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Email marketing tools have changed significantly over the years and are not used any more for just sending newsletters out. Modern automated email marketing tools can help you generate leads and increase sales. Actually, According to Direct Marketing Association email generates $44 for every $1 spent. That translates to 4.400% ROI, making it one of the most effective marketing tactics available.

A number of powerful features included with most email marketing tools make them the ideal solution for marketing automation and even for sales. That is why small businesses and marketing professionals today use email marketing tools. They want to increase significantly their lead generation and sales numbers. 

Depending on your case you might find some email marketing tools more useful than others. Would you for example like an email marketing tool that you can use to create Facebook ads? Send SMS messages? Or are you looking maybe for a more simple one that focuses on email marketing only? What about creating email templates for your campaigns in seconds using Artificial Intelligence? You might also want to test which email titles convert better through testing or maybe send out surveys and get valuable feedback from your email list. 

Depending therefore or your needs you will find in the list below some of the best and top rated email marketing tools and email marketing automation platforms for small businesses and online entrepreneurs. 

Run your business leave the email marketing to us

AWeber is one of the oldest email marketing tools with over 1 million customers. At AWeber they provide you with FREE expert migration service with a commitment of doing this within 5 business days or less if you wish to switch over to them. AWeber features an AI-powered design assistant that automatically builds in a matter of seconds branded email templates for your campaigns. 

Personalized Emails
According to a study from Pew Internet & American Life Project, personalized emails on average receive a 14% increase in click-through rates and 10% increase in overall conversions. AWeber provides personalization features that help you send targeted content to the right audience, those that are looking for to read what you want to send. This way you can target subscribers based on their interests.

Email Deliverability
AWeber doesn’t outsource the delivery of your emails to 3rd parties. They are true email service provider with internal infrastructure that own and control in order to ensure the best delivery of your emails and that they make the inbox of your recipients. They have a 24/7 dedicated Deliverability Team to detect attempted email abuse in real-time and remove any email accounts with suspicious sending patterns.

Main Features

AWeber pricing starts from $19 per month but you can also start with a FREE Account if you have less than 500 email subscribers. A Free Trial is also offered. Visit AWeber website for more information.

Do more than automate your email. Activate your entire customer experience

With ActiveCampaign you don’t only get email marketing automation but also a toolkit to automate all marketing, sales, and support processes. It combines email marketing, marketing automation and CRM.  It helps you find your top performing automations by testing your automations and email funnels against each other and it can also automatically target people with Facebook ads based on how they interact with your business. 

Email Funnels
Set up email automation processes that turn your contacts from leads to paying customers. You can also trigger automatic emails based on site visits or engagement. 

Marketing Automation
Use a drag and drop automation builder to setup workflows in minutes. Based on user behavior (i.e. open or not email) you can automatically initiate the next marketing action.  

Main Features

ActiveCampaign pricing starts from $15 per month. Visit the ActiveCampaign website for more information and to get a Free 14-day free trial

Email marketing and more made easy

Since 1996 Constant Constant helps small businesses create professional email marketing campaigns with an array of easy-to-use features. Constant Contact includes Automated Email Resend to “Non openers” which helps you increase your email open rate. In addition It also includes a website builders and an ecommerce store builder as well.

Beyond Inbox
Constant contact goes beyond the inbox and includes a number of other effective features like events, coupons and online surveys that can help you drive more business and you boost your marketing.

Email Editor
Use the drag-and-drop editor and the mobile-optimized templates to easily create and send professional emails to you email list. Responsive designs help you engage customers on every device.

Main Features

Constant Contact pricing starts from $20per month. Visit the Constant Contact website for more  information and for a one month Free Trial.

Grow you business online. Email marketing, marketing automation, webinars, landing pages

GetResponse was founded in 1997 and is a multinational company with more than 350.000 customers in 183 countries including some big brands such as IKEA, Revolut, Stripe, Henkel, Carrefour. The platform and its features are designed to provide solutions for those that are looking to generate leads, engage customers and boost online sales. It provides advanced analytics that help you improve your ROI as well as advanced segmentation tools so that you strategically promote engagements in your marketing efforts.

Web Push Notifications
You can use web push notifications to bring visitors back to your site. With GetResponse you can create unlimited notifications with custom design and with your  logo to promote new offers or educate users for example in order to bring them back to your website. Track actionable metric such as impressions, delivery rate and click-through rates and optimize your web push strategy based on user’s behavior.

GetResponse has an integrated webinar software designed to increase conversions and engagement. You can share the stage with up to two other presenters, host up to 1000 live attendees and store up to 20 hours of webinar recordings. You can use this feature to create a unique webinar URL to enable registrations and collect leads.

Main Features

GetResponse pricing starts from $15 per month. Visit the GetResponse website for more information and for a 30-day Free Trial.

Prepare for take off. Make your business take flight with the complete sales and marketing toolbox

Sendinblue offers cloud-based email marketing and digital marketing tools to over 175,000 companies around the world. Sendinblue provides a complete marketing toolbox which combines email marketing, SMS, Facebook Ads, Live Chat and a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). It is trusted by brands such as Fujitsu, Haribo, Louis Vuitton, Michelin and organizations like Greenpeace and Amnesty International.

Ad Retargeting
Ad Retargeting allow you to define rules that create a retargeting audience for your ads. Simply put you can bring visitors back to your website and sell more with targeted display ads of yours that show up on other sites and as they browse the internet. 

Email Click Maps (Heatmaps)
Email click maps give you a color-coded visualization of your email engagement by highlighting clicked elements with a color spectrum from grey (least clicked) to red (most clicked). Email click maps is a very useful features because it allows you to understand what your contacts like, where they click and where not and this way you can make adjustments to  improve your email marketing efforts. 

Main Features

Sendinblue pricing starts from price starts from $25 per month. Visit the Sendinblue website for more information and a FREE plan for unlimited contacts. 

The all-in-one marketing platform your business deserves

Moosend has an award-winning interface and combines email marketing features with marketing automation. It is trusted by startups, small-businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Some names include Gucci, Vogue, TEDx, SAP. Moosend includes a number of very powerful features for e-commerce shops as well as AI to analyze your data and come up with products your customers will love.

Advanced list segmentation features and real-time analytics that allow you to gain access instantly to data that you can use to build better strategies on the spot and of course increase email open rates.

Moosend has next-level and sophisticated but simple personalization workflows that you can use to take personalization to extremes and keep up with your customers expectations.

Main Features

Moosend pricing starts from $10 per month. Visit the Moosend website for more information, a Free Trial or for a Free Account for up to 1000 subscribers.

Manage email marketing your way

MailerLite is an email marketing tool that is trusted by almost 900.000 companies globally. It  includes a website builder which allows you to build websites exactly how you want them to look by dragging and dropping different content blocks. For those that are using photos in their email marketing newsletters, MailerLite provides a build-in photo editor which is simple but has some powerful features.

Email automation feature that allows you to create workflows through a super-intuitive automation editor in order to reach the right customers at the right time.

The email survey tool enables you to get valuable subscriber feedback. You can design and send questions right from MailerLite in a simple way. You pick the survey type and set the rules.

Main Features

MailerLite pricing starts from $10 per month. Visit the MailerLite website for more information and to get a Free Account for up to 1000 subscribers, for a Free Trial or a Demo.

Email marketing for less. Get started for free

EmailOctopus email marketing toolbox has been implemented by 48,000 organizations. The toolbox consists of Automation, Templates, Segmentation, Forms and Integrations. It provides simple yet powerful automation features that help you create time-based onboarding and drip sequences. You can also use its personalization features to send highly personalized emails to your contacts based on location, age, gender, or other preferences.

EmailOctopus offers simple but sleek design templates and a drag and drop editor which helps you design and create email campaigns in minutes and that are compatible on all devices. .

A real-time smart analytics system that provides rich reports on your email campaigns and helps you track what’s working or what isn’t. Track every open, click, bounce and unsubscribe.

Main Features

EmailOctopus pricing starts from $20 per month. Visit the EmailOctopus website for more information and a Free Account for up to 2500 subscribers. 

Improve your open rate by 34%

Automizy is an easy-to-use email marketing tool with some very powerful features. The software has been designed to increase your email open rates. This can be achieved in mainly three ways: First with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that predicts email open rates on data from over 1 million campaigns, second with built-in best practices such as proven email templates and automation blueprints that help you also save time, as well, and third, through testing conversions of the different emails.

Blueprints (AI)
Use email templates and proven automation blueprints to save time. Automatically resend campaigns to non-openers and increase your open rates with built-in best practices.

Subject Testing
You can test among four (4) different subject lines for your email campaigns and the automizy algorithm will optimize and send the variations with the highest open rates.

Main Features

Automizy pricing starts from $9 per month. Visit the Automizy website for more information and a 14-day Free Trial.

Affordable and intuitive email marketing software

SendX is an affordable email marketing tool with automization and optimization features that gives you access to 50+ free premium responsive email templates for a variety of cases and industries. You also have access to more than half a million royalty-free stock photos to use with your email marketing campaigns.

SendX includes a powerful rules based interface which helps you automate email sequences. The objective is to send the right email to the right user at the right time.

You can optimize your email campaigns based on 30+ parameters including past open behavior or based on a heat map report that quickly gives you an overview of which click-to-actions work

Main Features

SendX pricing starts from $9.99 per month. Visit the SendX website for more information and a 14-day Free Trial or a personalized demo. 

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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