The 2021 Conversion Benchmark Report (by Unbounce)

2021 Conversion Benchmark Report

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If Landing pages are part of your strategy to increase sales and conversions on your website then it is paramount that you know and understand what works and what doesn’t. The problem is always what data to look at, what figures to compare and above all making sure that these data are backed by a credible survey.

The 2021 conversion benchmark report by Unbounce, one of the leading landing page optimization platforms and conversion rate optimization tools, is packed with data and important insights that will help you easily understand if what your are currently doing is as per the best principles followed by successful companies in your industry.

Analysis based on 33m conversions!

The 2021 conversion benchmark report has been developed based on AI analysis on over 44 thousand landing pages and over 33 million conversions!

The report covers the following industries:

SaaSEcommerceAgenciesBusiness Services
Catering & RestaurantsEducationEvents & LeisureFamily Support
Finance & InsuranceFitness & NutritionHome improvementLegal
Media & EntertainmentMedical ServicesReal EstateTravel

The data concerning each industry are not simply numbers for consideration but actionable recommendations that will help you improve your conversion rates. You can easily find the best practices followed in your industry and thus avoid unnecessary testing and wasting time and energy on strategies that simply do not work.

Boosting Conversions

It has been proven many times that one way to increase your conversion rate is to have have in your possession action packed insights for you industry which you can use to create various landing page strategies for testing. This will help you get a much more clear idea of what works in your own particular case.

The 2021 conversion benchmark report by Unbounce contains dozens of data-backed insights that will help you in this purpose.

You will find information on what channels in your industry delivery the highest conversions. Is it paid ads or email marketing campaigns? Should you invest more on social media or maybe not? As you can understand such data not only help you find out what to do but also help you know on which channel to invest more!

What’s the best way to communicate with your audience? Do you maybe need to increase the number of words on your landing page, add more images and longer paragraphs and create a long-scroll landing page or maybe a shorter one will work better?

Which types of landing pages convert better and which emotions when created lead to higher conversions? Especially the latter we all know that is the main factor that will lead to a conversion. Knowing therefore what works in your industry might be the crucial element you are missing to increase your conversions.

Changing Behaviors

When changes are noticed in conversion rates or generally in sales for that matter, you need to attribute this to changing behaviors.

The 2021 conversion benchmark report by Unbounce reveals key data with regard to such changing behaviors. Is there an increase for example to the number of words on landing pages? And has this led to an increase in conversions?

What about emotional copy and an increase of negative language? which as it seems it has been observed during 2020 and as the 2021 conversion benchmark report reveals.

Does your audience convert more on mobile or on desktop? and is that because of the reason that many people are working from home these days? You can find out in the report.

Such changing behaviors that affect conversion could provide valuable data to help you in your landing page development and marketing decisions overall.

What’s Next?

Take advantage of the FREE 2021 Conversion Benchmark Report and the analysis done by Unbounce and use the data for your own website and online marketing strategies.

Download the report now

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. If you click on product links to purchase a software tool we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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