How to grow your email list fast with “Content Locking”

Content Locking

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There is an easy and fast way to grow your email list. It only requires that you use a specific tool and enable content locking.

Let me emphasize though that in order for “content locking” to work you need to have pages with well-researched or really helpful content on your website.

Read more below on “what is content locking” and you will easily understand why having such content on your website will help you.

What is “Content Locking”?

“Content Locking” is a marketing technique and strategy that is based on the “incentivisation principle” many marketers use today online in order to capture information from their website users in exchange for full access to an article or to simply provide more information, usually exclusive information.

You allow access to the first part of your content and you only allow that part to be visible, asking users as they scroll further down to subscribe to your email list in order to read the full article.

email list content locking image

You do understand of course that for this concept to work you must have content on your website that is well-researched and has valuable insights on a topic (related to your industry).

Don’t expect someone to give you their email address just to read more about you or about what services you provide. It won’t work and it will actually damage your brand.

How to implement “Content Locking” on your website

How do you actually implement this marketing strategy on your website? What do you need to do?

Using OptinMonster, one of the best conversion rate optimization tools that is used on more than 1,000,000 websites, you can have “Content Locking” implemented on your website in a matter of minutes.

Helpful Links: OptinMonster Website | OptinMonster Review

It only requires 5 steps and you will have “Content Locking” enable on your website:

Content Locking inline settings
  1. Create a campaign
  2. Choose a template
  3. Give a name to your campaign
  4. Click and Enable “Block content below campaign”
  5. Choose a content blocking method

Watch the short video below (1:27m) to see how it works

Success story: 21.42% turned into subscribers

Whole Whale is a digital agency that leverages data and technology to increase the impact of nonprofits. They provide nonprofits with learning material in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, events, and educational emails.

One of their main goals, as part of their overall conversion optimization strategy, was to grow their email list, so they could attract more nonprofit professionals to use their educational content.

They’ve decided to first identify the most visited pages on their website. Then they added inline optins (another OptinMonster feature) to the content of those pages with Content Locking activated.

The gated content was a list of 65 non-profit conferences, protected by a Content Locking optin. Readers had to subscribe in order to reveal the list of conferences that are offered online and are significantly cheaper.

Whole Whale OptinMonster Content Locking
Whole Whale used Content Locking to grow their email list

The results were impressive. They’ve managed to increase their email list by 100% and turned 21.42% of their readers into email list subscribers.

Helful links: Whole Whale case study in detail (find more ideas)

A “Content Locking” tip to turn subscribers to sales

Did you know that 82% of marketers have reported an increase in open rates through mail personalization and segmentation tactics?

Keep this in mind as I explain first why you need to invest time in creating content that has valuable insights and before I give you a powerful tip on how to turn subscribers to sales with “content locking”.

It’s true that creating content that is exclusive or that is based on quality research will need investment in time. On the other hand though this could lead to a very high conversion rate in terms of leads or sales.

Remember that content stays on your website for ever and if it doesn’t get outdated, your return on investment in the long-term could be more than 1000%.

Your one-time investment could yield back very high returns.

The reason is that you can use this content to promote related products or services. Users subscribing to your email list from such content have the highest potential to be converted to clients.

These are users that proved they are serious about finding more information on the topic. They took the time to read your exclusive content and have already subscribed to your mailing list. You’ve probably earned their trust already (up to an extent).

This is how you turn them into leads and sales:

Right after they subscribe to your email list use segmentation (a feature email marketing tools have) in order to save these subscribers in a specific group/segment in your email list.

What is "Segmentation"

If for example the content in the page you’ve “locked” is related to a particular service or product you sell (that should actually be the case), make sure you follow up the next day by sending an email to them about the same topic and by mentioning your services or products you sell.

Even better, add to this an offer or your services at a discounted rate and as a thank you for subscribing to your list.

As an additional tip that works provide in your follow-up email some additional data or exclusive content and impress them even more before promoting what you want to sell at the end of the email.

You know what they are interested at and you know that they took the time to read your content by subscribing to your email list. Take advantage of that then and help them also find the service or products they are looking for.

Don’t just add them in your general email list and email them a general newsletter. It won’t work!

The reason you want to grow your email list after all is not simply to create a big email list but to be able to convert subscribers to leads or sales.

Helpful links: List Segmentation with OptinMonster | 50 Email Segmentation Tips

Other “Content Locking” ideas

Here are a number of other ideas you can use “Content Locking” for:

  • Offer free trials of your software
  • Allow downloads of an E-Book
  • Create and promote instructional videos offering more only with email subscription
  • Provide access to guides and tutorials
  • Send discounts via email
  • Exclusive podcasts or interviews
  • First to know product launches

Depending on your industry there are a lot of other ideas you can implement.

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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