Reviews of the 6 Best SEO Rank Tracking Tools (Free Trials)

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There is a number of important features you need to look for when you are on the search to find SEO rank tracking tools that track and monitor your search engine rankings but also provide important insights.

Any good SEO rank tracking tool should be able to:

  • Accurately find your positioning on search engines
  • Monitor the performance and show movements in ranking historically
  • Notify you when your website drops in ranking or gains new rankings
  • Schedule ranking tasks & email notifications
  • Provide Keyword Analysis as well as Competitor Analysis reports by site, by page and by keyword.
  • Show your search engine visibility and ranking distribution

Further to the above and as part of keyword analysis, the best SEO rank checking tools include keyword research features. What’s also equally important is functionality and usability. You need easy to understand analysis and easy-to-use tools and reporting systems.


I’ve checked all their features, including the ones mentioned above, in order to provide you with accurate information as to how they can help you in properly tracking your search engine rankings and positioning.

The SEO tracking tools I’ve tested are top rated SEO tools and used by some of the best brands globally. Some of these tools are used only for rank checking, while others include also other essential SEO optimization features. For the purpose of this research though I will only focus on the rank checking features they have.

Depending on your needs, local or global SEO rank tracking, level of competitor analysis, number of search engines you want to be monitoring or if you only care about Google rankings, simplicity in usage or price, my research and testing will help you make the right choice.

Best SEO Tools & Software

In case you are interested to check further than SEO rank checking features, I have created a special page with mini reviews on some of the best SEO tools. Best SEO Tools & Software 


1.Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is used by over 24,000 brands worldwide including some leading brands such as Amazon and Microsoft. Advanced Web Ranking has specifically been developed as an SEO Rank Tracking tool and is feature-rich with regard to rank tracking.

Advanced Web Ranking check overview of keyword positions                                   Advanced Web Ranking check overview of keyword positions

Keyword ranking check
Starting from the keyword ranking analysis, you get in an instant an overview of the positioning of your keywords on search engines.

You can also find the position and view a line graph indicating either an increase or decrease in ranking. Furthermore, you can view the keyword positioning with regard to SERP features: images, videos, reviews etc., as well as the volume of search based on Google Ad planner.

Clicking on a keyword, the keyword table expands to give you further information on the ranking and positioning progress of the selected keyword

Advanced Web Ranking Keyword analysis                                        Advanced Web Ranking Keyword analysis
You can view historically how the keyword performs and change between a line chart view and bar view chart.
A feature I really like and that is indeed very useful is that in case you have more than one page targeting a certain keyword then you can see in a graph the performance of each page with regard to that keyword.

Advanced Web Ranking pages performance comparison on the same keyword
Advanced Web Ranking pages performance comparison on the same keyword

This feature is extremely helpful for monitoring which pages perform the best so that you know which one to fine tune and further optimize or make changes accordingly in your SEO strategy.

The chart will also show you the ranking progress historically.

Competitive Intel (Competitors Analysis)When it comes to analyzing your competitors Advanced Web Ranking provides detailed information which is broken down into the following areas:

  • Market Share
  • Top sites in time
  • SERP Features
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • SERP Difficulty

Market Share is the percentage of your estimated visits from the total estimated visits that Top 20 keyword can generate.

Using this feature therefore it can help you understand what percentage of the market you capture and what this market share could potentially bring to your business (in terms of clicks). You can therefore analyze both the present and the future potential.

The market share analysis provides an overview but also a detailed analysis of your performance in rankings compared to your competitors.

Advanced Web Ranking market share analysis (Competitor analysis)
Advanced Web Ranking market share analysis (Competitor analysis)

Through a graph you can easily see the performance in ranks historically between your competitors and analyze even further compare your site to your competitors in terms of:

  • The number of pages that rank in the Top-20 positions (URLs report)
  • The number of keywords that rank in the Top-20 positions (Keywords report)
  • The estimated number of clicks received from organic search and the Top-20 positions (Click share report)
  • The estimated number of visits your website may receive in a month by being in the Top-20 positions (Estimated visits report)

Keyword difficulty analysis
I personally find the keyword difficulty analysis feature of Advanced Web Ranking as one of the best features among all SEO rank tracking tools. 

It provides easy to understand but at the same time detailed analysis on the how difficult is to achieve high rankings for every keyword.

Advanced Web Ranking keyword difficulty analysis

You can view the overall score of keyword difficulty which includes factors related to your content, keywords, domain and pages. This gives you a clear understanding of the effort required but also what needs improvement in order to beat the competition.

Every keyword is analyzed separately based on each factor and the table is color coded so that you can easily view everything based on the difficulty level. Clicking on every keyword you view a chart (line or bar graph type) on a keyword level.

Search Visibility
Advanced Web Ranking shows not only your search visibility in terms of search engines but also in terms of landing pages, websites or keyword groups. 

You can easily view every detail about your visibility on search engines broken down into various factors.

Advanced Web Ranking Search Engine Visibility analysis

The metrics presented are the following:

  • Visibility Score
  • Visibility Percentage
  • Average Rank
  • Market Share
  • Click Share
  • Estimated Visits
  • Estimated Daily Traffic
  • On First Page
  • Below First Page

Click on every metric you will get full details on the score based on your website’s ranking performance historically

Advanced Web Ranking pricing
The Starter plan is at $49 monthly and is for 2000 keywords updated weekly or 286 keywords updated daily. Get A FREE Advanced Web Ranking Trial

Is Advanced Web Ranking ideal for you?
If you are looking for an SEO Rank Tracking tool that fully focuses on rankings and you don’t need any other SEO features then Advanced Web Ranking is the one. 

It is really great when it comes to keyword research and you will use it a lot to find great insights about your visibility on search engines as well as about the visibility of your competitors.

If on the other hand you are looking for an all-in-one SEO tool that covers other SEO areas but you like the capabilities of Advanced Web Ranking with regard to SEO rank tracking, then you can combine

Helpful link: Advanced Web Ranking website


2.SEMrush Position Tracking

Overall as an SEO tool SEMrush is among the top 3 if not the best one. Although for a newbie it could take some time to understand how to use all of its features, in terms of rank tracking is not only easy but it provides great insights too.

SEMrush Position Tracking
SEMrush Position Tracking

The “Position Tracking” Landscape report provides an overview of all the important statistics you need to know. In a matter of seconds you can view:

  • Your visibility on search engines
  • Your average position
  • The estimated traffic that you get from the search engines
  • The Top-3, Top-10, Top-20, Top-100 keywords
  • The number of keywords that have improved or decline and,
  • Your ranking positioning in terms of distribution in a graph format

Furthermore, it provides full information on each and every keyword and how it ranks on search engines as well information on every page of your website including its positioning.

Competition Map
With regard to your competitors it SEMrush provides you with a graph (Competition Map) with their positioning on the keywords that you also rank for.

SEMrush Competition Map
SEMrush Competition Map

It will also suggest competitors that could be added in your monitoring list. You will also see a list of their keywords and the change in their rankings.

Visibility trend and insights
When it comes now to analysis by keyword or by page SEMrush provides some amazing insights that help you really understand everything about the progress your ranking progress.

SEMrush Visibility Trend line chart

SEMrush Visibility Trend line chart

You can view line charts and graphs that show historically the visibility trend for each keyword, the estimated traffic and the average position. You can add notes, filter and add various elements of data on these graphs. 

This is a feature that you will truly love if you are someone that is looking for deep analysis by your SEO rank tracking tool.

Email Alerts
When your rankings on search engines changes by 5 positions SEMrush will automatically email you. This is the default trigger setting which you can change as per your own needs.

SEMrush Email Alerts
SEMrush Email Alerts

As you can see in the example above one of my recent posts has gained visibility and the focus keyword associated with it has improved its position by 20 ranks. The same day I receive from SEMrush an email alert about this.

You can also view all your alerts from the dashboard and edit all the triggers. For example, you can set the notification when your ranking changes by 10 positions instead of 5 which is the default.

SEMrush Alerts - Editing Triggers
SEMrush Alerts – Editing Triggers

Editing the Triggers provides you actually with various options as you can see in the image above. You can add new triggers based on other criteria and not only based on changes in the rankings.

You can also set an alert when a web page:

  • Enters the top number in the results (top 10 for example)
  • Gains more than a certain number of positions
  • Loses more than a certain number of positions

SEMrush Pricing
SEMrush starts at $119.95 per month for 500 keywords (Pro plan) which includes the complete SEO toolkit and not just the Position Tracking tool. Try it out with a 14 day Free trial or View more details on plans and pricing.

Is SEMrush Position Tracking ideal for you?
SEMrush position tracking has many features and is for those that like to get into in-depth analysis. If you are someone that simply wants to see where you site and pages rank on Google probably is not for you.

If you want though the most in-depth analysis of your ranking globally or for multiple locations across the world and across all devices or even analysis to a city level then SEMrush has everything you need.

Anyone who is looking for complete SEO monitoring features that provide information also of what affects a website’s ranking, then will find SEMrush Position Tracking an extremely SEO rank tracking tool.

Helpful Link: Visit the SEMrush Website

3.Mangools SERPWatcher

Let’s move from a high analytical to a very simple SEO rank tracking tool. Mangools SERPWatcher is probably one of the most simple ones. Mangools consists of five different tools and SERPWatcher is one of them. It tracks your ranking on Google.

Mangools SERPWatcher Dashboard
Mangools SERPWatcher Dashboard

Once you add your keywords you get in a matter of a few minutes on your dashboard a complete overview that includes:

  • Keyword ranking
  • Change in ranking
  • Average positiong during a timeframe
  • Best ranking the keyword ever had
  • Search Volume
  • Estimated visits per month (based on rank)
Mangools keyword ranking analysis

What I like about Mangools is that everything is visible on the dashboard and every in-depth report is only a click away. 

For example by click on one of the keywords you added you can see full information about its ranking as well as the search volume and the trend over time.

Top gainers / Top losers
Find instantly the keywords that have increased their ranking the most but also those that have lost their ranking.

Find instantly the keywords that have increased their ranking the most but also those that have lost their ranking.
Mangools SERPWatcher Top gainers and Top losers

You can also view how each ranking has affected your overall performance on Google based on the Performance Index, a metric developed by Mangools (check more on this below).

Performance Index (PI)
The Performance Index (PI) was developed by Mangools and as per Mangools “is an aggregate metric that represents your ranking performance in Google Search results based on actual positions of your website and search volumes (used as weights) of the keywords tracked in SERPWatcher“.

The Performance Index is calculated based on the ranking of each of your keywords as well as the search volume of each, it gives you a clear indication of well you are performing overall on Google.
Mangools SEPPWatcher Performance Index (PI)

Because the Performance Index is calculated based on the ranking of each of your keywords as well as the search volume of each, it gives you a clear indication of well you are performing overall on Google.

In my opinion and because what matters at the end of the day is whether you drive quality traffic to your site and not how much traffic you drive rom the search engines, the Performance Index can be very helpful mainly with the monitoring of keywords of high search volume.

Keyword Distribution
See in a graph your keyword distribution and easily find out how many keywords you have in each category (top 10, 20-30 etc)

See in a graph your keyword distribution and easily find out how many keywords you have in each category (top 10, 20-30 etc)
Mangools SERPWatcher Keyword distribution

Find out the percentage for each category to easily understand your overall ranking performance as well as see historically the progress.

Reports and Alerts
You can easily create regular or custom reports and alerts by clicking in the top right areas of your dashboard.

Easily create regular or custom reports and alerts

You can either choose to view weekly or monthly reports or to create custom reports as events based on keywords that enter or leave the top 10 and top 100 positions.

Mangools SERPWatch Pricing
Mangools, the complete toolkit , which includes also SERPWatch starts at $49 per month. Paying in advance for the year will save you 40%. Get a Mangools free trial

Is Mangools SERPWatch ideal for you?
First of all have in mind that Mangools SERPWatch only works with Google. Therefore if you want to know how you rank on Bing or Yahoo or other local search engines obviously this tool is not for you.

If you want a simple and fast way to monitor your rankings on Google then Mangools SERPWatcher is ideal for this purpose.

 Also in case you do SEO by your self, you are a small business or an online entrepreneur and you don’t have time in analyzing competitors and creating in-depth reports, again SERPWatch might the ideal tool for you.

Have in mind that the Mangools toolkit (not just SEPRWatch) is used by some very big brands such as Adidas, AirBnB, Alexa and Deloitte. Therefore as an SEO Tool overall could be used also for advanced search engine optimization.

Helpful Link: Visit the Mangools SERPWatcher webite 

4.WebCEO Rank Tracking

WebCEO is one of the oldest SEO tools in the market (since 2000). It provide 21+ Pro marketing tools, has 80+ in-depth SEO reports and there are more than 1.3 million businesses around the world that rely on WebCEO.

Its SEO Rank Tracking tool provides reliable results and detailed ranking information to a city or state level (if you are in US).

The WebCEO Rank Tracking dashboard

The WebCEO Rank Tracking dashboard


The dashboard of WebCEO is really impressive and gives you at a glance all the information required in order to know within a minute your overall positioning and ranking on search engines.

It includes the following:

  • Average rank positioning
  • Average ranking position trend
  • Ranking distribution by search engine
  • Ranking distribution in terms of organic results
  • Top 5 keywords by rankings
  • Positions compared with previous scans
  • Top 5 moved up keywords
  • Top 5 losing keywords
  • Average ranking position with competitors
  • Top 5 dangerous competitors

From all the tools I have used and tested WebCEO is probably the one that provides so much details in one page.

WebCEO dashboard is probably the best dashboard among all SEO rank tracking tools

WebCEO dashboard is probably the best dashboard among all SEO rank tracking tools


It is worth noting that WebCEO tracks the rank of your website not only on Google but also on other search engines including Bing, Yahoo,, 

It also checks your ranking on YouTube. If you are someone publishing content in the form of videos on YouTube then WebCEO will be of great help.

Details analysis by keyword and page
Directly from the dashboard and in one click you can get a detailed analysis of the ranking of each keyword as well as of each page.

Along with information about the page your keywords rank for and at what exact rank, you will also get information on the search volume globally and locally as well as graph (line chart) where you can see how your ranking changes historically.

Directly from the dashboard and in one click you can get a detailed analysis of the ranking of each keyword as well as of each page.
Detailed keyword analysis by WebCEO

You can also view your position gains or losses. Gains are marked in green color and losses in red. The same applies when you choose to view rankings by page. You can view each page separately and see for which keywords that page ranks for.

There is also an option to directly view the search engine result pages (SERP’s) directly from WebCEO and without visiting the search engine page. 

This solves a problem which we all have truth is. Even though we can see our position we still want to visit the search engine to see how it looks there or who else ranks on the same page.

WebCEO solves this problem by showing you the search engine’s cache page with your listing directly from inside WebCEO. You also have the ability by clicking on the line chart to view an expanded and detailed historical chart with the changes of your selected keyword on the search engines.

Keyword ranking history analysis on WebCEO
Keyword ranking history analysis on WebCEO

Using the ranking history chart you can view your progress in terms of positioning and also compare that between the different search engines. Using the “Filter” you can select only the data you want or the search engine that you want.

Historical Data & Historical Charts
A great feature of WebCEO is the historical data table which shows your ranking progress between ranking checks.

WebCEO Historical Data table
WebCEO Historical Data table

It provides both an overview but also an analytical tool which can help you track your ranking historically and make the necessary changes to your SEO strategy. Data is shown by search engine and you can also filter the results by country.

You can view the specific details of the ranking of a specific date that you performed a ranking check or search to find a keyword from the top search area to view historical data rankings only for a keyword.

Unlike Historical data that provide information on your ranking progress in a table format, historical charts provide information in a line chart format.

You can view:

  • The average listing position
  • A ranking summary
Unlike Historical data that provide information on your ranking progress in a table format, historical charts provide information in a line chart format.
WebCEO ranking summary

These reports help you easily track and monitor your overall progress in the search engines as well as view your Top 1, Top 5, Top 10 and Top 30 positions.

Rank Tracking Alerts
Easily creating email alerts to be notified in your inbox about any ranking issues in organic results and about SERP features.

WebCEO Alert editor. Easily create email rank tracking alerts
WebCEO Alert editor. Easily create email rank tracking alerts

Using the Alert Editor of WebCEO you can easily create email alerts to get notifications whenever:

  • A Keyword left the top
  • A Keyword lost more than a specific number of positions
  • Average listing position of a project lost more than a specific number of positions
  • Competitor position improve by more than a specific number of positions

You will set the number of your choice for every of the above cases.

Finally a feature that you might find also very helpful is that you can analyze your competitors ranking too and even see details about their ranking by keyword and by search engine.

WebCEO pricing
WebCEO starts from $39 monthly (Solo plan) for 50 keywords. This includes not only the rank tracking tool of course but the complete SEO toolkit that consists of 21 pro-level SEO software tools. View WebCEO plans & Start with a FREE Trial

You can save 3 months of fees by paying in advance for the year.

Is WebCEO Rank Tracking ideal for you?
With the WebCEO Rank Tracking tool you can have access to most functionalities in one to two clicks. It is a tool that can be used both by newbies and advanced users too.

It is ideal for those that are interested not only to track global rank rankings but also local SEO rank tracking. 

It also includes all three main search engines as well as some that are not so well-known anymore but can still bring traffic to your site.

Let’s not forget also that you can track your ranking also on YouTube, something that makes it idea for those that create video content to drive traffic to their site or engage potential clients through video.

Helful link: Visit the WebCEO Rank Tracking tool website

5.Cocolyze Rank Tracker

The Cocolyze Rank Tracker has all the basic tools you need to properly monitor and track your ranking on search engines as well as analyze your competitors too.

If you want an easy-to-use tool or you are new in SEO then the Cocolyze Rank Tracker could be the ideal tool for you. I find it one of the easiest SEO Rank Tracking tools but also one of the easiest to use SEO tools overall.

Cocolyze Ranks Overview
Cocolyze Ranks Overview

Cocolyze Rank Tracker analyzes your keywords and instantly provides website rankings from all around the world. You can choose from 45,000 locations across the world in more than 65 languages.

The Dashboard provides an overview of you ranks, a line chart with changes in your positioning historically and further below the rankings per keyword.

Cocolyze Rank per keyword

Here is a list of the main features included with the Cocolyze Rank Tracker:

  • View daily keyword ranking updates
  • Choose from 45,000 locations across the world in more than 65 languages
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Competitor rank tracking
  • Full rank history
  • Complete SERP analysis (100 results)
  • CPC, search volume, potential traffic value
  • Keyword analysis by theme and search engine
  • Daily and weekly alerts

Page and Visibility Analysis
A feature I personally like on Cocolyze is that you can view the SEO score of you page and immediately analyze what needs improvement to increase the ranking of the page.

Therefore, it helps you not only see where you rank but what is missing from ranking higher.

Cocolyze page analysis and page SEO Score

The Page Analysis tools is directly connected with the rank tracking tool so that you can easily analyze and find out the reason why your pages might not be ranking as high as you want them.

This tool can also be used when analyzing competitors. You can find all the important information needed to understand the score of their pages and why they might ranking higher than you.

A detailed analysis of the page is given based on the following factors:

  • Can your page be accessed by search engines? (Exploration)
  • Can your page be indexed in search engines results? (Indexation)
  • Can your page be easily ranked in search results? (Semantic)
  • Is your page fast enough? (Accessibility)

Further to the above, Cocolyze Rank Tracker doesn’t only provide you with the score for each factor but gives you details and helps you understand what you need to do, what actions to take to improve your ranking.

Cocolyze page analysis in detail

For example and as you can see in the image above, if one of your pages is very large and doesn’t load fast (which is an SEO ranking factor), Cocolyze will provide this information but also provide you with information as to which exact file is adding to the weight of this page.

You will also find even further analysis and explanation on what you need to do to improve the ranking of the specific page. 

As part of the page analysis you will also find the visibility analysis graph and report that show you if your page is ranked.

Cocolyze visibility analysis

The visibility analysis shows the page overall visibility and average rank on search engines with relation to the keywords that the page is ranked for. 

You can also see a table of the keywords and analyze further each. The graph provides an analysis of the ranking changes over time.

Competitors Analysis
Using Cocolyzer Rank Tracker you can find a lot of information about your competitors and understand why they rank higher than you.

You can view charts and maps that help you make comparisons as well as a full information on the SEO factors that matter with regard to your competition.

Cocolyze competition on tracked keywords and competitors mapping

The competitors analysis continues with a full analysis by keyword between you and your competitors. This is a table that shows your rank as well as your competitors rank on each of your keywords.

Cocolyze keyword rank comparisons table

In addition to the above Cocolyze includes a comprehensive analysis report that compares your website with each of your competitors.

This analysis can be extremely helpful to see exactly what you need to improve with comparison to your main competitors.

Your website vs Your competitor side by side comparison

The side-by-side comparison provides a clear picture as to where you stand compared to your competitors and what you need to improve.

The dynamic graphs are very helpful in analyzing further the ranking competition with each competitor as well as the range of ranks.

Alerts Timeline
Cocolyze Rank Tracker has an alerts system which you can use to view on a time line all updates with regards to changes in your rankings as well as your competitors rankings.

You can setup more than 20 different different alerts including changes in the title or in the description of a page. This could be of great help when analyzing competitors.

Cocolyze Rank Tracker pricing
Cocolyze price starts from €41.41 euros per month (Essential plan). Ideally though to use all the features as described above you will need the Pro plan that includes the competitors analysis. The Pro plan is at €98.34 euros per month.

You can configure each plan according to your needs. The above prices is for using the complete Cocolyze SEO Toolkit that include more than rank tracking. Get a Free Cocolyze Trial – No credit card required

Is Cocolyze Rank Tracker ideal for you?
If you are new in SEO but you want a simple rank tracking tool with advanced functionalities that you can use easily, then Cocolyze might be the perfect choice for you.

If you have moderate to advance skills in SEO and competitive analysis of rankings and keywords is part of your daily SEO work, then Cocolyze is a tool that you should definitely check further.

Helpful Link: Visit the Cocolyze Rank Tracker website

6.SE Ranking

SE Ranking provides real-time ranking positions across all major search engines. You can find your ranking on a country, region or city level.

Check Google/Yahoo/Bing/YouTube rankings for all locations and devices.

The Rankings dashboard of SE Ranking
The Rankings dashboard of SE Ranking

The dashboard provides quick access to all the important information on with regard to your ranking performance.

Here’s what you can do or view on the dashboard:

  • See the percentage of keywords in Top 1, Top 3, Top 5, Top 10, Top 30 positions but also the percentage of those outside of top 200 ranks
  • Filter results and reports based on top position or customize according to your needs
  • See the average position on search engines
  • View the traffic forecast which a metric that shows the potential volume of traffic that keywords can attract to a website
  • View your website’s search visibility
  • View what SERP features (maps, images, reviews, etc) yoru website is displayed for on Google search engine results

Keyword Rank analysis
Same with the other SEO rank tracking tools you can view the list of keywords ranking with their search volume.

Keywords ranking on SE Ranking
Keywords ranking on SE Ranking

What I like though about SE Ranking is that you can directly see from the dashboard keyword rankings table for what SERP features your keywords rank for. You can see the progress between the ranking checks performed and add tags, comment or view the competition for each keyword.

By clicking on every keyword in the list the table area expand and you get full details on the positioning in the search engines of that keyword.

Keyword details graph on SE Ranking
Keyword details graph on SE Ranking

The graph has dynamic elements and you can analyze historically the progress and view details based on the last 7 days, 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.

Competitors Analysis
The competitors analysis on SE Ranking has 3 basic types of reporting:

  • An overall comparison between competitors (you can add up to 5)
  • Competitors analysis based on SEPRS (search engine pages results)
  • The Visibility rating of your competitors compared to your site.

As per SE Ranking “Search visibility is the share of impressions a website gets in a given search engine for a given search query. Putting it in other words, website search engine visibility shows the percentage of users who will see the site upon entering a particular search query into the search box“.

SE Ranking top ranks competitors analysis                                       SE Ranking top ranks competitors analysis

SE Ranking competitors analysis gives you a clear picture who ranks at the Top 10, Top 20, Top 30, Top 50 or Top 100 and provides further information on the Alexa rank as well as their backlinks.

                                              Visibility analysis rating on SE Ranking

The visibility analysis provides an excellent comparison of the visibility of your website to the search engines compared to your competitors. You can even analyze historically in graph format the progress of competitors with regards to backlinks.

The visibility rating analysis can be viewed for the last week or the last 2 weeks.

SE Ranking pricing
Pricing with SE ranking depends on the ranking frequency checks. There three (3) options: Checking your rankings daily, every three days or weekly.

The Optimum plan (250 keywords) is the starting plan for €13.8 per month in case you check your rankings weekly. For check every three days the price is €18.4 per month. For daily ranking checks the price is €23 per month. View the  SE Ranking pricing and plans page for more information and a Free Trial. 

Is SE Ranking ideal for you?
SE Ranking has a great dashboard system which allows you very quickly to know everything with regard to your rankings on search engines.

If therefore you are someone that wants quick information and every some analysis without spending too much time SE Ranking is ideal for you. If you want on the other hand to go into in-depth analysis with regard to your competitors you might find the competitors analysis quite basic.

Overall though as an SEO tool and not only with regards to rank tracking, SE Ranking has some impressive SEO features which you should check out in my opinion.

Helpful link: SE Ranking website

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