The 10 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

The best CRM Tools for Small Businesses

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

This list of the best CRM Software includes software that are ideal for small businesses of any size as well as for small sales teams that are just starting. Most of the tools include free trials so that you can try them out and of course at the end of every mini review you will find the monthly or annual price so that you know if it fits your budget. There are also a few CRM Tools that you can start using for Free, such as Agile CRM or Capsule.

Almost all include a mobile app which is essential in today’s business environment. Actually according to
Forrester Research 50% of sales teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM. 

Every CRM tool mini review includes also the two features we believe are important for you to know about but also the main features in bullet point format. 
Don’t forget to check at the end my own recommendations based on what you are looking for from a CRM tool. They might help you decide faster. 

In case you are new to CRM, I’ve create a special post that explains what does a CRM software do.

Grow sales and save time with automation

Keap is a powerful CRM Software tool but also a sales and marketing tool that helps you track every lead by using its sales pipeline management features. You can customize each stage of your sales process and trigger email sequences automatically when you move a lead from one sales stage to the next. You can also connect it with your website’s forms to easily capture leads, sort them into smart lists, and send the website inquiries to the right person in your team.

Automatic Follow Up & Notifications
Your new leads will be greeted with an automated but personalized email message while existing clients will be receiving automated reminders, emails and texts. Keap will automatically notify you when anyone from your leads and clients will email, text or call that you can respond promptly.

Powerful Automations
Use an advanced automation builder to create a fully customized and automated sales or marketing process. You can also create a sales process that is repeatable and that automatically sends emails when you move a lead from one stage to the next.

Main Features

Keap pricing starts from $79 per month for 500 contacts and 1 user. Visit the Keap website for more information and for a 14-day Free Trial. 

The smart simple online CRM

Capsule is a CRM Software with customers across all sectors of the economy and from 170 countries. Its contact management system includes a quick search feature that enables you to find any information about your contact whether that is within an email or notes. You can attach  agreements, quotes, proposals and keep your everything in sync with other apps about your contacts. Capsule integrates with over 50 of the most well known apps such as Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Xero, Freshbooks.

Sales Pipeline Management
Analyze every aspect of your pipeline to truly understand how your team is performing. Find out where time is spent, track unique sales activities, spot activities that converting better, make forecasts, see your pipeline growth and get important insights about win/lost opportunities. You can even see how long it’s taking a sales rep to close a deal and even view reports that show exactly where you’re losing sales.

Automate Workflows
Create a series of tasks that fit your own requirements and sales process. If you know what works and closes the deals then create workflows and automate your sales process. You can do that by basically creating a “Track” which essentially is a series of tasks that are standard in your sales process. 

Main Features

Capsule pricing starts from $18 per user per month. Visit the Capsule website for more information and for a FREE Account with basic features for up to 2 users and 250 contacts. You can also try any of the paid plans with 30-day Free Trial.

Designed to keep you selling

Pipedrive is a CRM Software that helps you visualize your sales process with customizable pipelines. You can customize the different stages that suit your own sales cycles as well as create team pipelines that you can later filter by agent or stage. You can easily add your deals with their value, Pipedrive is trusted by over 95,000 companies globally including Amazon, ReMax, Scyscanner and Vimeo.

Live Chat & Chatbot
Connect it with your website and have your agents ready to go on a live chat with potential clients visiting your website. The Chatbot can initiate the discussion with a number of questions and then depending on how a lead answers it will assign the conversation to the right sales rep.

AI Sales Assistant
Your own artificial intelligence sales assistant that analyzes your sales performance and recommends ways to boost your results. The AI sales assistant uses algorithms developed with the help of sales professionals. The algorithm analyzes every action in order to provide your with performance tips.

Main Features

Pipedrive pricing starts from $15 per user per month. Visit the Pipedrive website for more information and for a 14-day Free Trial. 

Sell and Market like the Fortune 500

Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM Software tool that includes sales, marketing and service automation in one platform. Agile CRM is one of the most affordable CRM software (starting at only $8.99). Apart from contact and sales management features it includes a number of digital marketing features that you can use to engage your audience and capture leads from your website. The service part of the platform includes a ticketing system that you can use to trigger campaigns that send alerts when the ticket resolution time exceeds the due date. It also includes pre-formatted replies and supports workflows creation that can help you assign tickets to reps and define priorities for tickets. 

Timeline & 360 Degree View
Access visual contact timelines that display the complete history of contact activity. You can find all emails exchanged, social updates, content views, notes, events, deals, tasks and more from the day the contact was created. The 360 degree view helps you view and manage everything about your contact on a single page. Agile CRM tracks every interaction and updates in real time your contacts database. 

CRM Telephony
Call customers or prospects directly from your dashboard with a single click using a virtual dial pad and receive calls as well. You can view caller details and latest activity (or full history) while being on your dashboard and before you answer the call. Add notes and keep an archive of calls as well as call logs. Get a full call report via email regularly in order to better manage your team. 

Main Features

Agile CRM pricing starts from $8.99 for 10,000 contacts. Visit the Agile CRM website for more information and for a FREE Account for up to 10 users and 1000 contacts. 

Organize, automate, grow

NetHunt CRM is a CRM Tool that specifically works and fully integrates with Gmail. In a nutshell Nethunt helps you use powerful CRM features inside Gmail and have everything under one single tab. Apart from Gmail Nethunt can integrate with many of the other tools you might be using on a daily basis such as Google Contacts, Data Studio, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Intercom, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, and others. You can fully manage your pipeline, create reports, structure your sales process and forecast sales automatically all from inside Gmail. 

360-degree Customer Overview
Aggregate data from various sources such as Linkedin, Facebook Messenger or even from WhatsApp. Everything is tracked so that you can have a clear picture of all the interactions with your prospects. From the first email you send to your last message, everything becomes part of your sales cycle.

Email Marketing inside Gmail
Full email marketing capabilities inside Gmail. You can create workflows and email sequences to automatically nurture your leads, segment your database, compose and save email templates, personalize your campaigns, track email campaign stats, send follow up email campaigns and more. 

Main Features

NetHunt CRM pricing starts from $30 per user per month. Visit the NetHunt CRM website for more information and for a 14-day Free Trial. If you are an early stage start-up you can also apply for a special plan for start ups.

Market better. Sell faster. Support Smarter

EngageBay is an all-in-one growth software that doesn’t only include a CRM software but also marketing automation, helpdesk software and live chat software as well. Its contact management has a very simple approach relative to other CRM software and as it helps you maintain and organize all your contacts in one place. If you have a sales team you will also love its sales gamification feature that includes a leaderboard so that all can see the best sales reps for a given period. EngageBay is trusted by over 28,000 customers and includes a FREE CRM Software for unlimited users.

Appointment Scheduling 
Each agent can publish its own calendar online so that potential clients can book meetings  faster and without the need of email correspondence and wasting time in arranging a meeting.The appointments can automatically sync with Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar. Appointment scheduling can be completely customized based on your own needs. For example you can set a daily limit of appointments, add buffer times before or after events and show availability and time zones with intelligent time zone detection so that you avoid misunderstanding with your international prospects. It also includes confirmations and reminder emails to attendees. 

Marketing & Sales Automation
Engagebay helps you automate all processes across all your departments – marketing, sales and support. Using a visual builder and by simply dragging and dropping components you can create your own workflows in minutes and thus automates any marketing and sales process. You use it for example to set up email sequences to onboard customers or to educate them. In addition you can also use it to automate your lead scoring process based on potential customers activities (i.e. link clicks, website visits or email opens) and as a way to identify the leads with the highest chances of converting to customers.

Main Features

EngageBay pricing starts from $14.99 per user per month. Visit the EngageBay website for more information and to get a FREE Account for 1000 contacts.

The simply smart sales CRM

Teamgate is a CRM software with features that cover three main areas of your sales process: Collect (leads), Convert and Close. Teamgate has numerous lead management features and a number of different lead capturing tools including a tool called “Linkedin Shuttle” that helps you automatically import Linkedin contacts directly into Teamgate. With one click you can import all data related to your Linkedin contacts. Furthermore, it includes a sales inbox feature which allow you to to send and receive emails directly from your CRM account.

Lead Segmentation
Teamgate helps you avoid the confusion that lists create and reduces the amount of time spent on searching to find right leads to contact. In just one click you can filter and find the segments you require. You can also create custom fields, add tags add status and stages so that you can manage your leads easily. 

Sales Product Catalogue
Add your products or services either manually or by importing them. In the case of ecommerce stores you can import them using an API. This way you can view the products or services attributed to active deals in your pipeline and get important insights including profitability, cost analysis and more. 

Main Features

Teamgate pricing starts from $11 per user per month. Visit the Teamgate website for more information and a 14-day Free Trial. I also urge you to read more about their Sales Velocity Acceleration Technique and what does that mean for your business.

Less work, more sales

Salesflare is a simple CRM tool for small businesses selling B2B. It is ideal for sales people that want to spend less time managing their CRM software and more time selling. It has a simple to use mobile app with all the basic features and it also fully integrates with Gmail and other Google products part of G Suite. There is a sidebar that appears next to your Gmail inbox that offers full functionality of your CRM. It also integrates with Outlook, Office 365 or Apple email and calendar. 

Automatic Logging of calls and meetings
No need to spend time to update your CRM with meetings or phone calls. Salesflare connects to your calendar and mobile phone and automatically logs for all your meetings and call with customers.

Follow up based on customer’s reactions
Salesflare tracks how and when customers digitally engage with you, stores all tracking information per customer and sends you real-time notifications. This way you can follow up based on customer’s reactions and thus follow a more strategic approach in your sales process.

Main Features

Salesflare pricing starts from $35 per user per month. Visit the Salesflare website for more information and for a Free Trial.

Made by salespeople, for salespeople

Pipeline is a sales platform that provides every detail about your sales pipelines. Easily see everything about your deals in a single and customize list view and use filtering to find what you’re looking for. The list view also helps you easily check your progress with every deal and what has changed over time.

Smart Agenda & Calendar sync
This is a daily agenda that builds itself to help you know exactly what you have to do with relation to your deals and contacts. Pipeline integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail in order to sync all your emails and calendar information and to help you save time and avoid spending time in data entry.

Sales Rep Management
All the information about your sales agents including tasks, events and conversations are in one place. Furthermore you can see the total number of deals, total value of deals, total deals won, last update.

Main Features

Pipeline pricing starts from $29 per user per month. Visit the Pipeline website for more information and for a 14-day Free Trial.

Everyone if favor of a smarter CRM say "AI"

Freshworks CRM is an all-in-one CRM software platform trusted by over 40,000 customers worldwide. It includes a range of features that help you customize the CRM as per the needs of your team, productivity features with focus on sales automation, communication features to build strong customer relationships and marketing automation features in order to engage your audience with end-to-end personalization. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Freshworks CRM helps you improve your productivity with a number of features that use AI. The lead generation bot helps you automate chat messages on your website to collect visitor information while the CRM system itself uses social and publicly listed information to add further information about your contacts. Freshwords CRM also uses AI in order to analyze historical data and engagement in order to assign a score to every lead to help you focus on those with the greatest chances of closing.

Action-Oriented Insights
A powerful analytics system that analyzes team performance across geographies and territories. Analyze visually all reports in minutes, track metrics, identify sources that contribute to growth, analyze conversion rate, view win-loss analysis reports and create customized reports based that fit your requirements. 

Main Features

Freshworks CRM pricing starts from $19 per user per month (billed annually) for small teams that only need sales and marketing and from $29 per user per month for small and fast growing businesses that need an all-in-one CRM. Visit the Freshworks CRM website for more information and a 21-day Free Trial.

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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