do you have an action plan that works?

Grow your


  • Are you struggling to find ways to grow your business? 
  • Does you business operate at full speed by using the right business tools or are you wasting time micro-managing employees?
  • Do you have knowledge of all the modern marketing practices  and are you using marketing automation to grow your business? 
  • Do you have a solid strategy and action plan that utilizes these practices or are you just taking actions sporadically? 
Stavros Angelidis
Stavros Angelidis

Business Consultant

Since 1996 I’ve been helping businesses build a powerful brand online as a way to generate more leads and sales. I also help them transform their operations and improve productivity by using the right technology and business tools.  Both actions lead to business growth! 

My approach

I’m practical and I like quick wins. I focus immediately on what I can help you improve today, even right now! After an evaluation of your specific case you will get an action plan that will include the first practical steps!

Your business is unique

Every business has different dynamics and different characteristics. I will not recommend something that you do not have the resources to support right now.
I will help you grow step-by-step based on  a strategy that will work for you!

build a strong brand online, increase website traffic & generate more leads and sales

Get a strategy and an action plan based on modern marketing practices & on digital marketing

Depending on your own case we can work in multiple areas of marketing or work based on a step-by-step plan. Taking into consideration your resources and budget I will create an action plan that will help you see the improvement in areas that lead to generate new leads and getting new clients.

business website

Increase Conversions

Let’s turn your website from a corporate brochure into a true marketing channel.

Email marketing

Email to Leads

Stop sending newsletters! Let’s use email to generate more leads and build an email list of potential clients. 

Social media

Build Credibility

Stop pushing for sales and sharing news! Let’s build your brand the right way and build credibility.

search engines

Quality Traffic

You potential clients are currently searching for what you offer! Let’s help them find you on search engines. 


Leads & Sales

Have something to offer and you want to push sales? Let’s create funnels to increase conversions and sales.  


Data & Analytics

No more hypothetical assumptions. Let’s implement the right tools that provide the right data. 


Improve Operations

Growth does not happen only when you increase sales and the number of clients. Improving organization and productivity leads to high performance and high quality results. It also reduces all costs associated with the production of work and the development of your services and products. 

Project Management & Team Collaboration

Are you still thinking what everyone might be doing and what their role is? Does your project management methodology improves productivity and lowers costs?

Client Relationship Management & Sales

How do you handle leads? Do you properly manage your pipeline? What about your existing clients? Returned business is all about how you manage existing clients.

Organization & Management Practices

Successful businesses implement simple processes and systems that work. Complicated processes hinder growth, profitability and lead to bad decisions.

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Contact me for an initial discussion about your business and to ask any  questions you may have about my services. 

Providing Services Globally

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