hCaptcha: The Best WPForms Spam Protection Captcha in 2021?

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If you are one of the 4 million plus users that have implemented the WPForms WordPress form builder, then you definitely need to protect your forms.

Protection is imperative in the era of bots. We all want to protect our systems and particularly from issues such as:

  • False registrations during a user sign up process
  • Protect email addresses from scammers
  • Protects online polling and online surveys
  • Prevents comment spamming on blogs

and generally make sure our website and systems can identify real users from automated users.

There are various ways you can consider to protect your WPForms from spam, including Google ReCAPTCHA. But now there is also a new option if you use WPForms.

WPForms Spam protection with hCaptcha

WPForms have announced in December 2020, that they can now integrate hCaptcha on your WPForms.

hCaptcha is a free tool that helps keep spam and bots out of your forms and focuses mainly in three areas:

  1. Privacy
    by checking your users on how likely they are to be malicious and by supporting initiatives such as Privacy Pass.
  2. Security
     by giving you real data and letting you decide how to use data
  3. Better User Experience
    by using sophisticated machine learning models that are used to determine humanity.
hCaptcha presented challenges
hCaptcha presented challenges

The presented captcha challenges of hCaptcha include selecting images that match a query, defining the bounding areas of an object and identifying corresponding labels as well as other simple tasks.

The main difference with Google reCAPTCHA

The main difference is in the source of images. Instead of showing Google’s images–images hCaptcha uses machine learning algorithms technology to users images from datasets that belong to other companies and that also need images labeled for machine learning applications.

Another importance different that you might find interesting is that you can earn money, or donate it, by visitors solving these captcha challenges.

This way hCaptcha allows publishers not only to protect their website but to make money serving this demand while blocking bots and other forms of abuse.

hCaptcha marketplace
The hCaptcha marketplace system

This is how the payment system works as per hCaptcha:

The hCaptcha marketplace is powered by the HUMAN Protocol, an open decentralized protocol for human review that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Websites earn Human Tokens (HMT) whenever users use the hCaptcha widget on their site, and machine learning companies pay Human Tokens to get their data labeled.

Free for publishers

For publishers of any size hcaptcha is free. The free version includes:

  • World-class anti-bot protection
  • Earn rewards for human solves
  • GDPR and CCPA-friendly privacy policy

The Enterprise plan is offered through BotSpot and is an extended version of the basic hcpatcha version. This versions includes the features high traffic enterprises need.

BotSpot claims that their solution is a credible alternative to Googleand can deliver dramatic savings on your reCAPTCHA bill with higher security: up to 80% less expensive in some cases.

Here are the main features of the enterprise version:

  • Detects bad actors of many different types.
  • Guaranteed reliability and fast 24/7 on-call support
  • Wide library of types to choose from
  • Advanced reporting to see what’s happening across all your sites and apps
  • Works in every country
  • GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD-friendly privacy policy
  • Fine-grained difficulty levels
  • Instant Verification
  • Mobile (iOS and Android) Integration

Integrating hcpatcha with WPForms

Let’s see now how you can easily integrate hCaptcha with WPForms.

Click on settings. You will see there that you now have hCaptcha as an additional option next to reCAPTCHA.

After choosing the CAPTCHA service, you’ll see your choice right in the builder and then go to one of your forms and click on the hCaptcha button to access its settings.

It is that easy and only takes 2 steps!

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