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My list of Free business tools are ideal for those just starting out, startups or small businesses that have not yet entered a growing phase.

Usually small businesses or online entrepreneurs just starting out have a limited budget and therefore these free business tools or Free plans available offered by Software as a Services (SaaS) companies will help you avoid overspending and only upgrading when you find it necessary and your financial allow you to. 

In this list you will find free digital marketing tools such as: email marketing tools, social media management tools, search engine optimization tools and conversion rate optimization tools that help you get more leads from your website or make more sales. 

Knowing how important is to operate efficiently as a business I have also included free e-business software tools such as: project management tools and team collaboration software, customer relationship management software tools, live chat and customer support tools and human resources management and employee onboarding software.

Free Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools help you design and send newsletters but also generate more leads. They include marketing automation features that can help you build your email list, segment your audience and promote to the right people via email looking for your products or services. The tools listed here are ideal for small business owners that are either just starting or they have not built a mailing list yet or they don’t have a large number of subscribers. There are tools listed here that can support up to 2,500 subscribers for free.

Send up to 3000 emails per month to 500 subscribers. With the free AWeber plan you can create and send newsletters usings 100’s of templates or create a custom email newsletter design using the drag and drop email builder. Build your list with sign up forms and easily integrate any form on your WordPress website using a plugin. You can also have up to 50,000 web push notification subscribers and access to basic reporting and analytics in order to evaluate the performance of your email marketing efforts.

If you are running an ecommerce store then you can use AWeber landing page builder to sell products and services , track sales and even use purchase tagging to create basic customer segments. 

Open a Free AWeber Account

Send up to 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts. Sendinblue free plan includes an email designer, email template library, email and SMS personalization and SMS marketing. Sendinblue includes a live chat widget that you can install on your website, contact management for unlimited contacts and details, advanced segmentation, customizable sign up forms as well as a sales CRM module to track every customer interaction. Moreover Sendinblue provides marketing automation features such as a workflow editor to create automated marketing processes in order for example, to trigger actions based on segmentation. 

Included with Sendinblue free, there is a page tracking feature that enables you to track your client’s behavior on your site and in order to send the right message to them at the right time. Marketing automation features can be used for up to 2,000 contacts with the Sendinblue free plan. Sendinblue has a real-time reporting system that helps you track the results of your email campaigns in real-time.

Open a Free Sendinblue Account

Send up to 12,000 emails monthly to 1,000 subscribers and use A/B testing to identify which version of your email newsletter performs better. Mailerlite Free comes with a drag and drop editor, built-in photo editing module, a file manager and a landing page builder. You can also create and embed on your website signup forms, pop-up subscription forms and manage your subscribers with filtering, tags, creating segments and more.

Mailerlite Free includes surveys and quiz creation as well as email automation features that enable you to create automated emails that lead to conversions. This is used essentially for marketing automation purposes and in order to, as an example, send automatic welcome emails to new subscribers, send birthday wishes and even send exclusive offers in case they have abandoned your shopping cart. 

Last but not least with Mailerlite Free you can create a website using a drag and drop website builder. Mailerlite comes with an analytics and reporting system that helps you analyze important information about your email marketing campaigns.

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Send up to 10,000 emails per month to 2,500 subscribers. EmailOctopus free plan includes pre-designed newsletter templates that you can customize easily, design a newsletter from scratch or even import your own templates. With segmentation and tagging you can target specific audiences and then analyze the results through the campaign reporting system that includes details of the historical activity with your contacts.

When it comes to email marketing automation you can use EmailOctopus to set up drip campaigns to nurture your leads or email subscribers by educating them on your product or services. 

Open a Free Email Octopus Account

Free SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization Tools are software tools or platforms that help you optimize your website for the search engines in order to increase your rankings and essentially the findability of your website. The tools listed here are idea of those of you that are new in SEO or have a small business and want to start optimizing their sites for the search engines.

Monitor keyword ranking for up to 10 keywords and 3 competitors. Get daily updates, perform analysis on keyword search volume and get location based results on country level. You can have up to 1000 pages of your website analyzed and crawled and for one project. The Seobility free plan also includes an on-page checker that analyzes your website for page errors that could be affecting your ranking on search engines. 

It also analyzes your website structure and content to identify bad external links, pages with little content and pages without concrete keyword optimization.

Open a Free Seobility Account

If you want to occasionally check the rankings of your website then you can install SEO Powersuite. It is a desktop SEO tool on which you can add unlimited number of website projects and unlimited number of keywords. You can also use it to analyze up to 1,000 backlinks or to crawl your website in order to provide a comprehensive report about the change you need to make to fully optimize your website with the search engines. You can add only one competitor.

SEO Powersuite includes professional SEO reports in order to track your SEO progress over time.

Open a Free SEO Powersuite Account

Find and fix search engine optimization related errors on your website and create the right content with extensive content optimization features. Check all of your onpage SEO factors, identify critical errors and easily monitor your website’s key performance indicators (KPI’s). The dashboard give you an overview of all the important issues related to your website’s SEO

Use the “Content Success” feature to get keyword recommendations for over 400 region/country combinations and identify relevant keywords and topics for your target group including real-time suggestions for optimizing your written content. 

Ryte allows you 1 crawl per month with analysis of up to 100 URLs. You get 5 detailed analyses per month for any URL and 10 evaluations per month on relevant a word is to a document (TF*IDF).

Open a Free Ryte Account

The SERP Freemium plan allows you to find the keywords that your site is ranking for per country as well as the websites that refer back to you. You can perform an instant in-depth analysis of your pages by addressing multiple ranking factors and identify optimization errors and fix them. site audit to identify. You can also research keywords and analyze competitors. 

Open a Free SERPSTAT Account

Free Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools help you manage your social media accounts easily and create a schedule for upcoming posts. Such tools automatically post on all social networks, help you with content curation as well as optimize your posts and images for each social network.

Directly schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and get an overview of your schedule and plan that includes all the upcoming posts. Customize each post for each social network and automatically scale the images size. Missinglettr monitors your connected websites (WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix or Shopify and creates automated campaigns (for 1 social media account). You can literally turn your blog posts into campaigns.  

Open a Free Missinglettr Account

Link up to 3 social media accounts from the supported social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram) and schedule up to 10 posts per account. Each posts is auto tailored for each platform and provides you with a preview as well as hashtags recommendations. Curate content from your blogs, YouTube videos, or Shopify/Etsy shops.

Crowdfire free comes with article curation for unlimited article recommendations on your topics as well as image curation for unlimited image recommendation for Instagram and Pinterest. 

Open a Free Crowdfire Account

Free Website Optimization Tools

Website Optimization or Conversion Rate Optimization Tools help you create campaigns that increase your website conversions. They are the ideal tools if you are looking to build an email list, generate more leads or make more sales from your website. Within this category you can also find tools that help you improve user experience on your website, a factor that is vital in order to increase your website conversions. The tools listed are ideal for small or new websites and small business owners that want to tap into conversion optimization and turn their website into a true business and marketing channel.

Create engaging popups and build embedded forms for up to 1,000 visitors per month. Create unlimited campaigns using a drag and drop editor. There is a wide range of predesigned templates to help you easily create lightboxes, countdown popups, slide-in popups, social widgets, top and bottom bars. It also includes responsive and mobile templates. 

Create manual triggers when visitors are about to exit your website, after a certain period of time, after visiting a number of pages or after a number of clicks and more. You can even combine different criteria to create manual triggers. 

Open a Free Poptin Account

Create unlimited campaigns that can help you turn website visitors to leads or sales (for up to 3000 pageviews). You can create campaigns such as exit-intent, timed-display, scroll-based triggering, mobile triggers or onclick triggering. You can trigger actions based on page level, time, returning visitor recognition or geographical location. 

Using a drag and drop editor you can design and customize popups, full screen promos, side messages, teasers, notification widgets and more. 

Open a Free Optimonk Account

View recordings of how users interact with your website and user heatmaps to find details on  clicks and how they move around as well as what attracted their attention. You can view recordings and 3 heatmaps for up to 1,500 sessions per month. Analyze data history for up tp 1 month, 1 funnel and 2 events. 

Add up to 3 projects and 2 team members and find out what is working and what is not on your website in order to improve user experience in order to increase website conversions.

Open a Free Smartlook Account

Free Team Collaboration Tools

Team Collaboration Tools and project management software improve communication among your team members and help you manage your team and tasks easier and more efficiently. You can create project plans, assign roles and view dependencies as a way to ensure project delivery on time. The tools listed are ideal for those who are just starting their business or projects and want to manage more efficiently their tasks and team. The could also be used for private and personal projects.

Ideal for a small team of 3 people and one project. View dependencies to see who is doing what and view beautiful gantt charts that help you understand the status of your project. Each member in your team can update their progress as well as collaborate through conversions and by sharing files. 

Use a drag and drop interface to reorder tasks, change dates and adjust timelines. View workload and manage resources in order to stay on budget. Teamgantt includes a mobile app to help you manage your projects from your phone. 

Open a Free Teamgantt Account

Add up to 5 users and 2 projects and get 100mb storage for free. Create milestones and subtasks and view all dependencies. Visualize your tasks in a kanban boardview to spot bottlenecks and use filters and tags to find tasks and manage your project easily. Track time and view your tasks in a calendar view to understand better the progress you are making. 

Open a Free Teamwork Account

Add unlimited members, create unlimited tasks and get 100mb of storage. You can create up to 5 spaces (projects) as well as create custom views for 100 different uses. Create portfolios, goals, dashboards and mindmaps and up to 100 automations. Collaborate with your team in real time, view dependencies and track time. 

Open a Free Clickup Account

Add up to 5 members per team and create unlimited workspaces and unlimited tasks. You can organize all your tasks, visualize progress, create to-do lists and find task dependencies. Attach files, use notifications and reminders and keep track of all task activities and updates. 

nTask includes a meeting management software that helps you plan, schedule and manage team meetings. Develop clear meeting agendas and create recurring meetings at pre-defined time intervals. 

Open a Free nTask Account

Free CRM Tools

CRM Tools help you manage your leads and customers effectively. You will be much more organized and spend less time managing and supporting your customers. When it comes to leads management you can create pipelines and manage every stage of the process. The CRM tools listed here 

Add up to 10 members from your sales team and up to 50,000 contacts and companies. Create custom data fields and use Lead Scoring to find the ideal leads to contact that are by specific criteria more keen on buying from you. You can handle unlimited deals, manage unlimited tasks and documents as well as schedule appointments and create deal milestones. 

Track your emails and use 2-way email integration and 2-way telephony as well as create email campaigns and a form builder to capture leads directly from your website and into Agile CRM. You can send up to 5000 emails for free and use a helpdesk with canned responses to provide the best support possible for your customers. 

Open a Free Agile CRM Account

Add up to 1000 contacts, send 1000 branded email, create list and use segmentation to manage your contacts and target them through marketing automation features. Use lead scoring to identify the best leads and embed forms on your site to capture leads. Engagebay also comes with a landing page builder, an email template builder and email templates to help you design email marketing campaigns. 

In addition you can use autoresponders and email broadcast as well as email sequences in order to fully engage your leads via email marketing. 

Open a Free Engagebay Account

Free Live Chat Tools

In today’s internet economy every website visitor and customer has to feel like you are only a click away from supporting him/her. It is therefore vital to provide access to your business via a live chat tool that will not only help you support your clients but also provide an additional channel for marketing and sales.

Add up to 3 chat operators and send automated and scheduled email campaigns to up to 500 emails per month. You and your operators can have unlimited chats and you can also use a chatbot for up to 100 unique website visitors per month. You can check your visitors location, add tags and their contact information. Tidio has both a desktop and mobile app 

Open a Free Tidio Account

Add up to 3 agents for live chat and email sending. You can also add up to 3 chatbots and integrate with Facebook and your ecommerce store in one click. You can connect Smartsupp to unlimited websites, share files, view basic visitor information, get notifications and create a custom chat box design both for desktop as well as mobile visitors of your website.

Open a Free Smartsupp Account

Get an online and offline chat widget for one agent and for unlimited websites. Includes a visitor intelligence system with basic visitor information and complete conversation history with email transcripts. The chat function includes read receipts, typing indicator and agent names, titles and photos.You can connect Chatra to Google Analytics for complete live chat reporting and integrate it with WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce and Ecwid.

Open a Free Chatra Account


Engage up to 1000 contacts and automate conversations with unlimited custom chatbot flows. You can segment your audience and create up to 2 automated drip sequences. ManyChat includes a library of campaign templates by industry, Facebook messenger integration, conversation history and the ability to launch a simple landing page to drive leads to your bot.

Open a Free ManyChat Account

Free HRM Software

HRM or Human Resource Management Software help you spend less time managing employees and have a centralized system to track all issues related to them then a human resource management system is the solution. Many of the modern HRM tools do not only allow you to manage employees effectively but to streamline your hiring process as well.


The free plan supports one location (or one office). It includes a fully featured time tracking tool that helps you track breaks and overtime, prepare timesheets for payroll and view daily labor reports. You can create a schedule with an online schedule builder, open shifts, shift trades as well as message your team through the built-in messenger system. For general announcement you can use team announcement to message everyone. 

View your team roster and profiles, employee accounts and use it also to post to free job boards online. The hiring module includes also applicant screener questions in order to post jobs to find the most qualified candidate and an applicant tracking system to message applicants and schedule interviews.

Open a Free Homebase Account 

Add unlimited users and candidates, build a branded career page on your website and distribute your job vacancies to over 50 job boards in one click . Breezy HR free plan includes GDPR compliance and automation, multi-language support and world-class resume parsing. 

Open a FREE Breezy HR Account

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