to availability, trigger email messages and send automatic reminders. 

Multi-Language Career Site
Create under your own brand a multi-language career page to attract the best talent. Use aa drag and drop interface to easily create the page and customize all settings. Your page can include candidate-friendly applications providing the option for one-click application and video answers. You can integrate Recruitee with Google Meetings or Zoom. Moreover, you can easily post your jobs to all the major free and premium job boards around the world.

Main Features

Recruitee pricing starts from $109 per month for 5 job slots. Visit the Recruitee website for more information, a 17-day Free Trial or to request a 1-on-1 demo.

Streamline time tracking

Buddy Punch is an employee time clock software that helps you manage your employees’ time easily. Monitor overtime, control who is punching in, track time-off requests and quickly approve changes. In addition you can use it to find out where your remote workers are signing in from and monitor employee’s location by using a GPS tracker. The time tracking features of Buddy Punch help you avoid reviewing, verifying or analyzing employe timesheets manually. 

Time Tracking
The time card app gives you real-time insights into your employees’ hours, work locations, time-off requests and simplifies payroll and budgeting. You can provide your employees with flexible punch options such as 4-digit pin, QR codes and even facial recognition. Alternatively you can simply stick with a simple username and password. 

Use a simple drag and drop interface to manage schedules and notify your team with changes or upcoming shifts. You employees can view their schedule anytime and you can arrange to send notification to an employee or to a department in one click. 

Main Features

Buddy Punch pricing starts from $29.99 per month for up to 4 employees. Visit the Buddy Punch website for more information and a 14-day Free Trial.

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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