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Increase conversions with Lucky Orange (Expert Interview)

An interview on conversion rate optimization and how to increase website conversions using Lucky Orange, the preferred conversion optimization tool of over 250,000 companies globally.
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Lucky Orange is based in Kansas and was founded in 2011. It has over 250,000 satisfied clients worldwide that use its tool to optimize their website for conversions.

At only $10 per month Lucky Orange is the most affordable conversion rate optimization tool in the market. It is not only about price though but about results too and turning those visitors on your website to buyers or leads.

Using mainly the Heatmap tool of Lucky Orange you can understand how users navigate your site and improve significantly their experience. It’s been proven many times and it is a fact that improving user experience leads to an increase in website conversions.

I wanted to find out more about the product and its features and how it can help business owners and entrepreneurs increase their website’s conversions. I wanted to get some insights also directly from Lucky Orange and that’s why I spoke to Sarah Bond, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Lucky Orange.


According to Forrester, research shows that on average, every $1 invested in User Experience (UX) brings $100 in return.

Sarah Bond - Sr Director of Marketing Strategy at Lucky Orange



Sarah is an experienced marketing and communications leader with 15 years of experience creating compelling messaging and positioning across higher education, health care and technology industries. She leads all aspects of marketing and communications for Lucky Orange. Sarah holds a BA degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Kansas University. 

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Could you describe in brief your Heatmap technology and explain the advantages of the Lucky Orange Heatmap technology compared to the rest of the Heatmap tools in the market?

Heatmaps are a visual representation of high activity spots on a page, which can be broken down by segments like traffic source or number of visits.

Dynamic heatmaps track the most-clicked elements and movement throughout the page to help optimize content and prioritize click to action.

Lucky Orange offers dynamic heatmaps which are fully interactive and overlays as visitors browse a website. It allows website owners to watch in real-time as users toggle menus, open popups, and move through the steps of a form.

Lucky Orange Dynamic Heatmaps
Navigate through your website just like a visitor; data will be immediately populated on every element, drop-down, pop-up, and hover-over menu. Isolate certain devices, traffic sources, and visitors to identify potential pain points and problem areas

One type of heatmap we offer is a scroll heatmap that shows you where the effective fold of your website really is.

The effective fold is where 50% of your visitors stop scrolling. Scroll heatmaps are a great tool for diagnosing whether visitors are getting to the most important content on your website.

If visitors aren’t scrolling far enough to get to your CTAs, you’ve just found an easy way to optimize your website.



How can “Session Recordings” help website owners and small businesses improve their websites? Do you need to invest a lot of time in watching recordings or are there any practical ways to immediately spot problems on your website?

Session recordings are like a DVR playback of what visitors are doing on your website. You can see where visitors clicked, scrolled, tapped and engaged with your forms.

Lucky Orange Session Recording
Session recordings are like a DVR playback of what visitors are doing on your website. You can see where visitors clicked, scrolled, tapped and engaged with your forms.

Part of the power of Lucky Orange is that you can see recordings for every visitor who came to your website, not just a sample. This can be great if you’re using session recordings for auditing purposes or for customer support. 

You can also use session recordings to drill down into the causes of things like cart abandonment, funnel drop off and more. But you don’t have to sit there sifting through recordings to find those optimization opportunities.

If you have conversion funnels set up, you can identify the higest drop off points in seconds. Just click into that step of the funnel and you’ll see all the sessions recordings of visitors who dropped off there.

Learn more about the Lucky Orange Conversion Funnels

You can take this same approach from various Lucky Orange tools like dynamic heatmaps, form analytics and more. If you see a trend going the wrong direction, you can jump right into session recordings of visitors who exhibited that behavior. 

You can also create behavior tags for specific events or actions. From there you can search for session recordings directly with that specific tag.



Everybody is talking about “Funnels” these days and the importance of creating funnels in order to increase website conversions. What is your opinion on funnels and how can Lucky Orange help in this area?

Every minute you spend working on your business impacts at least one stage of the marketing funnel.

Lucky Orange conversion funnels
Conversion Funnels let you quickly see where people abandon a process on your website such as “checking out” or “creating an account”

Whether you’re improving paid media distribution (awareness stage) or refining with onboarding emails (advocacy stage), you’re improving the path for a visitor to learn about your brand, consider your offer and make a purchase.

Conversion Funnels let you quickly see where people abandon a process on your website such as “checking out” or “creating an account.”

Lucky Orange’s Conversion Funnels tool allows you to set up funnels, monitor performance, and see individual visitor recordings to determine where they’re taking the desired action and where you have room to improve.

Whether you’re a UX designer, marketer or business owner, it’s your job to spot issues, ask questions and find the relevant types of data needed to plan your next step.

Determine KPIs for each stage of your funnel, start tracking and optimize away. 



Are there any examples (case studies) of clients you can mention that have used Lucky Orange and achieved significant increase in website conversions? Any examples you can mention?

Lucky Orange works with a variety of customers that have seen a significant increase in their website conversions after using our suite of optimization tools.

You can learn more about these customers and their success stories (brands like UnTuckIt and PrimeSport), by visiting the case studies section of Lucky Orange blog.

View the Lucky Orange case studies



Is Lucky Orange ideal or more effective let’s say for specific types of websites only?

Our technology is scalable and customizable for clients of all sizes.  Lucky Orange is trusted by more than 250,000 websites around the world ranging from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies.

Lucky Orange Dashboard
Get an instant look at how your website is doing through the Lucky Orange dashboard, which includes conversion funnels, historical analytics, real-time analytics, Twitter search, identify traffic sources such as Facebook, Google PPC and more

We work with Ecommerce websites, B2B sites and everything in between.

Additionally, our tools can be used by people in many different roles including marketing, customer support, sales, user experience (UX), development and business operations.



How can Lucky Orange help in achieving the highest conversions possible and boosting the sales of Ecommerce websites? 

Lucky Orange surface the real issues impacting online sales, so they can prioritize website improvements – without worrying about misinterpreting mountains of data.

Our tools surface the top conversion issues across all visitor interactions helping uncover where they’re getting stuck and what’s keeping them from converting.

Lucky Orange Ecommerce
Created pop-up poll questions for a specific page on your website just for targeted visitors, such as those coming from Facebook. Common questions include, “What stopped you from making a purchase today?” or “Would you like to be contacted for a free estimate?

We work with Ecommerce websites, B2B sites and everything in between.

Additionally, our tools can be used by people in many different roles including marketing, customer support, sales, user experience (UX), development and business operations.



Does Lucky Orange integrate with other tools? What type of tools and for what reasons? Give us a couple of examples.

Lucky Orange integrates with many other third-party platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, HubSpot, WordPress.

We do this in order to better support our customers and facilitate a connected martech stack in which our customers can derive the most value for their business.

Click for a list of all Lucky Orange integrations



How long does it take for someone to start seeing results after they implement Lucky Orange for the first time?

Lucky Orange is easy to install in a matter of minutes with no developer needed.

As soon as code is installed on your website you will begin tracking once your first visitors arrive to your site.

Lucky Orange forms repeated fields
Learn what fields on your forms are taking too long to finish, repeated, or cause the most abandonment

While your website analytics will start populating right away, a website is a living thing, so it is important to continue monitoring over time to make changes and improvements as your customers’ behavior changes and more visitors come to your site.

According to Marketing Experiments using correct targeting and testing methods can boost conversion rates up to 300%.



In many cases there is a learning curve in order to start using a new software tool. How long does it take for someone to start using Lucky Orange? How easy it is to implement it and what kind of resources do you provide to help users?

Lucky Orange is not only easy to install but it also is designed to allow users to start using it from the first time they login.

We also offer all of our customers a 15-minute onboarding call with one of our Customer Service Representatives who can answer any questions you may have or provide an overview of the tools we offer.

In addition, we have a robust library of help documentation that can help to answer the most common questions about Lucky Orange or detailed scenarios based on unique needs of different websites. 



What kind of support do you provide and what is your average response rate?

We offer support via email, phone or online chat to our customers 7 days a week with a guaranteed response within 24-48 business hours.



What advice do you give to small business owners and online entrepreneurs that are still not sure if a conversion rate optimization tool can help them increase leads or sales? 

Imagine if you converted only 1% of your website visitors, which is actually pretty common for most online businesses.

You’re lucky if one out of 100 people purchase your product.

Lucky Orange chat
Chat is simple to setup and even easier to use. You’ll be able to respond quickly to questions and even “co-browse” with visitors to actually point to areas on their screen for further clarification

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn from these other 99 people to see what we can do so that even 2 or 3 of these visitors could convert?

If you could double those conversions to just two percent – which seems pretty attainable – you would also be doubling your revenue.

That’s where Lucky Orange comes in to help you small business owners and solo entrepreneurs identify areas on their website to help improve their conversions and grow sales.  



As per my research, you have the lowest prices among all Heatmap tools in the market. For $10 per month only (Starter plan) can someone really expect the same services and features like your competitors provide? What can you tell us about the different plans and about your “Best Price Guarantee” promise?

Lucky Orange is uniquely positioned to be the only conversion rate optimization platform with a robust offering of tools including dynamic heatmaps, session recordings and live chat.

Lucky Orange pricing information
Lucky Orange plans and pricing information. Plans start at $10 per month

Unlike our competitors we are equipped to serve the needs of clients regardless of their individual business goals with plans that fit within their budget needs.

With our “Best Price Guarantee” we even sweeten the deal by beating the price of your current plan from one of our competitors.

For more information on Lucky Orange, details on plans and pricing click here to visit the Lucky Orange website

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