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Capturing data from a WordPress sign up form is only the first step of a sales process.

If you are not thinking sales but only capturing data then allow me to tell you that you are following the wrong approach.

Modern tools and sign up form plugins provide you with such features that you can turn every user into a sales lead. Who doesn’t want to sell more?

The key is what you do with the data that you capture and how you can increase the conversion rate of your WordPress sign up forms.

Whether that is for the purpose of getting more subscribers for your email list, requests for your product or services, downloads of PDF’s, all sorts of registrations or to directly generate a new sales lead, you need to create high converting WordPress sign up forms.

Let me show you how to use two tools that can help you create a WordPress sign up form easily to capture users data and take your sales and marketing to the next level at the same time.

The Tools you need

You will need two tools: one is related to form creation and the other with marketing automation and sales:

  • WPForms
  • ActiveCampaign


WPForms is drag & drop WordPress form builder used by more than 3,000,000 professionals to create powerful forms and surveys on their WordPress sites.

You can use WPForms to create and manage forms without having any coding skills or special knowledge. It is considered the most beginner friendly WordPress sign up form solution in the market.

A video overview (1:37) of WPForms

WPForms has over 100 templates which you can use to easy create a WordPress sign up form to be used as a:

  • Contact form
  • Payment form
  • Survey form
  • Newsletter form
  • Registration form

The sign up forms are mobile-friendly, you can easily add spam protection, get instant notifications, create multi-page forms, create custom WordPress user registration forms and more.

If you want to take your forms to the next level then with WPForms you can use Smart Conditional Logic that allows you to create smart dynamic forms that help you collect the most relevant information.

Helpful link: Visit the WPForms website to find out more


ActiveCampaignopen link in new tab is a marketing automation tool that helps you activate your entire customer experience. It is used by more than 100,000 companies around the world.

Combine the power of email marketing, marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM) and sales management in one tool.

A video overview (1:47) of ActiveCampaign Customer Experience Automation

ActiveCampaign includes some powerful features that allow you to:

  • Use precise targeting to find the right prospects and grow your audience
  • Capture your audience’s attention with messages that match who they are
  • Build a better relationship with your audience by providing tailored guidance
  • Help them learn what’s available to address their needs
  • Provide individual audience members with well-timed calls to action to convert leads to sales
  • Know what your customers want and when they want it
  • Make them happy so that they buy more and refer you to their contacts

Helpful link: Visit the ActiveCampaign website to find out more

Why Combine WPForm with ActiveCampaign (Examples)

The power of WPForms in creating effective WordPress sign up forms, along with the power of ActiveCampaign to turn data into marketing tactics could turn your WordPress site into a leads generation machine.

Based on the selection users made on your WordPress sign up form you can follow different strategies.

With ActiveCampaign you can easily create email automations
With ActiveCampaign you can easily create email automations

Let’s quickly see some examples:

Example 1: User signed up for your Email newsletter

Send an automatic welcome email or start an automatic welcome email series based on a sales funnel that leads to the purchase of a service or product. You can also deliver lead magnets (an offer that you can promote to prospective customers) automatically once they sign up.

Example 2: User signed up to receive email updates on a specific topic

You might be covering a number of different topics with your email newsletter. In this case is better that you ask people which topics they are mostly interested in, instead of emailing updates they don’t care about.

Once you know that through your WordPress sign up form then you can Tag this group. Tags let you send one email—with different, conditional content.

You can use tags to swap out sections of text or images in your email so that each contact sees exactly what they’re interested in.

Example 3: User signed up to download information related to a service or product

Automatically Tag this user and create segmentations based on his/her selections. User is automatically added to the CRM also as a lead and certain automations may be triggered with your team being notified instantly.

If you have a team you can also assign tasks to individual sales people, either manually or within automations.

The above are just three simple examples of what can be done just by collecting simple data from your WordPress sign up form.

It is all about turning DATA to MARKETING and SALES.

Let me show you now in a step-by-step process how to create a WordPress sign up form using WPForms and ActiveCampaign. There are only 7 steps in this process.

Installing WPForms and connecting ActiveCampaign

Step 1: Sign up and install the plugin

First step is to visit the WPForms website and sign up for the Elite plan which includes some powerful WordPress sign up form features including integration with ActiveCampaign.

Helpful Links: Get 50% off with this WPForms coupon code

You will also need an ActiveCampaign account. Visit the ActiveCampaign website and sign up for one of the account or simply sign up for a FREE TRIAL.

After that you will follow the instructions (very easy) to install the WPForms plugin on your WordPress website.

Installing the ActiveCampaign add-on
Installing the ActiveCampaign add-on

Step 2: Activate the plugin

Next, you’ll need to activate the ActiveCampaign addon. Just go to to WPForms » Addons and locate the ActiveCampaign addon.

Click on Install Addon (see image above).

Build the WordPress sign up form

Step 3: Add a new form

For the purpose of this step-by-step process I will show you how to easily create a newsletter sign up form. In the same way you can create other types of forms with WPForms.

Creating a Newsletter Sign up form
Creating a Newsletter Sign up form

Click on Setup from the menu on the left and then click on Create a Newsletter Sign up form

As you can see there, you have other options too in order to easily create WordPress a sign up form by following a step-by-step process.

Step 4: Build your form

In the next step you will get the newsletter form screen which already includes all the basic elements.

Customize the Newsletter sign up form by dragging and dropping elements

As you see in the image above customizing your WordPress sign up form is a very easy task.

You only need to drag and drop elements from the Fields area on the left to your Newsletter sign up form area on the right.

There are three different types of fields you can use:

Standard Fields such as single line text, paragraph text, dropdown, multiple choice, checkboxes (and more),

Fancy fields such as phone, address, website URL, file upload, html, password (and more),

Payment fields such as single item, multiple items, checkbox items, dropdown items, total.

Connect the sign up form to ActiveCampaign

Step 5: Select Marketing Integration

Click on Marketing on the menu to view all available marketing integrations

Select ActiveCampaign as your preferred marketing integration

Select ActiveCampaign from the list fo available marketing integrations. This will bring up a new screen where you have to enter your ActiveCampaign account details

Fill out the form to connect WPForms to your ActiveCampaign account
Fill out the form to connect WPForms to your ActiveCampaign account

You will need to type a name for your ActiveCampaign Account, enter your own ActiveCampaign API URL and API Key which can be found in your ActiveCampaign account.

The event tracking account ID is optional and allows you to record data about the behavior of your contacts

Click on Add and you are done with the connection of WPForms with ActiveCampaign in WordPress.

Setup your ActiveCampaign form

Step 6: Select actions to perform

Following step 5 a pop up will appear on your screen requesting information with regard to your account and action to perform.

Selecting which actions you want taken when a user fills out the form
Selecting which actions you want taken when a user fills out the form

Select your account and then select the actions to perform. That is where you choose which actions you want taken when a user fills out this form.

This option will also determine which additional settings are displayed. It also includes a “conditional logic” option that allows you to change what will happen depending on a user’s selections in a form.

Make your selections and click on Add Connection.

Adding the Sign up form

Step 7: Add the sign form to your WordPress site

This is the last step of the process. Create a new WordPress post or edit one of your existing posts to add a sign up form.

Inserting the Sign Up form in your post
Inserting the Sign Up form in your post

Locate the place where you want to add your WordPress sign up form and click on the plus (+) button in your WordPress editor area.

Search for WPForms.

Then search to find the specific form you created and insert it in your post.

Since this blog post describes the integration of an email marketing tool with a conversion optimization tool you may want to visit my recommended email marketing tools page or my recommended conversion rate optimization tools page. They both include mini reviews and free trials for each tool.

Final thoughts and advice

I want to emphasize again what I said at the beginning of this article.

Forms on a website do not only serve the purpose of capturing data only. You need to turn every form into an asset for your website.

Completing a form is the start of a potential customer’s journey. It is the first part of a sales funnel. Invest in having forms on your website that drive leads and sales not just capture data.

Start thinking how to turn your website into a marketing and sales automation system.

Helpful links: WPForms website | ActiveCampaign website

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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