How to create a WordPress sign up form that skyrockets sales

WordPress Sign up Form featured image

Learn how to easily create a WordPress Sign up form to capture data but also to boost your website’s sales. I explain how the combination of two tools could turn your website into a powerful marketing tool and I show you step-by-step how to implement both tools in WordPress.

How to increase website conversions with Multi-Step Popups

OptinMonster multi pop ups

If you are looking for ways to increase the conversion rate of your website you need to find out more about multi-step popups and relevant campaigns you can create. In this post I explain how you can do that in a very easy way and using one of the best conversion rate optimization tools.

How to Create Spin to Win Popups in WooCommerce

OptinMonster spin to win campaign

Gamifying your Woocommerce website will increase your engagement rate and of course boost sales and decrease shopping cart abandonment rate. Spin to Win popup campaigns are part of modern online marketing tactics and strategies and can help you see a difference in number both on sales and engagement.

Reviews of the 6 Best SEO Rank Tracking Tools (Free Trials)

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Not all SEO rank tracking tools are the same. You need accurate rank tracking otherwise you will be relying on the wrong data and take the wrong decisions about your website’s SEO. I have tested thoroughly 6 of the best SEO Rank Tracking tools in order to identify their best features and provide information about each one. This research and testing will help you understand the capabilities of these tools and help you choose the right one for your own needs.

Shopify cart abandonment solution (1 powerful app-5 ideas)

Shopify cart abandonment

When your Shopify website visitors add items in their cart they have taken a very big step to becoming engaged with your brand. At the same time for returned customers is a matter of loyalty towards your brand. What is stopping them though in completing an order? How can you decrease your Shopify cart abandonment and boost sales? There is a proven way.

Write SEO content with a powerful content marketing toolkit

How to write SEO Content. content marketing toolkit

Write SEO content like a pro with the help of a powerful content marketing toolkit. Check your SEO score in real-time with WordPress and Google Docs add-ons. Find out how you can save tons of time, beat your competitors and keep monitoring the performance of your content and make appropriate changes on the way to keep it in the top 10 of search engine rankings.

The 4 best Hotjar alternatives (with unlimited heatmaps)

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In this post you will find the best Hotjar alternatives that offer unlimited heatmaps or unlimited pageviews. Based on pageviews these tools are of lower cost than Hotjar and are trusted by the biggest brands and thousands of small businesses globally.

How To View & Export Google Analytics Data inside WordPress

Export Google Analytics Data

Viewing and exporting Google Analytics data inside WordPress can be very helpful if you manage a WordPress website. In this post I provide information on a very helpful tool you can use to view reports inside WordPress but also how to export Google Analytics data directly from your WordPress dashboard.