Website Optimization in 2021 with Plerdy (CEO Interview)

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Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Plerdyopen link in new tab is a conversion optimization and website optimization tool that helps you track, analyze and convert your site visitors to buyers.

With Plerdy you can really understand user-behavior on your site or online store, and make those necessary adjustments that could help you properly optimize your website and increase your conversion rate.

The tool was build by a team of professionals that are both certified in Google Analytics as well as in Google AdWords (Google AdWords Experts)

Therefore, they truly understand online marketing channels and how to analyze user-behavior online.

Andriy Chornyy-Plerdy CEO

To find out more about Plerdy and how it can help your business website or Ecommerce store improve conversions, I reached out to Andriy Chornyy the CEO of Plerdy.

1. Expectations & First Results

If a business installs Plerdy on their website today, what should they expect to find out about their website and how long after the installation?

The data about customer clicks will be collected automatically and clustered by devices, traffic channels, and elements immediately after installing the script on your website. You don’t need to do anything else to start receiving heatmap reports 

In addition , you don’t need to set up anything for Plerdyopen link in new tab to start checking and finding SEO errors on your website.. Plerdy will automatically check the pages (where the users have made at least 1 click) and report any errors or warnings.

Plerdy Heatmap page
The picture shows a Plerdy heatmap page. This is how the data will look like in your account after you set the tracking code.

In order to have  a holistic picture, study users’ behavior, and understand why the conversion is so low you need to state page types / particular pages / elements and then Plerdy will begin recording videos of user sessions, building conversion funnel reports and tracking certain actions made by users.

Sales Performance is the only tool that requires extra setup. But really, it’s just one additional script the user installs which makes further transaction reports possible.

You will be able to watch the results on each tool in a few minutes. Everything will depend on the amount of coming traffic to your site.

2. Features & How the tool is utilized

Which features make Plerdy unique and compared to other conversion rate optimization tools?  I know you have some very big clients and brands that are using Plerdy and from various industries. Which features do they mostly use? and can the same features be used by small companies too? 

In general, Plerdyopen link in new tab has more than 40 different unique features that are not provided by competitors. Because data reliability and it’s precision serves as the basis for every product development strategy behind Plerdy, data reliability reaches the 99% mark.

If talking about using Plerdy in big companies, first of all, they use heatmaps and SEO-Checker as these are the first features that can reveal some problems. 

Small companies can similarly use the whole tool set available in Plerdy. If you care about your clients and strive to understand their needs, improve user experience, and boost your conversions – it’s worth using all the tools.

Plerdy distribution of clicks
The picture shows the distribution of clicks on certain elements. This is how the data will look like if you go to a specific page and turn on the “Heatmap” report in the control panel.

Here are some advantages of each tool for a better understanding of why is it worth using Plerdy:

  • Heatmap Tools give you an understanding of where the user clicks and which elements are ignored. A wide range of segmentation options allows you to target analysis on any visitor group, types of interaction, period etc. The level of precision Plerdy provides can be appreciated by viewing clicks on dynamic elements.
  • Forms & Feedbacks allow segmenting and customizing information for a certain audience.
  • SEO-Checker allows keeping SEO settings in compliance with Search Engine requirements. A website is analyzed on a daily basis without additional load on the server.
  • Session Recordings are used to check your ideas and structure your website properly.
  • Tracking Goals and Events allows you to see how your website is performing in terms of sales funnels and conversions.
  • Conversion Funnels help you identify whether users find any stage of your sales funnel difficult. You can further analyze why they might be “dropping off”  This helps you make the appropriate fine tuning to boost conversions.
  • Sales Performance allows clearly understanding the value of elements/pages on the website. Also, it allows understanding which traffic channel is the most/least profitable.    

3. Types of businesses using Plerdy

For what types of businesses and websites would you say Plerdy is ideal for?

Our platform is suitable for online stores, corporate websites, landing pages, CRM, etc. If people use this, you ought to use Plerdyopen link in new tab for analyzing User Experience (UX) and for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Of course, the platform will work differently for each type of business and will help in different directions. Now I’m talking not about the functionality but about the issues that the platform can solve. 

If speaking about a large business with 200,000 of visitors per month, here Plerdy will be handy for the following:

  • Understanding what elements hinder the customer to complete a purchase
  • Finding the reasons for low conversion
  • Finding the main traffic channels that allow earning the most/least profit 
  • Understanding on which stage the users run away from the website
  • Understanding which website elements are the best for boosting conversion 
  • Improving the website SEO quality
  • and more..

If speaking about small businesses, Plerdyopen link in new tab will help you to deal with the following issues: 

  • What users like and what should be improved
  • What difficulties occur when the user views the Web resource
  • What marketing activities are good/bad 
  • Analyze the changes in the design
  • Check the appropriateness and accuracy of SEO settings according to the rules of search engines. 
  • and more..

To conclude, for experienced projects Plerdy provides many ideas for improving the situation, and for small projects/beginners it gives an understanding who is the most loyal customer, how they feel when getting acquainted with the brand, and what changes they need for the final decision).

If you want to have a look at more conversion rate optimization tools that can help you with the optimization of your website, I have created a comprehensive list with mini reviews of the best conversion rate optimization toolsOpen link in new tab

4. Examples & Case Studies

Are there any examples (case studies) of clients you can mention that have used Plerdy and achieved significant increase in website conversions?

Every day our customers analyze their websites and make some changes. They may seem slight but finally, they improve their performance. 

Recently we have received a message from a customer. He wrote that he had installed the script and run the pop-ups the day before. The next day his conversion increased by 20% and the cost of the monthly rate was returned less than in a day.

We were glad to hear this as our customers use our platform, enjoy it, and increase their profit. We regularly publish new cases with customer performance on our website. This shows how our platform can help. 

5. Plerdy Tools & Ecommerce websites

The last couple of years we have seen a significant increase in the number of new e-commerce sites and online entrepreneurs starting an e-commerce business. Platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, WooCommerce make it easy for people to start an ecommerce business today. Can you integrate Plerdy with these platforms and how can Plerdy help e-commerce businesses?

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a platform or content management system (CMS). If you or anyone on your team can edit page code – you are our customer.

We have detailed instructions for different platforms and CMS that simplify the script installation so anyone can install the Plerdyopen link in new tab script on their website.

Here is the list of main advantages of every tool for e-commerce but also for other types of business websites:

Advantages of Heatmap Tools

  • Heatmaps analyze user behavior on the website using these reports: Heatmap, Scroll map, Scroll Depth, Staying a mouse, Text selection, Cursor hover, Sequence of clicks;
  • View all the data on the “live” website, not on the screenshot online. 
  • Analyze user clicks and actions based on dynamic elements.
  • When running the resource’s responsive version, the data is displayed according to the clicks made.
  • Ability to analyze and segment clicks from one or more traffic sources or different devices.
Plerdy Mouseover Tool
Plerdy Mouseover is a tool that allows you to analyze the scroll depth, taking into account the cursor location on a certain part of the page. This is how the data will look like if you go to a specific page and turn on the “Staying a mouse” report in the control panel.

Advantages of SEO-Checker:

  • In SEO-Checker, the data is displayed in the before/after mode, this allows you to record changes on the web page.
  • SEO Checker does not overload the service, as it collects data automatically from the pages with traffic.
  • SEO Checker in the “mobile-first index” section shows SEO settings for mobile and PC separately. 
  • After fixing SEO errors, you can immediately check whether everything operates properly. 
  • Ability to enable Google Search Console API to analyze keywords.

Advantages of recording user sessions:

  • Analysis of records for a specific type of traffic and device. 
  • Sharing of videos with other people. 
  • Segmenting and sorting videos by a large amount of data. 
  • Viewing individual videos and videos grouped by sessions of a specific user. 

The benefits of tracking goals and events: 

  • The setup takes up to 30 seconds.
  • You don’t need to be a programmer to set up tracking.
  • Sending of events to Google Analytics
  • You can track not only clicks on a single element but also on the entire block of elements or part of the page.
  • You can analyze data that has been recorded since the Plerdy tracking code was installed.
Plerdy Conversion funnel report
This is how the Conversion Funnel report looks like. To analyze the chosen conversion funnel in detail, select the period, type of conversion funnel, type of traffic, or device. After selecting the necessary filters, the report will automatically change according to the settings.

Advantages of the conversion funnel:

  • Ability to track the actual number of users who have been configured by the conversion funnel
  • Ability to view the number of users in the sales funnel by a specific type of traffic/device. 
  • View sales funnel data immediately after setting it up for the previous period. 
  • Any new goal or event tracks back to the date you added Plerdy script on your site.

Advantages of sales performance: 

  • Collect and analyze purchase and transaction data
  • Allows you to track type of traffic, devices and see which bring you revenue
  • Shows the elements of the online store that were clicked by a client before the transaction.

I’d like to underline that the user should not expect that the conversion rate of his/her website will increase immediately after installing Plerdyopen link in new tab if no analysis is done. To succeed, you must use available tools to analyze all aspects of your website and use provided data to improve your website. 

6. Learning Curve

In many cases there is a learning curve in order to start using a new software or tool. How long does it take for someone to start using Plerdy? How easy it is to implement it and what kind of resources do you provide to help users?

To be honest, our platform has a lot of datasheets. To use  them properly, especially, if you are a large business, it’s better to consult with a Marketing, SEO, UX designer or Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) specialist that has the right skillset to conduct in-depth analysis of your website and provide a clear strategy to increase conversions. 

You can analyze and view collected data yourself, just read the detailed instructions for each tool in your admin panel. This will allow you to quickly learn about the functionality and reports you receive every day.

Plerdy-Capabilities of each tool
On each page in the account, you can read more about the capabilities of each tool and the rules of its setup in our instructions. This is how the instruction “How to use” looks like.

Besides, we have experts that help you master each tool and even explain some results. So you will not be left alone with the tables and diagrams!

E.g., this month we have reduced the integration steps to 3 after a customer approached us with an API Google Search Console connection problem. Our customers always stimulate us to improve so we enjoy every request to our customer support 🙂

7. How to use Heatmaps & Why the Plerdy Heatmap

How can a business use the Plerdy Heatmap tool to increase conversions? and why choose Plerdy and not another website heatmap tool?

First of all, I’d like to emphasize that all heatmaps are useless without thorough analysis. 

A heatmap is a very powerful tool for online business as it contains so-called “feedback of visitors” about your website.

Every click made on the page can mean either that the visitor likes your website – or that he/she doesn’t. Clicks are used for providing information that is worth using. Heatmaps give you an idea about website issues that affect the number of transactions or conversion as a whole.

As a general rule though,  it is not enough to study heatmaps only. You need to analyze everything in a holistic way. E.g.: 

  • User behavior represented by clicks and recorded video sessions;
  • Stimulating users to make a purchase with interesting customized offers through pop-ups;
  • Analyze whether your website is visited by the proper audience from search engines and whether the marketing strategy and SEO settings correspond to the latest trends;
  • Track certain actions of the visitors that are important for you;
  • Understand what element is the most efficient one, its price and how does it affect the sales;
  • Which stage of the conversion path fails and why;
  • Etc. 

Truth and proper decisions are born of complex analysis only.

As for competitors, there are a lot of them in the heatmaps market. Before choosing any heatmap, pay attention to the quality of data it collects.

Check whether it analyzes user interaction with dynamic elements, whether the click is matched to the elements or whether all data are shown on one screenshot. Also, it is important to separate the required data on the heatmap (e.g., by diagram type or device) as the user behavior may differ.

The Plerdy platformopen link in new tab has all these unique properties. Still, with all the unique features above, Plerdy manages to stay competitive in terms of pricing, saving you at least 25%.

For example, here’s a fresh comparison of pricing with the well known website heatmap tool, Hotjar:

Plerdy compared to Hotjar

8. Session Recording & Spotting problems quickly

We know that website session recordings are very effective in order to improve your website. On the other hand it takes time to analyze every recording. Is there a way that Plerdy can help you quickly spot problems by using its website session recordings feature?

Video session recording is one of the  most important marketing tools. By watching the videos, you will understand user behavior on your website and see if the website works (or not) the way you want it for your target audience.

From my own experience, I can say that due to such videos our customers realized that many visitors had not been able to complete the purchase because the “Order” button was not working properly.

The testers failed to track this error but the video helped to find it and fix it. Here’s my tip, If you watch all the videos – you will waste time. 

Plerdy - Recording Sessions
Eliminate guesswork with Recordings of real visitor behavior on your site. By seeing your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements you can identify usability issues on the fly and issues they encounter.

Before you start, try to answer the following questions:

  1. What do you expect to see in the video?
  2. What page do you want to analyze? Will the user behavior analysis be based on this page only or on the whole customer’s path that includes this page?
  3. What period do you need (month, day, week, etc.)?
  4. What type of users you’d like to attract on your website (e.g. traffic channel)?
  5. What videos do you need? Short (up to 30 s) or long (up to 30 min)? The shorter the session is, the more errors and problems can be detected. 
  6. Video sessions from which devices do you need?
  7. Do you need videos where the user did nothing or vice versa?

Luckily, Plerdyopen link in new tab has a lot of filters that help you focus your efforts and save time.

Moreover, each session has insights on the amount of actions made by the user during his/her session allowing you to further squeeze the most important sessions out of your list. Important videos can be marked as favorites and sent to your specialist (manager).

9. Advice for Small Businesses

Most Small businesses, if not all, have a website, but not all have a website optimization tool such as Plerdy installed on their website. Do you see this changing in the future and do you expect that small business owners will start realizing soon the potential such tools have on helping them make more sales and generating more leads? Do you see an increase from your side on small business showing more interest in Plerdy and generally on website optimization tools?

As more competitors appeared in the sphere of online business, I’ve noticed that small business owners became interested in obtaining more data about their consumers. This trend has become popular rather quickly.

I think, by mid-2021 the number of small businesses using such tools will double. Those who want to develop their business and become a leader cannot succeed without the feedback of their online audience.

In other words, with Plerdyopen link in new tab you can “hear” what your visitors are “telling” you and improve accordingly.

10. Plerdy Support

What kind of support do you provide (online chat, email etc) and what is your average response rate?   

We are always ready to help and support our clients. The quickest way to reach our support is by opening a ticket in your admin panel. Of course, you can go the old way and email us at:

Currently, our support team works during business hours only but this can improve with continued grows of accounts from different time zones.

I’d like to stress at this point that we are also open to ideas. There were many cases where users suggested new features that we delivered in the following sprints.

After all, Plerdyopen link in new tab is created for businesses that want to grow, we love creating features that can ease your life and benefit your business.

11. Plerdy Free Trial

Do you offer any Free trials or money back guarantee for your different plans? Tell us a bit about your plans and which one is the ideal one for a small business?

Sure! Plerdy will always be free. If you have a landing page, you don’t need any other service plans. The free version contains all tools for analyzing it.

Paid plans allow you to analyze websites with larger traffic. Plus, higher-tier plans have some extra features, for example, the ability to load all clicks on one page. This is useful when analyzing repetitive website elements.

I cannot recommend a certain service plan without seeing the website and its performance. The rate should be chosen on the current traffic as it is important to study not just a small part of the user behavior but all users that have visited the website at least once in a while.

Check out more details by visiting our Service Plan Pageopen link in new tab 

Our refund policy allows you to apply for a refund at any point and return the money for the time left in your subscription.

We do have a free 14-day trial, so your readers can leverage it to get the first results and start improving their website today! Signup for a Plerdy Free Trialopen link in new tab.

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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