MonsterInsights: Is it the Best Google Analytics Plugin?

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When it comes to WordPress plugins for Google Analytics with features that can help you make decisions fast about your website look no further than MonsterInsights.

With 2,000,000+ active installations and a rating of 4.5/5, MonsterInsights is probably the most popular Google Analytics WordPress plugin.

Companies using MonsterInsights include of Microsoft, Bloomberg, Subway, Yelp, PlayStation, FedEx and thousands of small companies and bloggers.

MonsterInsights is part of a family of digital marketing products that have been developed to help website owners increase website conversions. That’s actually the main reason why you want to be checking your website analytics. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.

You want to know what works and what not, so that you make improvements and increase website conversions.

Whether you are looking at how long people have stayed on your website, from which areas or parts of the world are visiting your site or if you have more visits this month compared to last month, is all irrelevant if your website doesn’t convert.

Make sure therefore that your WordPress analytics tool can provide you with important information that will help you understand what needs improvement to make those visitors filled out the “contact us form”, subscribe to your mailing list or buy your products.

MonsterInsights turns Google Analytics into an even more powerful tool without any coding while at the same time it provides you with a dashboard inside WordPress that helps you find information fast.

Here’s a brief video overview (1:38m)

Click to visit the MonsterInsights Website

5 reason why choose MonsterInsights WordPress plugin

Reason 1: Easy Installation

It doesn’t take more than 3 steps to install the plugin:

  1. Download it from your MonsterInsights account
  2. Upload on your WordPress website
  3. Enter the License Key provided.

Before installing MonsterInsights, make sure that you remove any other Google Analytics plugins you may have previously installed.

As a final step so that you get started, click on Insights » Settings in your WordPress dashboard menu.

Now click the Authenticate with your Google account button to start the process.

Then in a matter of seconds you will connect MonsterInsights with your Google Analytics account. Do note though that it takes 24 hours to start seeing the data on your MonsterInsights dashboard.

Reason 2: User Engagement Tracking

One of the ways to check whether you are engaging users on your WordPress website and find whether they find your content interesting, is to be able to track scrolling.

Scroll tracking and reporting is available to all MonsterInsights Plus customers.

It is enabled automatically and you can find the report at the bottom of the MonsterInsights Publishers Report. In a second you can view the average scroll depth of every page.

You also have the option to view this report in Google Analytics in the Behavior area under Events. In this area you can analyze even further and find important information about your web pages.

Reason 3: Forms Tracking

Usually, a conversion happens when the user takes action which relates to a step closer to sales or to sales directly. When a user for example fills out a form on your website it’s a type of conversion.

It could be a contact form on your contact us page, a form to download a file, to subscribe for your mailing list, to get more information about a specific promotion and more.

Knowing which forms convert and gathering important data about your forms is therefore crucial to increase conversions.

Having access to such information with Google Analytics requires the help of a developer and coding work. With MonsterInsights it simply requires enabling the forms add-on function.

You can also go to your Google Analytics account and view the conversion reports on your forms as well as other data.

Reason 4: Easy access to important Data

As you may have realized already you don’t really need to leave from your WordPress dashboard and go to Google Analytics to view important data about your website.

You can even sync MonsterInsights with Google Search Console so that you check how you perform on the Google search engine and find the keywords that you rank for.

If you have a WordPress blog website then you can easily check which authors bring most of your traffic, which posts are the most popular and even which categories have the longest sessions.

  • Find how much time people stay on your pages,
  • What is the bounce rate of each page (that is the rate of exits from your site after a user visited one page or post only),
  • The entrances to that page directly,
  • The number of exits outside your website from that page or post,
  • The page load time (one of the important factors to rank high on Google).

Reason 5: Easy E-Commerce Tracking & Reporting

If your WordPress website is an e-commerce website then MonsterInsights could be of great help to you.

The MonsterInsights E-Commerce add-on helps you add Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking to your WordPress WooCommerce, MemberPress, LifterLMS and Easy Digital Downloads store.

You gain access to crucial E-Commerce data with a few clicks. The reports included can help you find out easily information such as:

  • What are you best-selling products
  • What is the average order value
  • The number of transactions
  • The total add to cart
  • Total removed from cart
  • The conversion rate
  • The total revenue

Without MonsterInsights all the above would require coding work and customization. Just have a look at the Setup E-Commerce tracking page on the Google Analytics website and you will understand what I mean.

Even if you follow all the instructions and you do it yourself or even if you use any developer you will never be sure tracking works properly (Unless you hire the services of a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant).

MonsterInsights makes the job easy.

How can MonsterInsights help your business?

Learning how to use MonsterInsights can help enormously your business. Understanding the data MonsterInsights provides will help you make significant improvements to your website that leads to increased conversions and of course sales.

Here is a list of how you can benefit from MonsterInsights depending on your industry:

Publishing Websites/Bloggers:

  • Increase blog traffic
  • Grow your affiliate revenue
  • Get more email subscribers
  • Write better content

Store Owners (E-Commerce Websites):

  • Improve conversion rate (Sales)
  • Decrease cart-abandonment rate
  • Identify new referral partners

Business Websites:

  • Quick access to statistics that matter
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Write better content
  • Get more email subscribers
  • Get more leads

All the MonsterInsights features

Page Insights in Admin BarNo-Code Tracking Across Devices E-Commerce Tracking
Compliant with Privacy RegulationsOutbound Link TrackingAffiliate Link Tracking
Enhanced Link AttributionFile Download TrackingScroll Tracking
Forms TrackingGoogle AMP TrackingUserID Tracking
Logged-In User TrackingAuthor TrackingPost Type Tracking
SEO Score TrackingPublished Time TrackingCategory Tracking
Tag TrackingFocus Keyword TrackingTelephone & Email Link Tracking
Media TrackingHash URL TrackingCustom Events Tracking

Click here if you wish to find out more about each MonsterInsights feature

Reports you can view with MonsterInsights

Analytics Overview ReportCustomizable Dashboard WidgetPage Insights in Admin Bar
Email SummariesReal Time ReportE-Commerce Report
Publisher ReportAudience Demographic ReportBehavior Report
Custom Dimensions ReportSearch Console ReportForms Report
Content ReportIndividual Post & Page ReportCustomizable Date Ranges

Click here if you wish to find out more about each MonsterInsights report

Pricing & Plans information

There are three (3) plans starting from $199 per year for the Plus. The Pro which is the most popular plan is for $399 per year and the Agency is for $799 per year. click here for all the details regarding MonsterInsights plans and pricing.

Features vary across the three different plans.

MonsterInsights offers a 14-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked)

Get 50% discount

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What kind of support should you expect?

When it comes to support I would like to emphasize that there is a comprehensive resources page with more than 200 articles. You can also find documentation, reference materials, and tutorials as well as a frequently-asked questions (F.A.Q.) page.

In case you still have questions or require support you can submit a ticket after you log in to your account.

For quicker responses, is better if you include as much detail as possible, such as a link to your website, a description of the issue for sure, the expected outcome maybe, any errors you might have received, any steps to recreate the issue, and, if possible, screenshots.

Click here to visit the MonsterInsights website

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