Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Just having a website today doesn’t really mean anything apart from the fact that people can find out more about you online. Is that all you want from your website visitors and potential clients? Just read about who you are, what you sell and let them go? Or would you like to convert them into email list subscribers? Leads? Sell them products? Get their feedback? Have them contact you?

Only 22% of companies are happy with their website conversions

The above statistic is not a surprise considering that 68% of small businesses have no documented or structured conversion rate optimization strategy.

Stavros Angelidis

Stavros has worked on over 500 website, software and digital marketing projects since 1996. He helped more than 200 firms do the transformation to e-business, improve operations, sales and automate marketing through the use of technology and software tools. 

Do you want to generate more leads from your website? Sell more products? Build an email list? With an average of 223% ROI (Return on Investment), conversion rate optimization tools (or lead generation tools) are essential in performance marketing today but also in turning your website into a lead generation machine. 

Usually a typical website will convert only 2.35% of their visitors while a percentage of websites will not convert at all. The reason is that most business owners have no clue what people are doing on their website and therefore they don’t know what needs to be improved so that they increase their website conversion rate. 

My list of the 13 best conversion rate optimization tools (and lead generation tools) has been compiled after a long and thorough research that includes tools for different purposes and for different budgets. You will find tools that are used by the biggest brands in the world but also tools that are used by very small companies and have a starting price of only $10 per month. 

You will also find Free Account and Plans for some of these tools as well as a mini review for each with all the important features, the different plans, pricing, well-known companies using the tool, what support is provided, what resources are available and more. 

I strongly suggest that you go through each mini review in order to identify which one meets more the needs of your website. 

There are 4 types of conversion rate optimization tools:

  1. Tools that help you convert more website visitors based on the design of web pages (Landing pages).These are tools that help you create web pages based on templates that have been proven to convert.
  2. Tools that help you convert more website visitors based on Popups and Opt-in forms. These are tools that help you create effective popup promotions and bars that engage users as well as forms that “make” users fill-out the required information.
  3. Tools that are developed mainly for e-commerce sites that help you decrease your cart abandonment rate and of course increase at the same time your sales.
  4. Conversions based on the analysis of user-behavior which include Heatmaps and Recordings that show you where people click, where not, scroll length, as well as other data that help you understand what’s not working so that you improve it.

Beside my own experience with Conversion Rate Optimization tools, the list was compiled after I’ve specifically researched and analyzed the following factors:

  • The usability of each tool,
  • Uniqueness of features,
  • Pricing,
  • Support & knowledge base size,
  • Credibility and awards,
  • Well-known companies using them
  • if there is a free trial or free plan to start with
  • Reviews and ratings online by real clients


Starting Price: $80/Month

Unbounce was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. They also have an office in Berlin, Germany. It is essentially a landing page platform that helps you develop landing pages that have high conversion rates. It is one of the leading landing page optimization tools trusted by over 15,000 brands.

Unbounce langing page optimization platform


Unbounce uses Artificial Intelligence insights, marketing intelligence and the power of machines to analyze user behavior at incredible speed and scale. This helps you fine tune every element of your campaign on an ongoing basis and achieve higher conversion rate for your landing pages. 


The “Smart Traffic” feature automatically optimizes your landing pages after as few as 50 visits. It looks at your visitors attributes and then sends them to a version of a page that will most likely convert the user. This helps you increase conversions (by 20% average) and reduce significantly testing time.

Unbounce offers an easy to use drag-and-drop landing page builder that comes with over 100 high-converting templates. All templates are mobile responsive. You also have access to over 850.000 free images. You can directly publish your landing page to your website server or WordPress site. 

Using Unbounce you can also launch popups and announcement bars when visitors land on a page as well as trigger actions when they click on an element or scroll down for example. You can also schedule offers and setup campaigns based on visitors location or based on visitors previous actions and browsing history (using Cookies). 

Integrations: 60+ integrations with other apps 

Free Plan:  Free 14-day Trial

Unbounce Pricing: Starts at $80 monthly for 1 domain, up to 20.000 visitors and 500 conversions. Get 20% off for the first 3 months open link in new tab 

There are another three plans from $120 to $300 per month. For each plan the number of connected domains, website visitors and conversions increases. You also get more features.

Paying annually will save you 10%. 

Money-back guarantee: No money-back guarantee (You can use the free trial). As per the terms and conditions no credits or refunds will be issued for downgrading from a paid subscription to a Free Account (cancelling).

Rating: 4.3/5 from 697 reviews (August 2020)

Support:  Email Ticketing system. Weekdays via phone, live chat, and email from 1am-8pm PST. Weekends, via email from 9am-9pm PST. 

Toll-Free number in US. International worldwide number available. Average response time: 4 hours

Resources: Help Center area with articles, start-up guide, integrations guide and a knowledge base consisting of 230 articles. Furthermore, you can sign up for the Unbounce online community where you can find answers and discussion to any question and Unbounce topic. The community is very active and more than 20,000 users. 

Client names includes: HELIX, Zola, Later, Fifty & Fifty, Campaign Monitor

Starting Price: $199/Month

Founded in 2012 Instapage is an advanced landing page platform. Their main office is based in San Francisco, California with other offices in Bialystok in Poland and Timişoara in Romania. Instapage goes beyond landing page optimization as it consists of 6 products that cover other areas of conversion rate optimization too and that help in further optimizing your landing pages. Instapage is trusted by companies such as eBay and Verizon. 

Instapage landing page conversions


The “personalization” features of Instapage help you be relevant to your audience. You can create a number of unique experiences for each landing page, test audience experiences and even match the copy of your landing page to visitor-level data such as keywords and demographics


The Instapage Heatmap Visualizer provides a tracking functionality that includes mouse movements, clicks, and scroll depth. Find out where visitors spend the most time on your page, which elements they’ve clicked on, and how far down they’ve scrolled, so you can make further improvements.

Instapage has probably more features that any other Conversion Rate Optimization tool. They are part of 6 products which consist of:

  • The Landing pages product that helps you very easily build personalized post-click landing pages without the help of a developer
  • The Personalization product that helps you deliver relevant experiences to every audience
  • The Experimentation product that you can use to optimize conversion rates A/B testing and analytics insights
  • The AdMap product, a registered trademark product of Instapage that helps you increase the conversions of your ad campaigns
  • The Collaboration product that help your team work in real-time on your landing page projects
  • The Page Speed product that helps you deliver faster landing pages (Desktop and Mobile) and improves also the Quality Score of your Ad campaigns

Integrations: 100+ integrations with other apps

Free Plan: Free 14-day Trial

Instapage Pricing: There is basically one plan, the Business plan for $199 per month. You save 25% if paid annually. You get unlimited conversions, 30k unique visitors per month, 30 published landing page experiences, 5 workspaces, and 5 team members. 

You can also go for the Enterprise plan which is a custom plan and in case the business plan doesn’t suit your needs. 

Money-back guarantee: If you terminate within 24 hours of your order, you will be eligible for a refund

Rating: 4/5 from 961 reviews (August 2020)

Support: 24/7 Live chat, Ticketing system

Resources: Help Center with information on every product as well as a comprehensive resource center that includes E-Books, Webinars, Podcasts and a Video library.

Client names include: eBay, Verizon, Eurosport, Marriott, Yamaha, SoundCloud, HelloFresh, SurveyMonkey, Vimeo, SAP

Instapage also offers a landing page management service. managed conversion optimization service. it is a fully managed service that leverages conversion expertise, proprietary data, and their technology to personalize for you unique post-click landing pages.

Starting Price: $37/Month

Leadpages was founded in 2012 and is based in Minneapolis in US. Leadpages was developed with the aim to provide not the biggest range of tools but those tools that can really help you convert (and although it includes tons of features). In order to develop Leadpages, the Leadpages team ran thousands of split tests, published millions of pages, captured millions leads, in order to identify what works, what doesn’t, where, when, and why. Leadpages is trusted by more than 40.000 businesses worldwide. 

Leadpages landing page optimization


Use Alert Bars to capture your audience attention. Start with a predesigned, mobile-responsive layout that can remain sticky to the top of your website (for desktop) or the bottom (for desktop and mobile users). Promote your offers, ask visitors to opt-in to your email list or to drive traffic to another page. 


Leadpages is one of the very few conversion rate optimization tools that offers a website builder. It includes high-converting website templates and pre-built web pages that allow you to create a professionally looking website for your business. You simply drag and drop your content into place.

Leadpages comes with a range of conversion tools and features including 10 opt-in text campaigns (SMS),  one-click trigger links within your emails to engage subscribers, exit-intent popups, real-time conversion tips, reporting that shows you what works and what doesn’t, real-time analytics and more. 

Integrations: 40+ integrations, advanced integrations, major email service integrations

Free Plan: Free 14-day trial. 

Leadpages Pricing: Starts at $37 monthly (39% off and free domain if billed annually) the Standard plan offers a standard range of features and is for 1 website.

The Pro plan is at $79 per month and includes all the features and the Advanced for $321 per month which is the full packages that includes everything including 1-on-1 quick start call. 39% discount and a free domain if billed annually. 

Money-back guarantee: No

Rating: 4/5 from 290 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Phone, Chat and Email Support

Resources: Comprehensive resource and help center with free marketing resources, videos, webinars and virtual workshops, downloads, blog, podcasts, guides. 

If you wish a DEMO Leadpages offers a Free demonstration of their platform.. 

Free Ebook: How do you convince your visitors to convert? Get inspired with real-world examples of opt-in & sales pages for every industry.
Get a FREE E-Book open link in new tab by Leadpages with 50+ Landing pages to inspire you.

Starting Price: $62/Month

Based in Denmark and founded in 2014, Sleeknote is a user-friendly engagement tool with around 1900 customers around the world including Fortune 500 companies and some big names such as Toyota and KPMG. Instead of annoying popups Sleeknote uses on-site messaging to engage your website visitors. Sleeknote can help you in the following four (4) areas: Collect targeted email addresses, Guide your visitors with a personalized digital assistant, increase product sales and connect with visitors to give the advice they need using on-site messaging.

Sleeknote e-commerce optimization


Smart Triggers is Sleeknote’s signature algorithm that continuously tests—and optimizes—the right trigger for your website (based on more 10+ billion campaign sessions). The algorithm finds the ideal trigger for your website and creates a better experience for your visitors automatically.


Sleeknote has indeed some very powerful features that allow you to guide your visitors by providing additional information on services and products they are interested at, e.g. explain complex product with resource guides, offer a quote, schedule a meeting, answer product questions and more.

With Sleeknote’s exit-intent technology, e-commerce businesses can also reduce cart abandonment. It captures potential buyers the very moment they are about to leave your website and convert them later off-site.

With Sleeknote you can also create personalized shopping experiences for each visitor. Segment your visitors by their gender, interest, country, and much more. If you have an e-commerce website use this information to guide visitors to popular products, similar categories, daily deals, and more. 

Integrations: Sleeknote easily integrates with any 3rd party integrations.

Free Plan: 7-day Free trial and Free DEMO 

Sleeknote Pricing: There are 5 plans available: 

  • Basic for $62 per month for 50.000 sessions monthly 
  • Plus plan: $119 per month for 125.00 sessions monthly
  • Pro plan: $282 per month for 300.00 sessions monthly
  • Premium plan: $462 per month for 500.00 sessions monthly
  • Enterprise plan: $687 per month for 750.000 sessions monthly
Paying in advance for the year will save you 20%. It is important to note that all the features and unlimited number of campaigns are included in all plans.
*A session is the period of time a user is engaged with your website. 
Money-back guarantee: –

Rating: 4.3/5 from 16 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Email, Phone and Live Chat

Resources: Comprehensive resources area that includes an Academy to master everything on Sleeknote. Also includes a library, blog, podcast, examples and Webinars.  

Client names include: Toyota, KPMG, PPG, 3 Telecom,, Campaign Monitor, Group M, Domino’s Pizza, Hummel that

Sleeknote also offers Master Classes from leading experts teaching you proven strategies on email marketing, conversion rate optimization, list building, and more. Check the Master Classes open link in new tab

Starting Price: €24/Month

Mouseflow was founded in 2009 and since then has grown significantly having more than 165.000 customers (including some very big names) from all over the world. The company is based Copenhagen in Denmark and has offices also in London, UK. There are also representatives of the company in Germany and the US. The main objective of Mouseflow is to help you understand the behavior of your website visitors so that you improve user experience and increase conversions. 

Mouseflow customer conversion optimimization


Use Mouseflow to watch exactly how people interact with your website. You can view anonymized recordings of the activity of each website visitor and filter the sessions based on errors, compatibility and even based on what frustrates users. 


Use Heatmaps to anonymously find out where people click/touch, move the mouse, scroll, which elements of a web page pay attention to. Find easily what works and what doesn’t so that you make the necessary changes to increase conversions.

With Mouseflow  you can track the activity of users from page to page in order to analyze their journey. This is a very helpful feature as it allows you to examine what might be going wrong with your funnels (process to convert a user). Having such information is critical in order to improve your funnels and of course conversions. 

Mouseflow provides also information with regard to how visitors interact with your website forms. It measures for example drop-off, refills, blank submissions for each relevant form field. You can filter this information in real-time and uncover many issues you might not be aware of.

Integrations: Integrates with all the well-known website platforms, any HTML website as well as all the well-know e-commerce, marketing and customer support platforms.

Free Plan: Free 14-day Trial

Pricing: Starting from €24 euro per month for 2,500 recordings. You can save  €24 if you pay annually. 

Other plans include the Growth for  €79 per month and 10,000 recordings and the Growth for €299 per month for 100.000 recordings. Paying annually will save you €240 euro for the Pro plan and €1200 euro for the Growth plan. There is also an Enterprise plan available for over 100,000+ recordings and more than 10+ websites. 

Money-back guarantee: –

Rating: 4.4/5 from 42 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Ticketing system, Phone during business hours.

Resources: Comprehensive guides that explain all the features of Mouseflow. Training videos are also available.

Client names include: UNICEF, Deloitte, Vodafone, Dyson, Samsung, Philips, NBC, e-on, GE Healthcare, Virgin, University of Washington, at&t, Bosch, Quora, Priceline, Greenpeace, Business Insider

Try Mouseflow yourself with a LIVE DEMO open link in new tab

Starting Price: €31/Month

Smartlook was founded in 2016 and is based in the Czech Republic. Smartlook is the conversion rate optimization tool of choice of more than 250.000 users. You can use it to view recordings on how users interact with your website but also use Heatmaps to further improve user experience. In addition, Smartlook has some more advanced features  that allow you to identify bugs on your website and even see  customer’s replays for faster support.

Smartlook user behavior analysis


Use “Events Reporting” to find out how often people use any element of your website. Then if you want break it down by custom parameters such as a type of subscription a user has. With Events, you can also automatically play a recording from the moment a user interacts with a specific part of your website. 


Find out why your website visitors don’t convert to clients and why mainly they drop out of a funnel. With Smartlook you can create Funnels from Events not just from different pages of your website. See what users do on a web page and how they respond to the different converting items you have on your website.

There are 3 types of Heatmaps on Smartlook: Click Heatmaps that allow you to see where people click, Move Heatmaps, that shows you where people move their mouse and Scroll Heatmaps, that show you if people have scrolled enough on your page and if they have seen specific items you want them to see. 

Integrations: Integrates with all the well-known website and e-commerce platforms.

Free Plan: Free account available for up to 1500 sessions per month (limited features). Free Trial also available for the paid plans (limited to 5000 visits).

Pricing: There are 2 packages, the Startup and the Business. The price is determined by the number of sessions per month. The Startup plan is offered at €39 euro per month for 7500 sessions monthly (4 Events and 1 Funnel).

The Business plan which includes unlimited events and funnels starts at €99 per month. You get 2 months free if you pay in advance for the year. 

Money-back guarantee: 15 days

Rating: 4.6/5 from 898 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Live Chat, Email

Resources: 161 articles that cover all aspects of the tool. A Smartlook “School” is also available with 8 lessons to help you learn how to fully use Smartlook.

Client names include: Miele, Hostinger, Home Credit,

Smartlook offers a free account. You get access to analytics features including events, funnels, heatmaps and more. 1,500 monthly sessions and 1 month data history.

Starting Price: $19/Year

Poptin was founded in 2017 and is based in Tel Aviv in Israel. It helps you create customized engaging popups and forms for your website in minutes. Furthermore, you can collect leads using embedded forms and use an Autoresponder to automatically email your subscribers. Poptin is a very user-friendly website optimization tool and since you can start using most of its features in minutes. More than 100.000 companies trust Poptin for their website conversions including the New York Times, Home Depot and Kia.

Poptin conversion rate optimization


Create advanced triggers in a simple way. Trigger opt-ins by Exit-Intent, time delay, scrolling, on-click, traffic source (i.e. Facebook or Google), countries, specific dates and times, by specific website pages, show to new or returning visitors or hide from converted visitors and control the frequency of display to each visitor, and much more.


In under 1 minute you can start improving your forms’ performance and conversion rate with A/B testing. Show different designed versions of forms or show to different segment of visitors different forms. Compare designs, interactions and triggers in order to find and use the most effective version of your poptin.

With Poptin you can also design and send responsive emails and get all the metrics you need such as: how many subscribers open your emails, how many clicked on a link and more. With the form builder that is included you can create responsive embedded forms or customize a form template and choose a location on your website to  target visitors or a segment of your visitors for a more personalized campaign. 

Integrations: 50+ quick native integrations including all the popular website platforms. Sync your leads and subscribers with any email marketing or CRM platform.

Free Plan: Free for 1000 visitors per month and 1 domain. Unlimited opt-ins (branded under Poptin)

Poptin Pricing: Three plans available: The Basic for $19 per month and 10.000 visitors monthly, the Pro for $49 per month and 50.000 visitors monthly and the Agency for $99 per month for 150.000 monthly visitors. There are options also for a larger number of website visitors on the Agency plan. 

Getting an annual plan will save you 20%. All features included in all the plans (apart for some account management features offered only on the Agency plan)

Money-back guarantee: No

Rating: 4.8/5 from 100 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Email and Live Chat. Phone support only for the Agency plan.

Resources: Help Center with articles and video tutorials, blog, 

Client names include: The New York Times, Home Depot, Infinity, Kia, ESET Antivirus

Check some of the Poptin case studies open link in new tab with conversion optimization results of up to 400%. Get inspiration from other companies across 15 different industries and find out how they have managed to increase sales, leads or grow their email list. 

Starting Price: $47/Month

Landingi was founded in 2011 and is based in Poland. They have two offices: in Gliwice and in Katowice. They have customers in more than 80 countries and their conversion rate optimization solution can be used by business owners, marketing experts but also agencies that want to create optimized landing pages for higher conversions. It’s worth noting that Landingi is a Google Partner company. 

Landingi landing page optimization


With Landingi you can create funnels in order to automate your sales process. Especially if you want  more than one form on your pages then creating funnels is the right way to convert users to clients. You can connect these funnels to 3rd party apps as well and collect the data directly in the app of your choice. 


You can add certain parameters and use dynamic text to personalize and customize your content. You can for example set different headers, descriptions and generally all your content on your landing pages based on users search queries. This feature can also be very effective  when used with Google Ads and dynamic keywords.

Landingi offers over 300 templates, is SSL(Secure Server Layer) ready and includes also automated email features. The platform is overall user-friendly and its main purpose is to help you create high-converting landing pages. All your leads can be managed from “Lead inbox” or they can be exported easily in 2 clicks. 

Integrations: 40+ integrations with other apps

Free Plan: 14-day Free Trial (No credit card required)

Landingi Pricing: Plans start at $47 per month (Core Plan) for websites of up to 5000 unique visitors per month.

Other plans include the “Create Plan”, $89 euro per month, which is for up to 50.000 unique visitors and the “Automate Plan” for 100.000 unique visitors for $127 per month. Features may vary depending on the plan.

Paying annually will save you 38%.

Money-back guarantee: –

Rating: 4.5/5 from 350 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Live Chat, Contact widget, Phone (Available Mon-Fri, 8am-10pm CET) 

Resources: Help Center with articles and videos on how to use every feature of Landingi. 

Landingi has 300+ amazing templates for all types of landing page goals. Click-through, Coming Soon, Company Presentation,  Coupon Download, E-Book Download, Event Signup, Newsletter Sign up, Sale of product, Recruitement and more.

View the 300+ templates of Landingi open link in new tab

Starting Price: $108/Year

OptinMonster was founded in 2013 by Retyp LLC, a company based in Florida, United States. More than 1 millions websites are using OptinMonster including organizations and companies such as the Harvard University and American Express. OptinMonster mainly helps you grow your email list, increase your campaign effectiveness, reduce your cart-abandonment rate if you have an e-commerce website and increase sales conversions.

OptinMonster conversion rate optimization tool


MonsterLinks™ 2-Step optin is a registered trademark technology of OptinMonster that turns any image or link into a 2-step opt-in campaign, with no coding required. When visitors click on the image or link, there’s a popup asking them to subscribe or buy.


Exit-Intent® technology, a registered trademark  technology by OptinMonster.  that tracks and monitors movements of website visitors and detects when they’re going to leave your site without making a purchase or leaving their information.

OptinMonster integrates easily with all the well known email marketing tools so that you can create more effective campaigns. It also works hand-in-hand with many other apps, even other conversion optimization apps such as Instapage, which is another  conversion rate optimization tool I recommend on this page. It’s worth mentioning that OptinMonster includes a targeting and segmentation engine that helps you show your offers to the right people at the exact right time. It is based on behavioral automation.

When in comes to “personalization” features there is actually even the option to show content to visitors depending on their status. For example, you can show different content to new visitor and different to returning visitors. Same with customers. If a user visiting your site is already a customer you can promote different campaigns. 

Integrations: Integrates with all the leading website platforms, any HTML website and all the leading email marketing tools as well as other business and marketing platforms.

Free Plan: No – 14 days money-back guarantee (Unconditional)

OptinMonster Pricing: Starting from $9 per month billed annually the Basic plan is for 1 site (3,500 pageviews maximum).

Other plans include the Plus for $19 per month, the Pro for $29 and the Growth for $49. All plans are billed annually. Features may vary depending on the plan. 

Money-back guarantee: 14 days (unconditional)

Rating: 4.2/5 from 112 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Live chat and ticketing system 

Resources: More than 200 articles on how to get started, on functionality, integration and more. Also, with every plan you get FREE access ($1997 value) to the OptinMonster University that includes lessons on how to attract and convert website traffic into customers.

Client names include: Harvard University, McAfee, Trip Advisor, American Express, ClickBank, Pinterest, Patreon

Click here for a 20% off (coupon code) open link in new tab

Starting Price: $10/Monthly

Lucky Orange was founded in 2011 and is based in Kansas, US. It is used on more than 250,000 websites worldwide and is the most affordable conversion rate optimization tool among all the tools that are based on Heatmaps and Recordings. You can start using Lucky Orange with only $10 per month. 

Luckyorange heatmaps tool


The Form Analytics feature of Lucky Orange helps you improve the conversion rate of your forms by looking at 5 reports that show you the problematic areas on your forms. These are the abandonment report, the Time to Start report, The Field time report, the Average Order Fields and the Repeated “Fields” Report. 


Dynamic and Interactive Heatmaps that enable you to use different metrics to see what users did and  understand your users better. Watch how users interact with each individual part of your website. Track clicks, moves and scroll depth.  Watch in real-time as users toggle menus, open popups, and move through the steps of a form.

Lucky Orange comes with a range of other features including Recordings, Chat, Conversion Funnels that let you quickly see where people abandon a process on your website such as checking out or creating an account, polls to get customer feedback and a Dashboard with reporting and analytics that help you understand user behavior or even help real-time visitors with real-time problems.

Integrations: Lucky Orange integrates with lots of third-party platforms and your custom data.

Free Plan: 7-day Free Trial (No credit card required)

Lucky Orange Pricing: There are mainly four (4) plans starting with $10 for the Starter plan. This plan includes 25.000 pageviews. 

  • Small Business Plan: $20 – 60.000 pageviews
  • Medium Plan: $50 – 200.000 pageviews
  • Large Plan: $100 – 5000.000 pageviews

There is also an Enterprise plan that you can get more information after you contact Lucky Orange.

Money-back guarantee: No

Rating: 4.6/5 from 127 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Email

Resources: Feature guides, Installation guides and F.A.Q. section

Lucky Orange provides a personalized onboarding process. Their experts will help you set up your Lucky Orange account by showing you how to use behavior tags, conversion funnels, live chat, polls and more.

Starting Price: $9/Monthly

Getsitecontrol was founded in 2014 by Getwebcraft Limited, a company operating in Cyprus with developers also based in Russia and the United States. Getsitecontrol can help you increase your website conversions in two ways: First by creating targeted popups on your website that will encourage visitors to act and second by creating online forms that collect insights, orders, requests and subscribers. 


Half of the Internet traffic comes from mobile, and Getsitecontrol makes it easy to capture this audience with perfect mobile popups. Preview widgets on smartphones with different screen resolutions and adjust the sizing if needed. Plus, you can create mobile-only popups or popups displayed on selected devices only.


Getsitecontrol comes with some really powerful widgets that you can display on your website in 3 different ways: 1) Based on rules and behavior triggers (i.e. location, language, scroll depth, time on page, exit intent) 2) Upon click on a button, link, image or selected page elements and 3) upon a click on a widget’s button or background. 

With Getsitecontrol you can create online website surveys in order to collect important customer feedback and get customer insights. Such a feature can be very helpful also when you conduct market research as it helps you evaluate your marketing performance or to validate new ideas. You have the option also to change the targeting settings so that you precisely select the audiences you want to hear from.

Integrations: More than 1000 integrations with business apps

Free Plan: 7-day Free trial (No credit card required)

Getsitecontrol Pricing: Starts at $9 per month ($7 if you pay annually) for 10.000 widget views.

The Medium Plan is for $19 per month ($14 per month if you purchase annually) for 100.000 widget views and the Large plan for 1 million widget views is at $39 per month ($28 if billed annually)

Money-back guarantee:  They can process a full refund within 10 days of a monthly subscription purchase and within 30 days of an annual subscription purchase.

Rating: 4.7/5 from 22 reviews (August 2020)

open link in new tabSupport: Live chat operators between 8 am and 6 pm (GMT +3), Email.

Resources: Blog, Podcasts, Use cases, a help center with basic documentation, video guides. 

Check the pop up template collection of Getsitecontrol open link in new tab . From forms to surveys, ecommerce, launchers, opt-in forms, notifications, holidays and more. click here 

Starting Price: $29/Monthly

Plerdy was founded in 2017 and is based in Ukraine. It was developed by Web Analytics and Online Ad specialists and it consists of four (4) products: A Heatmap software that analyzes user behavior on your site, a Popup forms software, a Search Engine Optimization Checker and a Session User Recordings Software that records how users interact with website elements.


Find out how your website visitors navigate your site or mobile version of the site, replay the moves they make, and identify every important decision they made. View video replays of mouse movements, scrolls, clicks, and taps completed while browsing.


It consists of 9 tools that help you see which elements of the website converts more, track performance of buttons, track text, clicks and mouse hovers, see how users navigate your website, find out about the scroll depth of every page on your website and more. 

Plerdy includes an SEO checker tool that you can use to improve the optimization of your website on the search engines. You can use it to find search engine optimization errors your pages have, analyze your content in terms of keywords and collect and analyze important data that will help you optimize your website further for the users landing on your website through Google. 

Integrations: Intergrates with most popular content management systems. 

Free Plan: Free plan for up to 2000 pageviews per day with unlimited Heatmaps. Free 14-day trial also available on their other plans.

Plerdy Pricing: Starting from $29 per month the Economy plan is for 10.000 pageviews per day websites and for 1000 video sessions.

Other plans include the Business plan which is chosen by more than 60% of their clients. It has a monthly fee of $59 per month and is for 25.000 pageviews per day. The Premium plan is for $99 per month 50.000 pageviews per day websites. 

Paying annually will save you 20%. 

Features may vary depending on the plan. Same applies to limits such as video sessions and active forms. 

Money-back guarantee: If you cancel they may refund the remaining of the period.

Rating: 4.7/5 from 30 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Email

Resources: Documentation, Video Tutorials

Client names include: Subaru, Honda, TemplateMonster, Huggies 

Personalized Demo also available upon request.

Website Usability Audit Service: Usability audit provided by the Plerdy team is an expert comprehensive assessment of the website based on profound study of user behavior registered on your resource. With the Plerdy usability audit,  you’ll get a list of flaws in the website interface, navigation, and conversion path that can eventually affect its conversion rates

Read more about the Website UX Audit Service open link in new tab

Starting Price: $49/Monthly

Aimtell was founded in 2015 and is based in California. It is essentially a tool that helps you re-engage your visitors with web push notifications. You can create personalized notifications based on users actions. Aimtell is trusted by more than 15,000 brands worldwide. 

aimtell web push notifications


Prepare and send targeted push notifications to your audience based on a number of factors such as pageviews, location or setup custom attributes. You can also set up custom events that allow you to personalize your notifications even more. It could be after a specific form was completed for example.


You can schedule notifications to be sent automatically after a user abandons any funnel such as forms or carts. You can for example send automatically a push notification after a period of time reminding a user that he/she has items left in the cart. Maybe give an additional discount!

Aimtell has a great number of dynamic, advanced and automated push notifications features as well as A/B split testing features (testing between two different versions) that help you test any part of your push campaigns (title, body, icon, image) and see how they perform in comparison.

The solution is structured with the sole purpose to re-engage or re-target your website visitors. If you own for example an e-commerce website you can re-target users who have viewed items and convert them into paying customers. You do that by personalizing the message based on the items or category of items they viewed and provide a discount code to encourage shopping with you.

Other than the e-commerce industry, the Aimtell solution has been proven to re-engage visitors in other industries too, such as the media industry, sports, travel and software. You can pretty much apply the solution on the website of a company regardless of what industry it belongs to.

Integrations: Plugins available and over 1000 integrations with other apps through a 3rd party app.

Free Plan: 14-day Free Trial

Aimtell Pricing: Starting from $49 the Basic plan is for 1 website and up to 10,000 Active Push Subscribers

Other plans include the Plus for $99 per month and 50,000 Active Push Subscribers, the Pro Plan $199 per month for 100,000 Active Push Subscribers and the Enterprise that starts from $299 per month.

All plans include all features.

Money-back guarantee: –

Rating: 4.8/5 from 34 reviews (August 2020)


Support: Ticketing system

Resources: Comprehensive knowledge base with guides, webinars and documentation.

Client names include: Shopify, CNN Store, Groupon, Entrepreneur store

The Beginner’s Guide to Website Push Notifications open link in new tab. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about web push. Aimtell has put together this guide that will walk you through all you need to know about website push notifications including what they are, how they are installed, how to send them, and more.

Starting Price: $67/Yearly

Thrive Leads is considered one of the best conversion rate optimization tools for WordPress websites. Thrive Leads was developed in 2013 by Thrive Themes which has over 107.000 clients worldwide and is based in Switzerland. It consists of 16 conversion focused products.


The 16 products includes in one plug-in  enable you to have 4 great benefits important to increase conversions. These are: design and deploy campaigns using a drag and drop editor, promote highly targeted offers using advanced targeting, test the best campaign format using an A/B testing engine and get analysis and reports of your opt-in forms using actionable reporting and insights.


10 different types of opt-in forms to choose from and use depending on your case. Popup, Stick Ribbon (top of  the screen as the visitor scrolls down), In-line forms, 2-Step opt-in forms, Slide-in, Opt-in widget, Screen filler overlay to get the full attention of your visitors, “content lockers” to provide opt-in incentives, a scroll mat, and a YES/NO multiple choice form to engage further your visitors. 

The main objective of Thrive Leads is to help you build your email list by increasing the conversion rate of your forms. The team behind this tool has used cutting edge conversion tactics that have already been proven to work with businesses and growth hackers.

It includes a number of smart features such as SmartLinks and SmartExit that allow you to hide forms or show different offers to your existing subscribers. It’s worth noting that with Thrive Leads you can create mobile-specific opt-in forms. 

Integrations: Integrates directly with WordPress and seamlessly integrates with your Autoresponder or email marketing tool.

Free Plan: No

Thrive Leads Pricing: There are two ways to purchase Thrive Leads. Either by becoming a member of Thrive Themes for $19 per month (paid annually) which gives you access not only to Thrive Leads but to the whole family of products developed by Thrive Themes. Products include conversion focused WordPress themes and plugins. 

The second way is to purchase a single license for your website for $67.

If you have more websites and you wish to have more licenses then there are various options for that.

Money-back guarantee: 30-days 

Rating: 4.5/5 from 13 reviews (August 2020)

Support: Email

Resources: –

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin and it requires a self-hosted installation of WordPress to run. That means that if you have a blog running on the hosted ( version of WP, it will not support Thrive Leads. If you have WordPress installed on your own hosting account, it will work.

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