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nov 2020

expert interview

An interview with Sr. Director of Marketing of Lucky Orange Sarah Bond. We discuss website conversions and how Lucky Orange can help you improve user experience on your website and turn visitors to leads and sales. 

Jan 2021

website conversions with plerdy

Find out from Plerdy CEO Andriy Chornyy how Plerdy can help your business or ecommerce store turn more website visitors to leads and sales. Their tool has been developed by experts in digital marketing that understand user behavior online and website conversions.

Jan 2021
Effective Email Marketing
effective email marketing

Turning email into a real marketing channel requires a very specific approach and following strategies and tactics based on email marketing principles that work. Find out how to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and generate more leads and sales.

nov 2020
SEO Rank Tracking Tools image

SEO Rank tracking TOOLS

I have tested 6 powerful search engine rank tracking tools that help you find your position on search engines accurately on a daily basis. Find out about their best features and how they can help you monitor your websites’ position on search engines.

OCT 2020
Write SEO Content


Write SEO content like a pro with the help of a powerful content marketing toolkit. Check your SEO score in real-time with WordPress and Google Docs add-ons. Find out how you can write content that helps you improve your ranking on search engines. 

Sept 2020
Content Locking

Content Locking

Content Locking is a very effective method to grow the email list of your news or blog page. Learn how to grow your email list fast with a “content locking” solution. Use it also as part of an overall strategy to turn email subscribers to leads or increase sales.

nov 2020
Salesforce featured image

WordPress & salesforce

In the era of integration and automation there is an easy way to connect a WordPress web form to Salesforce. Find out how in this explanatory how-to blog post. 

OCT 2020
OptinMonster multi pop ups

multi-step popups

If you are looking for ways to increase the conversion rate of your website you need to find out more about multi-step popups and relevant campaigns you can create. 

Sept 2020
website heatmap image

hotjar alternatives

Hotjar is a great heatmap tool but there are alternatives that offer unlimited heatmaps or unlimited pageviews at a lower cost. These tools are trusted by the biggest brands. 

OCT 2020
Export Google Analytics Data

analytics in wordpress

Viewing and exporting Google Analytics data inside WordPress can be very helpful if you manage a WordPress website. Learn how to do it with an easy-to-use tool. 

sept 2020
Content Locking

content locking

Learn how to grow your email list fast with a “content locking” solution. Use it also as part of an overall strategy to turn email subscribers to leads or increase sales.

W-F 11:30 am
Shopify webite template image

shopify cart abandonment

Decrease your Shopify cart abandonment rate and boost sales with a proven way. Increase conversion rates and returned sales from existing customers. 

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