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EBIZ TOOLS is a software tools directory that was created with the main objective to promote e-business and digital marketing tools that can help you improve internal operations and increase your marketing outreach and sales.


Improve your operations with
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online marketing

Increase your marketing outreach online with automation tools 


Turn your business website into a lead generation machine

Email Marketing has the highest return on investment among all digital marketing tactics. Use email marketing automation tools to turn email recipients to customers.

Optimize your website for the search engines, check your ranking and competitors positioning as well as get insights on what your potential clients search for online.

Not receiving enough leads from your website? Not converting your visitors to customers? Turn your website or e-commerce site into a lead generation machine with these tools.

Save enormous time and improve your social media presence using tools that automate all processes and monitor activity across all social networks.

1 %

in customer engagement
using marketing automation 

$ 1
Return on investment

for every $1 invested in email marketing practices

1 %
Average ROI

by optimizing your website with a conversion tool

Create a virtual work hub for your company to manage projects  and track progress easily, automate all routine work, collaborate from anywhere and centralize all communications


Build stronger customer relationships and be more organized with your customer information, save time and manage your leads more effectively (coming soon).

LIVE CHAT TOOLS & Customer support

Improve customer communication and customer engagement. Use complete customer service platforms to solve customer problems proactively and fuel sales as well (coming soon).


Manage your employees effectively and get a bird’s eye view of your candidate pipeline (coming soon).

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Try for FREE the best e-business tools

We affiliate with some of the leading SaaS companies in e-business and digital marketing. Get FREE trials of the best software tools used by the biggest brands globally. 


Find the best tools & software to manage business operations and online marketing.

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