The 2021 Conversion Benchmark Report (by Unbounce)

2021 Conversion Benchmark Report

Find out how to improve the conversion rate of your landing pages and of your online marketing efforts by taking advantage of the actionable insights presented in the 2021 Conversion Benchmark Report of Unbounce. It is based on over 33m conversions!

The 7 Best Mailchimp Contact Form Plugins (no coding)

Mailchimp contact form plugins

Mailchimp is one of the leading email marketing software used by millions of users and business globally. If you own a WordPress site and you use Mailchimp then these plugins will help you easily create WordPress contact forms and integrate them with Mailchimp.

What does a CRM Software do (17 Best Features & Benefits)

CRM Software - Benefits and Features

What does a CRM software do and how it can help your business generate more sales? Although many people understand from the definition of the abbreviation “CRM” that CRM means Customer Relationship Management, little they know about the real power of a CRM software.

What is Google global site tag and why it’s important

What is Google global site tag

The gtag.js or otherwise Google global site tag, is the latest tracker by Google that helps you gather and analyze data on user behavior on your website and on your ads as well. This post explains in a simple manner why its important for your website and how you can install it and use it with a Google Analytics WordPress plugin.

hCaptcha: The Best WPForms Spam Protection Captcha in 2021?

WPForms spam protection featured image

WPForms is one of the best WordPress form builders and generally one of the best plugins. You can use it to build all kinds of forms. When you create forms though what you need to make sure is how you protect your WordPress website from spam and bots. In this post you will find out about hCaptcha, which probably is the best option in 2021 as a captcha solution for the protection of your WordPress website.

Easy How To: Improve Core Web Vitals with Speed Reports

Improve Web Core Vitals

Improving the Core Web Vitals of your website will help you improve not only your Google rankings but also the overall site user experience. In this blog post I explain which WordPress plugin you can use to provide you with the right reports you need to start improving Web Core Vitals for your WordPress site.

Website Optimization in 2021 with Plerdy (CEO Interview)

website optimization with Plerdy featured image

Find out from Plerdy CEO Andriy Chornyy how Plerdy can help your business or ecommerce store turn more website visitors to leads and sales. Their tool has been developed by experts in digital marketing that understand user behavior online and website conversions.

Effective email marketing (How-to,Tips,Tactics,Tools)

Effective Email Marketing

Turning email into a real marketing channel requires a very specific approach and following strategies and tactics based on email marketing principles that work. Find out how to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and generate more leads and sales.

How to connect a WordPress web form to Salesforce easily

Salesforce featured image

In the era of integration and automation there is an easy way to connect a WordPress web form to Salesforce. There are tools that can help you fully automate this process and automatically transfer data from your website form to your Salesforce database.