Shopify cart abandonment solution (1 powerful app-5 ideas)

Shopify cart abandonment

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Shopify cart abandonment. More than one thousands searches on Google every month on this issue.

And you know what? It’s not just about Shopify, it’s about an issue that is bothering all ecommerce website owners.

According to some estimates, the average ecommerce website loses 75% of their sales due to cart abandonment. 

You might know already that Shopify can provide you with a list of existing clients or users that have signed up and that have abandoned your cart. You can then email them if you want through Shopify.

Abandoned checkouts list on Shopify
Abandoned checkouts list on Shopify

This tactic though doesn’t really automate your marketing efforts and quite frankly, I don’t find it as a modern marketing strategy. You need more than that and you need automation not just for those that have signed up but even for website visitors that are new and have not signed up yet.

How do you reduce the cart abandonment rate then and how can you increase sales by turning those users ready to leave your Shopify site to customers?

The solution I highly recommend does not involve only good ideas (which I will give you) but also the combination of technology together with the right app that will help you in implement these ideas.

Why users abandon your shopping cart

Let’s have a look first at the main reasons of why would someone leave your website and leave items in the cart instead of completing an order.

Usually it would be one of the following reasons:

  • Unexpected shipping costs
    According to Statista 56% of shoppers abandon their carts due to unexpected shipping costs.
  • Complicated or time consuming checkout
    If your checkout process is not simple and straightforward and users need to start wondering where to click for the next step you’ve lost them.
  • Not satisfactory return policy
    Make sure your return policy is competitive and inform your customers of the cost, timeframe, and requirements for returning merchandise for a refund or exchange.
  • Your website has errors
    Have your website developers test the check out process under different scenarios to make sure everything works fine
  • Concerns about payment security
    This is crucial. Your check out system and the whole process must be through a Secure Socket (or Server) Layer (SSL). If you don’t know what is this ask your website developer. In simple words it protects users private data. Provide the right information on payment security and on the payment gateway you are using.

Finally, an important reason which you might be neglecting is coupon codes. When users can’t find the coupon code at the last stage of the check out process it’s almost a definite exit from your site.

As per OptinMonster, one of the best conversion rate optimization plugins and apps, coupons have a significant effect on consumer behavior. Check the statistics in the image below.

Effect of Coupon on Consumer Behavior
Effect of Coupon on Consumer Behavior

The Technology solution

Most users abandoned a cart by closing a browser or a tab. That is a natural reaction to the last minute decision of not purchasing a product especially if they are kind of frustrated because of the reasons I have analyzed above.

The moment they are about to close the browser window you have the option to “get involved” in the process in order to:

  • Find out the reason the customer doesn’t want to make the purchase
  • Offer additional discount
  • Ask a question related to customer’s reaction
  • Request a Live chat session with the customer
  • Let the customer give you direct feedback

But how can you do that?

Let me introduce you to Exit-Intent® technology

The Exit-Intent® technology by OptinMonster tracks and monitors the movements of your website visitors and specifically detects them immediately when they are about to leave your website.

It’s designed to reduce cart abandonment but also to help you capture more leads.

How does it work?

This powerful Shopify cart abandonment solution involves the combination of lightbox popups with the OptinMonster Exit-Intent® technology.

Lightbox popups are not like the usual annoying popups that open up in a new window or take you to another website. Lightbox popups appear at the forefront of your website which is still visible at the back. It is more of a notification.

The precise moment the website visitor moves the mouse away from the main area of the cart and click on X to close the window or tab a pop up notification appears.

Helpful Links: OptinMonster Exit-Intent® technology

This solution can give a significant boost to your sales or at least help you gather more information that will help you fine tune your check out process and increase the conversion rate of your website.

Let’s see how you can implement this technology (it’s very easy)

Activating the App and Technology

Step 1: Visit the OptinMonster website and get a 14 day free trial or purchase directly. There’s a coupon code for extra discount–>click here

Step 2: Follow the easy instructions to setup OptinMonster on your Shopify website.

Step 3: Setup a campaign

First click on Campaign from the top menu and then click on the green button on the top left Create New Campaign

Creating a new campaign on OptinMonster
Creating a new campaign on OptinMonster

Step 4: Select the type of Campaign and as every popup in OptinMonster is created in the form of a campaign.

In OptinMonster there are seven different campaign types: Popup, Welcome Mat, Mobile, Floating bar, Inline, Sidebar and Slide-in.

You have to choose “Popup” as what we want is to combine the exit intent technology with a popup in order to reduce the Shopify card abandonment rate and boost sales.

Choosing a campaign type on OptinMonster
Choosing a campaign type on OptinMonster

Step 5: Choose a template

What you will get after is a selection of different beautifully designed popup templates. This will make your job must easier. There are 50 pre-built templates that work for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

OptinMonster has 50 pre-built popup templates
OptinMonster has 50 pre-built popup templates

It is up to you whether you want to use one of the pre-built templates or create one from scratch.

If you choose to use one of the templates you will need to customized them with your own content. The process is very easy using the drag and drop editor of OptinMonster.

Easily edit the popup templates to add your own content
Easily edit the popup templates to add your own content

Step 6: Set display rules and add the conditions

You select Exit Intent and then set the rules. You then simply choose your shopping cart page and add the conditions.

Set display rules for your campaign

You can also click on “Ecommerce” (as you can see on the image above) and select specific options for your Shopify store. For example you can have the popup appear only on specific products or only for new visitors.

You can create different Shopify cart abandonment strategies and solutions based on the needs of your ecommerce site.

Helpful Link: How to Integrate OptinMonster with Shopify Guide (includes video)

Ideas and Examples

Here are some ideas you can implement on your pop up campaigns so that you reduce the Shopify cart abadonment.

Idea 1: Give an additional discount and grow your email list

This strategy can work very well in order not just to boost sales but also to grow your email list at the same time.

If for example you have seen that you have a high abandonment rate with new visitors, you can give an incentive for an extra discount at the end of the process and before they abandon your cart plus offer them the chance to know more about your latest products and updates.

Remember: an ecommerce website visitor that took the time to browse your website and even added products in the cart is a serious potential client. You have already earned his/her trust to a great extend.

Idea 2: Convince users with case studies

This works well if you offer a digital product but also even with physical products that case studies could be prepared for.

Provide proof with case studies and convince visitors to try out your product

Especially for digital products you can offer a free version of your product for download. It could also be a free trial.

You can also combine this with a link that takes the user to a page with real cases studies that prove that your digital product can give them results.
*make sure that the user can directly checkout from your case studies page.

Idea 3: Give a discount for the next purchase

Setup your campaign for returned visitors that have not make a purchase yet from your Shopify store and give them an additional discount for their next purchase.

Give return visitors additional discount on their next

Again like in the first idea, you can combine the discount with a very good reasons for them to sign up to your email list.

Idea 4: Offer Discount + Free Shipping

This is consider to be a very powerful strategy and as shopping costs are one of the main reasons someone maybe exit your site and leave items in the cart.

Offer discounts + Free Shipping

By offering a discount plus free shipping there are great chances that you will convert this user to a client.

Request a name and an email so that you add this potential customer in your mailing list also and in order to send the relevant information.

The importance of growing your email list: In many of the cases I mention ideas that help you grow your email list as well. Why is that important? Because email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies. Actually for every $1 you spend on email marketing you have an average of $44 return on investment. View a list of email marketing tools with mini reviews and Free Trials

Idea 5: Ask them for the reason and give them a discount

Beyond the above you can create popups on exit that will even request from users to give you the reason why they exit your site without purchasing.

Give them a discount for doing so. This information is worth much more for you and can help you potentially decrease significantly the cart abandonment rate on your site.

Helpful Link: 40 Exit Popup Hacks That Will Grow Your Subscribers and Revenue

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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